The show starts off with a live rendition of Obsolete, performed by Reby, Brother Nero, Maxel, Matt Hardy, Senor Benjamin, and Vanguard-1. Matt says the battle will take place at the Hardy Compound…the Land of Deletion. Matt takes Brother Nero to the Zone of Impact, but tells Senor Benjamin and Vanguard-1 to stay behind and protect the grounds.

We go to the arena, where Mike Bennett and Maria come down to the ring as we see how he screwed his friend Moose to win the #1 contender’s battle royal last week. Bennett says he’s been telling everyone to believe, and now they do because they believe in the Miracle Movement, which is here to save TNA, and he completes that mission tonight when he becomes the TNA World Champion. He’s going to do it because he’s the best pro wrestler on the planet, and because he surrounds himself with successful people, like his beautiful wife Maria Kanellis-Bennett, and also the most destructive force in wrestling, Moose. He knows the fans are wondering where Moose is, and he knows Lashley is trying to drive a rift between them, so he wants Moose to come down so they can set the record straight. Bobby Lashley’s music plays instead, and the TNA World Champion comes out to the ring with a big smile on his face to tell Bennett that Moose doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. He tells Bennett to look at himself and then look at Lashley, and he knows he’s going to beat him like he beat Kurt Angle, Drew Galloway, James Storm, DJ Z, Eddie Edwards, and everyone else…because he’s better than them, and he’s going to destroy Bennett tonight. Bennett says Lashley is too cocky for his own good, and he doesn’t think Lashley is confident enough to put his money where his mouth is. Lashley says he’ll prove how confident he is by making tonight no DQ, because Bennett’s only chance would be if he had Moose by his side. Bennett says Lashley is jealous of Moose because he’s bigger, badder, and way better. He knows what Lashley’s trying to play by driving a wedge between he and his friends, but he knows Moose didn’t take Lashley up on his offer and wouldn’t do that. Lashley says maybe Moose did go to dinner with him, and maybe he smarted Moose up, and maybe he promised him a title shot in the future…or maybe Moose just hates Bennett’s guts. Bennett doesn’t believe Lashley for one second, he knows Moose is on his side, and he will do what Bennett wants to help him become the TNA World Champion. Lashley says that’s not happening, because he’s going to whip his ass tonight and walk away with the title because there’s nobody who can stop him. Moose comes out and slowly walks to the ring, and he says how funny it is that everyone’s talking about him, and they even have the entire Impact Zone chanting his name. He’s let his actions talk for him in TNA, and whoever got in his way, he knocked them straight on they ass, and both Bennett and Lashley know this. Lashley also knows he didn’t meet him anywhere, and Bennett starts jumping up and down and says he knew Moose is on his side, and WE are going to win the TNA World Title. Moose says he didn’t forget what happened last week, and tonight, he decides who walks out the TNA World Champion.

We look back at last week when Ethan Carter III beat Drew Galloway, after which Galloway flipped out and beat the ever loving tar out of Aron Rex. We’ll hear from Drew Galloway later tonight!

BROKEN Matt Hardy vs Crazzy Steve

These two have the single most epic staredown in history, Steve laughing and giggling while Matt goes “AHHHHHHHHHHH…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” before calling Steve an ant. They do a test of strength, then they take turns biting each other before steve dropkicks Hardy’s knees out from under him and then connects with a shining wizard to the back of Matt’s head for 2. Matt dodges a corner cannonball, then rams Steve’s head into the turnbuckles, takes him outside and rams him into the ring apron and rail, and the fans go, “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” every time Steve’s head connects. Matt hits a Side Effect for 2, then backdrops Steve to the floor where Brother Nero puts his boot on his hand and repeatedly punches Steve in the face with it. Matt hits a Twist of Fate, and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: BROKEN Matt Hardy

Steve gets a mic and laughs at the Hardys as they leave, then tells Matthew that, for all of his BROKEN brilliance, he sure is blind to what’s going on around him. He may have come here alone, but Decay is everywhere…including the Hardy Estate. King Maxel…he no longer belongs to Matt and Reby, and for now, he’s Rosemary’s baby. Steve laughs it up, and Matt hastens to the back with Brother Nero in tow.

