We start off with a look back at last week when Moose defeated EC3, Gail Kim defeated Maria Kanellis, and Eddie Edwards came face to face with Cody Rhodes. Speaking of Cody, he comes out to start the show and tell us about his love of country music. He says he didn’t leave his former employer because of the money, it’s because of the moments, and tonight, he gets to compete for the World Title. He tells us a story about 15 year old Cody (the fans chant for him) riding with his favorite person he can possibly ever have, his father Dusty Rhodes. He’s about to break the news to him that he wants to become a wrestler, and he tells his dad that he thinks he can do this wrestling thing, and Dusty got quiet and tense and scary, and finally, Dusty leans over and says okay, but only if he becomes the best. Cody doesn’t care how many sides the ring has, being the best means being the World Champion. Tonight, he promises the fans that he will become the World Champion.

Eddie Edwards comes out to the ring and says that everyone here respects him, and he knows his decision to come here wasn’t easy, and he’s always managed to reinvent himself, and he’s never done that more than when he came here to Impact Wrestling. The fans embrace both of them for who they are, and they chant for him and he knows who he is, but he wants to know if Cody knows who he is. Cody asks where he should begin: the Brandi Rhodes thrilling, formerly mustaching, sometimes dashing Cody Rhodes, but he could also simply say that Eddie will know exactly who he is when he beats him for the World Title tonight. Eddie tells Cody that he beat Lashley, the man everybody said could not be beaten, and he knows some people thought it was luck, but he’s here to prove that luck had nothing to do with it because, like Cody, he was born to be a pro wrestler and he wants to prove that he’s a worthy World Champion. If beating Cody helps prove that, then he’s sorry, but Cody’s gonna lose. Cody drops his mic and goes face to face with Eddie, but Bobby Lashley comes out to join the party. He says he sees the future, and it’s not the match between them, the future is Lashley destroying whichever one of them comes out of tonight with the title. It doesn’t matter who wins, that man will get destroyed by Lashley because he’s a real fighter, and he will get hurt. Now Moose comes out, and he’ll face Lashley after this commercial break!

#1 Contender’s Match: Bobby Lashley vs Moose

Lashley gets the jump on Moose and pops him over with a snap suplex, but Moose pops right back up and unloads on Lashley with big right hands and a dropkick. They go to the floor where Lashley whips Moose into the ringpost, then hits a snap suplex on the floor. Lashley rams Moose’s head into the steps and then rolls him back into the ring and continues pummeling. Lashley hits a spear in the corner, then a second, but he makes the mistake of going to the second rope and Moose dropkicks him to the floor. Moose takes Lashley out with a HUGE dive, and he quickly sends Lashley back inside and hits an avalanche in the corner followed by a big pop-up spinebuster and an elbowdrop for 2. Lashley ducks a roaring elbow and hits a spinebuster of his own for 2, then follows that up with a charging clothesline in the corner. Lashley puts Moose on the top rope and goes for a superplex…and he connects, but Moose pops right up and drills Lashley with a spear! Moose covers, but Lashley is out at 2. Lashley is staggered, but he manages to trade shots with Moose until Moose hits a bicycle kick, Lashley ducks another roaring elbow, and hits the spear, but now Moose is out at 2. Lashley is surprised, but sets up for a second spear, Moose sidesteps and sends Lashley into the ringpost, but Moose hits a roaring clothesline on the third attempt and covers, but Lashley is out at 2. This is terrific! Moose hauls Lashley to his feet, headbutts him, drills him with an uppercut, and whips him to the corner for a charging clothesline. Moose puts Lashley on the top rope for the sitout Sky High, but Lashley fights him off and hits a torpedo spear off the second rope, makes a cover, and Moose just misses getting his shoulder up before 3.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

That was amazing! I really like how Moose just barely got his shoulder up after 3, it kept him strong and made it look like he could have beaten him on another night. Lashley is the #1 contender, and will now face the winner of tonight’s main event.

We look back at last week when the Tribunal defeated the BROKEN Hardys, and they’ll challenge for the TNA World Tag Team Title tonight! Jeremy Borash interviews the Tribunal, who say that Billy Corgan wanted them to impress him and get his attention, and he says they got it now. The Great War is over, and they’re going to take the title and get respect. The promo is interrupted by the three guys in masks sitting at a table saying that they will soon be there because Chaos arrives tonight.

Tyrus is the Fixer, and he’ll solve any problem of yours, big or small, but only if you got the cold hard cash!

