WWE Talking Smack Recap: Guests John Cena And Becky Lynch

Renee Young welcomes Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan and the audience to this week’s edition of Talking Smack.

Renee starts off the show asking Daniel why he was absent on Smackdown. Bryan says he was really busy and he doesn’t think he needs to be on camera. Daniel says that he and Shane have a different philosophy than Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon. That they don’t feel like they should be all over the tv show all the time like them.

Renee and Daniel briefly touch on how Smackdown Live ended with John Cena standing over AJ and Dean Ambrose.

The conversation then shifts to what took place between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler on the show. Daniel announces that it is official. The Miz will defend The IC title against Dolph Ziggler at No Mercy. Dolph Ziggler will put his career on the line in that match and that Bryan says that the contract has been finalized. Renee asks Daniel about the possibility of Dolph’s career ending. Daniel feels strange being in this position because he saw his career end in his prime. Renee asks how difficult it would be to replace Dolph on Smackdown Live. Daniel says it is a part of the business. He got hurt and was replaced, He had to retire and was replaced. So if Dolph loses his career, Someone else will have to step up.

The conversation then goes to what took place between the women on Smackdown Live. Becky Lynch is then introduced to the show. Renee asks Becky how she feels about being attacked by Alexa Bliss on Smackdown. Becky says that she has always been a target and that she has been attacked many times over the last year. Becky says she has been a fighter her whole life. She says she came from an upbringing of where she has always had nothing to lose. Daniel tells Becky that now that she is Womens Champ, She now has something to lose. Becky agrees. She says she doesn’t want to lose her title. She jokes about being the longest reigning Smackdown Live Womens Champ in history. The conversation then goes back to Alexa Bliss. Becky calls her dynamite but thinks that she is misguided if she thinks that she deserves to be champ more than her. Renee brings up Becky’s past history of how she almost gave up on being a wrestler. Becky says she searched for other passions in her life but nothing could match her desire to be in the ring. Daniel brings the conversation back to Alexa Bliss. Becky tells Alexa that she is more dedicated than Alexa and that her title is her entire life and that Alexa will never take it from her.

Becky leaves the show. Daniel Bryan talks about how proud he is of his draft pick Becky Lynch and why he targeted her over all the women like Charlotte in the draft. The next topic on the show is The Randy Orton-Bray Wyatt rivalry. Bryan says that there is something to Bray Wyatt being afraid of Randy Orton. Bryan jokes about the time he spent in The Wyatt Family. Says he was a handsome janitor when he was apart of that family for a week.

John Cena joins the show while Renee and Daniel are in mid discussion. John Cena talks about facing his own mortality as he gets older and how he wants to make history and tie the all time world title record at No Mercy. John Cena says he made a statement at the end of Smackdown Live. Cena says his ultimate goal is making history. Cena doesn’t want his career to end with only 15 world title reigns. Cena says that on Raw that the world title is protected by the authority and that he knew that he would have a better chance to be a world champ on Smackdown Live.

Renee and Daniel bring up the elephant in the room. Dean Ambrose’s comments that John Cena is now a lazy part timer. John Cena says that Dean Ambrose doesn’t understand that when the show is over. Dean’s job is over but John Cena keeps working for the WWE. Cena says Dean is paid millions of dollars to do his job when he is in the ring. Cena keeps working for the WWE when the show ends. How he was sent over to China to promote the WWE rather than be on Backlash because that’s what the company wanted from him.

John Cena says that because of the work he is doing for the WWE as an ambassador that someday Dean Ambrose, if he works hard enough can main event a WrestleMania in China. John Cena says he is opening doors for everyone in the WWE. John Cena answers Dean’s criticism that he dresses by himself in the locker room and has no friends. Cena says that he doesn’t dress in the locker room with Dean because a person is summed up by the 5 people he spends the most time with and Dean Ambrose would just slow him down. Cena brings up the comment that Dean made last week about how Ambrose hangs out with Samoans and Jack Swagger. Cena says that those same friends of Dean come over to John for advice and he has helped them.

John also brings up the comment that Dean made about John holding camp fire chats and motivational speeches in the locker room with the young talent. How Dean mocked John. Cena says that he is well aware that he is not the young stallion anymore and that John loves working with everyone and being a team player. Cena says that people always tell how things are but he knows how it really is and he doesn’t need to yell about it. He admits that he is going to be taken a private jet after this show to go to New York. Because he needs to it. John is happy with who he is and where is as a person. John Cena puts over Nikki Bella and Vince McMahon. Cena puts over Vince’s work ethic. He then comments on Dean’s statement that they hate each other. John says it isn’t true. Dean doesn’t like him but he doesn’t care about Dean.

John tells Dean to step up or step aside. Says that Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are bonafide superstars while Dean is still trying to figure it out. Cena puts over Dean’s effort on Smackdown but says that Cesaro has great matches on Raw and “He’s still trying to figure it out”. Cena says that Dean’s comment of him being lazy is itself a lazy insult. Cena says is that Talking Smack enough. He drops the mic. Renee Young thanks the fans for watching this week as the show ends.

Thanks to Leon Milici for the recap.

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