Braxton Sutter, Andrew Everett, Mandrews, Rockstar Spud, DJ Z,and Trevor Lee talk about what the X Division means to TNA, and what winning the title will mean to them.

Matt tells Brother Nero that he fears his premoneetion may be coming true, and he must notify Rebecca immediately. He calls Reby, but her phone rings without being answered. Matt sends Vanguard-1 to scan the grounds, but it’s too late…Rosemary’s already in the Hardy Estate and only feet away from King Maxel’s crib.

X Division Gauntlet: Trevor Lee vs Braxton Sutter vs Andrew Everett vs Mandrews vs Rockstar Spud vs DJ Z

DJ Z and Trevor Lee start us off, and DJ Z gets the better of the exchange. He tries to climb, but Trevor yanks him down hard and then tries to climb himself. Oh, I forgot to mention this is an Ultimate X with Royal Rumble rules. DJ Z connects with a top rope bodypress, then they go back at it as the clock counts down to the entrance of…Andrew Everett. DJ Z gives Everett a flying headscissors on the floor, but can’t fight the numbers and winds up on the receiving end of a beating from the Helms Dynasty. They continue double teaming DJ Z until the clock runs down again, and the next man in is…Mandrews! Mandrews outmaneuvers both members of the Helms Dynasty, and uses his speed to take the fight to both men. Mandrews tries to go up, but Everett tries to stop him, so he gives Everett a top rope Frankensteiner before hitting Lee with a standing shooting star press as we go to commercial.

We’re back, Braxton Sutter entered during the commercial, and now Spud enters last and sees that everyone is down, so he quickly climbs the cables, scurries across the cable…but runs right into Sutter, who pulls Spud off the cable and tosses him across the ring. Sutter with a snap powerslam, but Lee cleans Sutter’s clock before he can continue the beating, then we go into the “everyone does a dive” segment. DJ Z comes out on top of that, but gets tossed onto the stairs by Lee, who quickly heads inside and tries to climb. Mandrews stops him, and this starts the “everyone hits a spot one after the other” segment. Sutter finally tries to climb across the cables, but Spud comes in with a chair and just UNLOADS on Sutter. Mandrews springboard in and dropkicks the chair into Spud’s face, Everett tosses Mandrews, and now Lee and Everett both go up and try to climb to the middle. Mandrews tries to springboard onto the cables, but slips and falls on the mat. Lee and Everett unhook the belt, but both men have ahold of the belt until DJ Z springboards in and grabs the belt out of their hands to take the win.

Winner and New X Division Champion: DJ Z

Same match, same guys, and no surprise who won.

Ethan Carter III says he won a tough match, and it’s unfortunate what happened between Drew and Aron Rex, but that’s not his business, his business will be winning the World Title at Bound For Glory. Eli Drake butts in and says he hopes EC3 wins at Bound For Glory, because he’s going to beat EC3 tonight and that’ll make him the automatic #1 contender. EC3 says that Eli is probably going to get his ass kicked tonight.

Drew Galloway is backstage in his sullen black hoodie, and says he supposes everyone wants to know what happened, but this isn’t the place. He’s going to go back where it happened, but he’s going to tell everyone what’s going on in his head right now.

We look back at last week when Allie accidentally became the Knockouts Champion, and her celebration will happen later on tonight!

