Corey Graves mentions that Kota Ibushi and Gran Metalik have already advanced to the semifinals. Tonight, Zack Sabre Junior faces Noam Dar and Rich Swann faces TJ Perkins.

Zack is asked about the pressure of performing on this platform. Zack says it is no problem performing in front of a billion people. He says his journey has been difficult but it tested him the right way. He is not here to do pretty submission. He is here to win. His style is counter to counter. He would love for this to be the finals, but this is the third round and the pressure of the British wrestling scene is on his shoulders.

Noam Dar says this is the best version of Noam Dar for this tournament. He says he is having to adapt quickly to his opponents. He wants to make an impression. He says he is here to win.

Zack Sabre Junior vs. Noam Dar in a Quarterfinal Match

Sabre with a take down but Dar escapes. Sabre takes Dar to the mat and Dar gets back to his feet and escapes. Sabre goes for the leg and he takes Dar to the mat and he applies a side head lock. Dar gets back to his feet and Sabre takes him back to the mat and he applies a straitjacket choke. Dar backs Sabre into the turnbuckles and Dar with an elbow to the midsection. Dar tells Sabre to slow it down and then he drop kicks Sabre in the knee. Dar with an arm bar and Sabre with a wrist lock and a take down. Dar with an elbow drop to the knee.

Dar continues to stomp on the leg but Sabre with a take down and he stomps on the elbow. Sabre with a kimura but Dar backs Sabre into the corner. Sabre with an elbow when Dar charges into the corner. Dar with a drop kick to the knees to get Sabre off the turnbuckles. Dar with a step over toe hold and he falls to the mat to add more pressure. Sabre kicks Dar but Dar with a splash to the leg. Sabre hyperextends the arm over his shoulder and Dar goes down. Sabre with a head butt to the midsection followed by a European uppercut.

Dar wtih a sunset flip attempt and Sabre drops down. They go back and forth with near falls. Dar with a waist lock but Sabre wtih a standing switch. Dar with a series of double thrusts followed by an uppercut. Sabre with a half nelson suplex and bridge for a near fall. Sabre misses a Shining Wizard but Dar wtih a kick and enzuigiri. Dar with a fisherman’s suplex and he gets a near fall. Dar with a knee bar but Sabre kicks Dar. Dar chokes Sabre to gain control. Sabre with a kick to the head and Dar goes down. Sabre goes for a half nelson suplex but Dar with a rollup. Sabre with a round kick for a near fall.

Sabre with a guillotine into the kimura but Dar puts Sabre on the apron. Dar with a kick to the knee and Sabre goes down. Dar with a bicycle kick to knock Sabre off the apron. Dar with a suicide dive and he sends Sabre back into the ring. Dar tries to get feeling back into his arm and then he hits a running drop kick into the corner for a near fall. Sabre with an octopus but Dar sends Sabre away. Sabre goes for a triangle but Dar counters into a knee bar. Sabre leans back to get a near fall. Dar holds on to the knee bar. Sabre with an arm bar. Sabre with a bridge for a near fall.

Sabre with a European uppercut and then he goes for another one and Dar catches Sabre and gets a near fall with a backslide. Dar with a forearm and he goes for a dragon screw leg whip but Sabre with a slap and he goes for the cross arm breaker and Dar gets a near fall. Sabre with the cross arm breaker and Dar gets to the ropes. Sabre goes up top and Sabre goes for a double knee drop to the arm but Dar moves and Sabre lands hard. Sabre misses a splash in the ropes and Dar with kicks to the leg and then Dar goes up top for a knee drop to the injured leg. Dar with a knee bar and Sabre reaches for the ropes but Dar kicks Sabre in the back.

Dar kicks Sabre in the thigh and he flips the bird and they roll to the floor. Sabre tells the referee he may have hurt his arm. Dar keeps Sabre on the floor and he connects with forearms and kicks. Dar gets back into the ring at nine and Sabre gets in just before the referee gets to ten. Sabre with a front face lock and Dar with an arm wringer and a double knee drop to the arm. Dar kicks Sabre in the arm Sabre wtih a boot tothe head and then they both connect with kicks. Dar wtih a bicycle kick and Sabre with a flying take down into a modified Rings of Saturn using his legs and Dar taps out.