It’s time for Fact of Life with Eli Drake, and he’s Bound For Gold! He can’t help but notice everyone cheering for him every time he comes out here, but hearing his name from a bunch of 40 year old virgin nerds doesn’t mean anything to him. His guest tonight is packing some gold, and that’s Grand Champion Aron Rex. Drake has a funny laugh track, and also a boo track for when Rex comes out. Rex asks what everyone thinks of the new Grand Championship, and he says it took him a long time to get a chance to compete for a title, and this title means more than anything, and he can’t stop staring at it. He loves what they’re going to create here, and he puts the belt on the desk and sits down to join Drake, who says he’s an interesting character, but Drake didn’t like him when he first got here. Rex asks if it was the new haircut, but Drake says it was because they both said some stuff, but now Rex is walking around with gold and did what he had to do to win it and keep it, and there’s no shame in that. Rex reluctantly has to agree, and he put Drew Galloway in his rearview mirror, and then he beat the guy who is now the World Champion, and that makes him the man around here. As for Jessie, he’s going to slow it down and speak New Jersey and asks him if he’s serious, bro. Drake says a bunch of people are gunning for Rex, and he mentions Galloway and Edwards, and also Bobby Lashley, but none of them have a thing on the one man who’s guaranteed to become the next World Champion, and that’s Eli Drake. Rex asks where you get one of those buttons, and Drake says it’s special order. Rex asks Drake if he’s bound for gold, where does that leave EC3? Drake says he’s bound for the toilet, the dumpster, and when you look up “wasted potential” in the dictionary, you see a picture of EC3. Drake says EC3 will never be the champion, but EC3 comes out and is ready to kick his ass for hitting that button. Drake says to cut to commercial, and we do.

We’re back, and EC3 is in the ring in a rage, and Drake is staring in disbelief from the Fact of Life set. EC3 says it’s a good thing Drake has his security, because he would tear all $68 of that set to pieces. He would get plutonium and uranium and nuke that set if he gets anywhere near it. Drake says EC3 wasn’t invited and tells security to take him to jail, but EC3 challenges Drake to a fight. If Drake thinks he’s the next World Champion, he should prove it and fight him, and if Drake won’t, he’ll bring the fight to him, and all he has to do is push that button because he’ll leave him for dead if he hits that button. EC3 tells Drake to press the button…press the button…PRESS THE BUTTON! The fans chant, and Drake hits the button over and over while asking Ec3 what he’s gonna do about it. EC3 leasves the ring and takes his jacket off, dives through the security detail, and goes at it with Drake. Rex jumps in and joins Drake in a beatdown on EC3, but Jessie Godderz runs out to even the odds. Security pulls everyone apart, and they have a standoff as we cut to a preview of what happens later on tonight.

Reby Sky is at the top of the ramp playing the BROKEN entrance music on a grand piano as the BROKEN Hardys make their entrance, and Matt asks Brother Nero what the fate of the Tribunal will be? Brother Nero says they’ll fade away and classify themselves as obsolete (OBSOLETE!). Pardon my French, but the BROKEN gimmick is SO fucking good. The Hardys enter the ring, and Matt says the Tribunal thought they were making an impression, but that is not how he viewed it, he viewed it as two wicked men trying to take food off King Maxel’s plate, off Brother Nero’s two beautiful daughters’ plates, and for those sinister acts, he sentences them to DELETION!

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: The BROKEN Hardys vs The Tribunal

The match starts off hot as all four men brawl it out as the bell rings, the Hardys get the advantage, but Matt gets caught in the wrong part of town and gets double teamed by the Tribunal. Matt makes the hot tag and Jeff comes in to clean house, then Matt rejoins the fray. The Hardys hit Poetry In Motion, but took too long and Baron Dax got the elbow up in Jeff’s face, and now Jeff is in trouble. Jeff hits Dax with a Russian legsweep and makes the hot tag, and now BROKEN Matt comes in and bites Basile Baraka all over before hitting the Side Effect for 2. The Tribunal hits a double team on Matt for a quick 2, but Jeff comes in and flattens Dax with a Twist of Fate, then hits one on Baraka, followed by one from Matt for the win.

Winners: The BROKEN Hardys

Good showing by the Tribunal, but the Hardys are on fire. Suddenly the lights go out, and the three guys in masks are in the ring when they come back on, and two of them lay the Tribunal out as the Hardys watch in confusion as they dump the Tribunal out of the ring and then point at the Hardys.

Allie is backstage practicing a speech telling Maria that she doesn’t think she deserves this treatment, but Braxton Sutter comes in and tells Allie that he doesn’t think she’s to blame for any of this. Leslie Van Ness comes in and tells Allie to get lost before coming on to Sutter.

Are you getting the short end of life? Call…THE FIXER!

Chaos is back at their table, and they say that tonight was just the beginning, because we’ll never know where or when, but they’re here to stay.

Bobby Lashley finds Cody Rhodes backstage and says that Aron Rex was supposed to be the big savior, but he destroyed him, and now it’s going to be Cody. He doesn’t see it, but he wishes Cody good luck. Cody says he doesn’t need it, and neither does the guy who beat him: Eddie Edwards. Lashley says Eddie will get what he deserves, and Cody better watch his mouth or he’ll be next. Cody says it’s not running your mouth if you can back it up, and Lashley says that he may or may not face Cody next week, but their paths will cross sooner than later.

