Monday, October 24, 2016

CM Punk Feels Going Back to WWE Would Be A Loss, Jim Ross Says Steve Austin Is Done Wrestling

- Jim Ross was asked in the Q&A section of his website about Steve Austin’s possibly wrestling one more match, however Ross was pretty adamant that The Rattlesnake’s time inside the ring is over.

“Nope…Austin is done wrestling,” said Ross in response to the question. However, the former commentator did hint at Austin making more non-wrestling cameos in the future. “However, one never knows when he might make an appearance.”

It was rumored a few weeks back that Austin could make an advertised appearance at next year’s Royal Rumble event that will be held in Texas. The company feels that they could use his name to help push ticket sales. If he does appear at the event, it most-likely will be a non-wrestling role.

- In the latest installment of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed that CM Punk still believes that going back to WWE will be a loss in life for him. Meltzer said:
“The thing with Punk is that, according to those close to Punk, he would see going back to WWE as a loss in life, where Goldberg was just a businessman who had hard feelings about the past but would have no trouble letting them go if it was the right business.”
As noted earlier, Punk’s career with UFC could possibly be over after losing his debut match against Mickey Gall at UFC 203.

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