Winner: Zack Sabre Junior(Advances to semifinals to face Gran Metalik)

After the match, they hug in the center of the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Corey Graves is in the Control Center to talk about the final quarterfinal match to see who faces Kota Ibushi.

TJ Perkins says he thinks he is the best wrestler in the tournament. You have to have the confidence. If you think the person across the ring is better than you, you need to do something else. He says this validates his ability and it motivates him to be this far in the tournament.

Rich Swann says he is motivated to give the people what they want and that is to be entertained. Being this close to the finals means the pressure is real. That is when you are going to get the best of Rich Swann. To get an opportunity like this and to overcome as many obstacles, it is amazing. He says he has proven that dreams come true no matter what comes in your path, you can do it.

Rich Swann vs. TJ Perkins in a Quarterfinal Match

Swann directs the crowd’s singing before thinking about locking up. They lock up and Perkins with a waist lock and Swann goes to the mat. Perkins with a near fall and then Swann gets a near fall and they get up to a stalemate. They have a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock and Perkins with the advantage and he works on the wrist. Swann with kip ups into a reversal. Perkins with a reversal and then a head scissors and he dabs. Swann with a reversal into a head scissors. Perkins tries to bridge out of the hold and then he uses a headstand to escape. Perkins dabs for Swann and Swann does not appreciate that.

Swann gets back to his feet and they lock up and Swann with a side head lock. Swann flips over Perkins and hits an arm drag followed by a Japanese arm drag and Swann does some dancing and he dabs back at Perkins. Perkins and Swann with punches and Perkins with a knee bar but Swann gets to the ropes. Perkins with European uppercuts. Swann with a kick and then Perkins tries for a slingshot hip toss but Swann with an arm drag and drop kick. Swann with a back heel kick on the apron and Swann goes for a moonsault off the apron but Perkins moves and Swann lands awkwardly on his knee. Perkins with a springboard drop kick and both men are down on the floor. Perkins holds his back since he landed on his back on the apron.

They return to the ring and Perkins with a slingshot senton back into the ring but he holds his back and cannot capitalize on the situation. Perkins wtih a suplex and he holds on and goes for a belly-to-back suplex and then he gets a near fall. Perkins with a rear chin lock and then he applies a hammer lock using the leg while he applies the rear chin lock. Swann getsb ack to his feet and Swann lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt. Swann with a back heel kick and another kick. Swann comes off the turnbuckles and Perkins with a KneeDT.

Perkins with a step over toe hold and he rolls Swann through. Swann with kicks to Perkins to get out of the hold. Perkins with an ankle lock and Perkins gets a near fall. Perkins with a spinning knee drop into an Indian Death Lock. Perkins adds a double underhook to add more pressure on Swann’s legs. Perkins sends Swann into the turnbuckles and Swann with an elbow. Perkins misses a splash and Swann with a clothesline and neck breaker followed by a kick. Swann with a running kick into the corner followed by a DDT for a near fall but Swann is unable to take advantage of the moves due to the knee injury.

Perkins floats over and hits a swinging neck breaker followed by a Tiger double knee gutbuster for a near fall. Perkins sends Swann into the turnbuckles and then he puts Swann on the turnbuckles and sets for a Tiger Superplex but Swann with elbows and he pushes Perkins to the floor. Perkins punches Swann and Swann punches back. Perkins with a springboard Frankensteiner and Swann holds his knee. Perkins pulls himself up to the turnbuckles but Swann with a leaping Frankensteiner. Swann with a rolling moonsault and he hits a standing moonsault but he can only get a near fall.

Swann with a kick and a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Swann tries to get the strength to hit the standing 450 but Swann has no feeling in his knee. Swann cannot do it and Perkins with a knee bar. Swann gets to the ropes even with Perkins adding more pressure before releasing the hold. Perkins with a kick to the leg. Swann misses an enzuigiri and Perkins goes for the Tiger Double Knee Gutbuster but Swann with a rollup. Swann with a kick and Tiger Driver and jackknife cover for a near fall. Swann with a forearm and Perkins punches back.

Perkins with a jumping back heel kick and a super kick. Swann with a back heel kick but Swann’s knee gives out and the referee checks on Swann. Perkins gets Swann on his shoulders and he hits a round kick out of the fireman’s carry position and Perkins applies the knee bar and Swann has to tap out.

Winner: TJ Perkins(Advances to face Kota Ibushi in the SemiFinals)

We go to credits.

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