Maria comes out with Allie and Leah Van Ness, and she is not the leader of the Knockouts Division anymore because there is a conspiracy against her because TNA can’t handle the truth, that she is the greatest Knockout in the history of the division. There are so many people to blame: Gail Kim, Billy, but the only person that deserves the blame is…well, she turns to look at Allie. Allie says she’s been so loyal to her, but Maria says she’s to blame for what happened, she’s not the Knockouts Champion because of her, and maybe she’ll just get rid of her. Leslie Van Ness says not to get rid of her because they need someone to carry their bags and order their sushi, and people like Allie serve people like her. Maria wants Allie to apologize and admit that she’s to blame, but Allie finally snaps and says she’s not to blame, Maria’s to blame. The fans go nuts, and Maria shrieks to know what she just said to her, and says that Allie needs to be taught a lesson. Larissa Van Ness jumps Allie from behind and curb stomps her face into the mat, then yanks Allie up by the hair as Maria gets in her face and says that she can now become a fighter when she faces Laura Van Ness. Wait, she doesn’t run the Knockouts Division anymore! What gives??

Now Bobby Lashley comes in to talk to Eddie, who asks if they’re going to do this. Lashley says Eddie is a feel good story who got the surprise win and loses the next match. Eddie says that might happen, but Lashley underestimated him, and he begs Lashley to bet against him because he beat Lashley in that ring, and he is now the World Champion. He knows Lashley is next in line, but he is not afraid of him. Lashley says Eddie and Cody better both be afraid of him, and everyone should be afraid of him.

Tyrus is backstage with Mahabali Shera, and he says he’s fixed a lot of things, and the first thing he’s fixing is NO MORE DANCING. He’s going to teach him to fish, and Shera says he knows how to fish, but Tyrus says he’s missing the point and this is probably why he and Grado had so many problems, but that’s behind him now. He’s going to teach him how to be the best wrestler in the world, and Shera says “Yes, like you!” and Tyrus says he must be reading the internet. He tells Shera to focus because he handpicked one of the greatest stars in the history of Impact to test him tonight. Shera asks if it’s him, and Tyrus loves the ass kissing, but no, it’s someone who’s going to test him, and he tells Shera to go do it.

EC3 and Jessie Godderz are out in the garage, and they challenge Eli Drake and Aron Rex to face them next week.

Mahabali Shera comes out to face his big opponent…

Mahabali Shera vs Mike Bennett

Shera gets off to a strong start, but Bennett cheapshots him and takes control. Shera muscles his way out from under Bennett and begins tossing him around and trapping him in a big bearhug. Bennett goes to the eyes and hits a cradle driver for the win.

Winner: Mike Bennett

It was there.

We see a video package hyping Eddie Edwards vs Cody Rhodes before we go to commercial.

Blondie McChickinadress asks DJ Z about Team X Gold, and he says this is about bringing in wrestlers of all styles into teams of three to determine which style is the best, and his team will set the standard for what Team X Gold is all about. Rockstar Spud comes out and goes face to face with D JZ, and he says he likes the concept, but wants to know why a former two-time champion and future World Champion not being asked to participate, and DJ Z says it’s because nobody likes him BR-BR-BR-BRAAAAAAAW! Spud says since he did this behind his back, he formed his own team behind DJ Z’s back, and his team is better than X, Y, and Z.

And with that, it’s MAIN EVENT TIME!

TNA World Title Match: Eddie Edwards vs Cody Rhodes

They shake hands, and we’re off. Basic feeling out process to start, then they trade pinfall attempts before coming to a standoff as we go to commercial.

We’re back as Eddie hits a shining wizard for 2. Eddie unloads with chops and headbutts, but Cody takes Eddie down and goes to a seated armbar. Eddie gets out and connects with a series of clotheslines, but Cody gets a bunch of elbows and goes for CrossRhodes. Eddie gets out and backdrops Cody to the ring apron, then drills him with an enziguiri. Eddie hits a dive through the ropes, but then he sends Cody into the ring and Cody knocks him to the floor with the Beautiful Disaster and then comes off the top rope with a diving forearm to the floor. They go up the ramp where Cody slams Eddie on the floor, then brings Eddie back to the ring and springboards in…but Eddie ducks, hits an leaping enziguiri and gets a backpack driver for 2. Eddie goes to the top rope but Cody dodges the double stomp. Eddie goes to the second rope, but Cody picks Eddie up and hits a muscle buster for 2. Cody goes for the American Nightmare, but Eddie kicks him off, so Cody unloads with right hands and Eddie responds in kind. Cody puts Eddie on the top rope and goes for a superplex and hits it, but Eddie catches him with a small package as they hit and gets the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Great match and a great finish! Cody is pissed he lost, and they go nose to nose, but Cody shakes Eddie’s hand and then raises Eddie’s hand in victory. Eddie returns the favor and heads to the back as Cody soaks in applause from the fans, and his back is turned as Maria comes down to ringside and attacks Brandi, then rams her into the ring steps. Cody chases her off, but Maria runs up to the top of the ramp where Mike Bennett is waiting and tells Cody that they’re the power couple here.

/ 5
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