Sunday, October 9, 2016

Note on Tonight’s WWE No Mercy Opener, Erick Rowan Possibly Getting a New Gimmick, Adam Rose Offers Advice to Rookies

- As we reported moments ago, the Triple Threat WWE Title match will open tonight’s WWE No Mercy PPV, and WWE is noting this is the first time in WWE PPV history that a Triple Threat WWE Title match has opened a PPV event.

- Former WWE star Adam Rose recently spoke with The Daily News and offered the following advice to rookies trying to get into pro wrestling:

“The first thing is finish school and go to college. Prepare back up. Because 99 percent of you will fail. But at the end of the day, once you’ve done that and accomplished that, go to a good wrestling school. A reputable school. Go to a school with someone who has already been there. Don’t go to a wrestling school where people haven’t been there. Good schools right now are, probably, (Team 3 Academy). There’s plenty of them. Rip Rodgers — unreal. Go to a good school, get a good foundation and work from there.

- Erick Rowan, who is currently out of action with a torn rotator cuff, posted the following video on Twitter featuring him burying his sheep mask. This might be a tease that Rowan will be getting a gimmick change when he returns:

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