Friday, September 23, 2016

TNA Using 'Cody Rhodes' Name When He's Off Television

As seen on Impact Wrestling last night, a vignette aired for the TNA debut of “Cody” at TNA Bound for Glory on October 2nd. As noted, WWE owns the rights to the TV use of the name “Cody Rhodes”, so Rhodes cannot use that name on television, although his wife Brandi is being billed as Brandi Rhodes since she never used that name in WWE.

Given the following TNA press release, however, it appears as if TNA will be using the Cody Rhodes name off television:


Rumors were buzzing last Friday as TMZ Sports announced that Brandi Rhodes, a former In-Ring Announcer, would be joining the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Roster. On Monday, TNA Management confirmed those rumors to be true.

So it was official, Brandi Rhodes would be joining the IMPACT Wrestling team, but there was much speculation about her husband, Cody Rhodes.

On Thursday, we saw a tease of who would be making their way to IMPACT. The world went wild with guesses and possibilities!

But during Thursday night’s IMPACT on POP, we got confirmation. Cody Rhodes is coming to IMPACT. And he’ll be making his arrival at Bound For Glory on October 2.

A game-changer to say the least. But what does this mean? What will happen when Cody makes his presence felt at Bound For Glory? And who does he have his eye on?

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