Drew Galloway comes out looking all emo, and he says you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone and it snaps. He wants to know why he tried to stand up when he first got to this place (takes his hood off), and when he won the World Title, he climbed into the crowd and partied for a week, but then when he lost it and EC3 screwed him three times, the fans cheered for him. Aron Rex showed up and talked his way into becoming the special referee, and he thought the fans were cheering him after the match with EC3, but they were cheering for the referee. This wasn’t Aron Rex’s fault or anyone else, it was the fans’ fault. He knows what Aron Rex is doing, but he had to teach him a lesson, and if he sees Aron Rex again, he promises that he’ll put him in the bloody hospital. Billy Corgan and his sunglasses come out to the top of the ramp and tell Drew that his actions are reprehensible. He personally appointed Aron Rex the referee, and he thinks Drew has a case of Scottish paranoia. He considered suspending Drew without pay, but then a bird got in his ear and talked him out of it. Drew says he’s really disappointed in Billy, for someone who was so anti-authority, he became the establishment, and now he’s letting other people talk him into things, and went from being a leader to being Dixie Carter’s bitch. Billy says it wasn’t Miss Carter…and then Aron Rex comes out and says it was him, and they’re going to do things his way. Rex runs down to ringside, and Drew meets him in the aisle and they start throwing fists. Rex smashes Drew’s face into the steps, then does it again, then comes after Drew with a chair…but security runs out to separate them. Drew gets free and goes after Rex, but security pulls him off and the two men are screaming at each other until they both break free and start going at it again. Finally a bunch of wrestlers run out to separate Rex and Galloway, for good this time.

Moose is backstage, and he’s…PACING! Who will he side with tonight? We’ll find out in the main event!

Back to the Hardys, who finally get through to Reby. She says she was just doing laundry, but Matt warns them about Rosemary and Abyss and tells her to get King Maxel to safety. Reby says they’ll get to the safe room, but just then, Vanguard-1 detects Rosemary inside the house!

Ethan Carter III vs Eli Drake

Drake takes EC3 to the corner and suckerpunches him behind the referee’s back, then unloads with a series of hard right hands until EC3 runs Drake over with a big clothesline. EC3 Beells Drake across the ring and clotheslines him to the floor, but Drake gets a bottle of water and spews it in EC3’s face when he follows him out. They trade chops on the floor, but head back in and Drake gets a floatover DDT for 2. Wow, Rock style! Drake with a snap suplex for 2, EC3 with a sunset flip for 2, Drake pops EC3 up into a running powerslam for 2, then dodges a clothesline and hits a neckbreaker for 2. They trade right hands, Drake tries another floatover DDT, but EC3 counters to the TK3, connects with some clotheslines, hits the Stinger Splash, a flapjack, and he hits the 1% for the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Great match, these two have good chemistry from what I’ve seen in the matches they’ve had on TV.

Jeremy Borash is backstage talking about Allie’s championship win, and she comes in with balloons and talks about how Maria is planning a big celebration, and it’s going to be the biggest moment in her life!

Back to the Hardy Compound, as Reby takes Maxel to the safe room and watches the door open to reveal…Senor Benjamin. He asks if she’s okay, and she says Rosemary is in the house, then gives the baby to Senor Benjamin and picks up a fire poker, and says she’s going to get this bitch herself. (her words)

DJ Z is backstage saying he has a lot of emotions going through his head, it’s been four years since he held this title, he’s had all kinds of problems, and he never thought he’d get back here, but he’s been working harder and put some extra effort in this year, and he did it. Eddie Edwards comes in to congratulate DJ Z, then leaves so DJ Z can say he’s up for the challenge.

We go to the ring, which is filled with balloons, for Allie’s big celebration. This should be fun! The crowd is going nuts for her, and she says this is a celebration of the new TNA Knockouts Champion…”MEEEE, ALLIEEEEE!!!” She never thought this day would come, and she wants to thank everyone who chanted her name last week because none of this would be possibly if it weren’t for the one person who has always believed in her…the moon and the stars, her favorite person in the entire universe…oh wait, Sienna is marching out here, and she is PISSED. Maria follows her out and tells her to stop because this is Gail Kim’s fault. She tells Sienna to go to the back and take the night off, and to trust her. Maria said Allie is always so excited to do everything she says, but she thinks Allie is a bit confused about this celebration. Allie says she wanted this to be perfect, and she is truly honored. Maria laughs that Allie thinks this is for her, and she is her assistant. Maria shuts Allie up and says that nobody wants her to say anything because she’s worthless, just like all these people. She messes everything up: the division, this celebration…SHE WANTED GREEN BALLOONS. Allie protests, but Maria tells her to shut up because the celebration is for her opponent. Maria calls a referee out and tells Allie to lay down, and Allie doesn’t want to, but Maria reminds her of who she was before she came to her, and tells Allie to lay down. Allie gets to her knees, then Maria yanks her to the mat by the hair.

Knockouts Title Match: Allie vs Maria

Maria covers Allie and gets the three count.

Winner and New Knockouts Champion: Maria

Maria tells Allie to put the belt around her waist and announce her name. Allie looks like she’s going to die as she obeys Maria, who parades off to the back with the belt held high.

Mike Bennett finds Moose backstage and says he knows he’s a little upset with him, but Lashley’s trying to get in both of their heads and that he can’t believe everything he read on Twitter. Moose isn’t sure about this, but Bennett says tonight is their Super Bowl, and you can’t win the game without the right equipment. Bennett hands Moose a pipe and says he knows he’ll do what’s right for them.

Back to the Hardy Compound, where Reby slowly comes out of the safe room and finds Rosemary. She…oh, that’s not a fire poker, it’s a KATANA BLADE! She calls Rosemary a freak and chases her to a Batpole, and Rosemary SLIDES UP THE BATPOLE. Rebt goes outside looking for Rosemary, but she’s up on the second floor balcony with Maxel! Rosemary says they’ll see how much Reby loves her baby, and tosses Maxel to Reby…and it’s the fake baby Reby tossed to Jeff! HA HA! Senor Benjamin comes out with the baby and says not to cry because he has Maxel. He hands the baby to a grateful Reby, and Senor Benjamin says she ran away, but Reby says that NOBODY comes into her house and messes with her family. She tells Senor Benjamin to prepare the battlefield…FOR MASSACRE.

The new Knockouts Champion comes out to the top of the ramp to introduce her husband, the future TNA World Champion, Mike Bennett!

TNA World Title Match: Bobby Lashley vs Mike Bennett

Bennett tried getting the jump on Lashley, but Lashley turns that around right quick, pounding on Bennett and going for a powerslam, but Bennett slips out the back and drills Lashley with a right hand. Lashley shrugs that off and takes Bennett’s head off with a clothesline before hitting a delayed vertical suplex. Lashley sets up for a spear, but Moose comes out to ringside with a pipe as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Bennett somehow gained control and is putting the boots to Lashley as Moose watches patiently from ringside. Bennett htis a big boot for 2, then slaps Lashley around and flexes at the champion…who picks Bennett up for a suplex, and drops him when Maria runs in and hits Lashley with her wrist brace. Bennett tosses Lashley to the floor right next to Moose, who does nothing as Maria knocks Lashley silly with the Knockouts Title. Maria tells Moose to send Lashley back inside and he does, and Bennett covers for 2. Bennett with a ripcord right hand, Lashley with a schoolboy rollup for 2, then side suplexes Bennett. Lashley with a corner clothesline and a torture rack, Bennett punches his way out, and Lashley with a spinebuster. Lashley sets for the spear, Maria grabs his ankle, and Bennett slips in and hits an Ace Crusher for 2. Bennett yells to Bennett to give him the pipe, and Moose holds it out…then pulls it back and smiles at Bennett. Bennett is livid, but turns around right into a spear from Lashley that finishes it.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Good match, and the main event of Bound For Glory is now set in stone. Bennett gets a mic and calls Moose a big stupid animal and tells him to get his ass in his ring NOW. Bennett asks Moose who he thinks he is, calls him a failed football player who was nothing without him, and asks what gives him the right. He says Moose has to do what he says when he says it, then shoves Moose and says that if he ever does that again, he’ll make sure Moose never wrestles again. He asks Moose if he’s listening to him, slaps him in the face, and asks him again if he’s listening. Moose turns around and tears Bennett’s head off with a clothesline, then his music hits and he does the MOOSE pump as we call it a night.

We see footage of next week’s showdown between the Hardys and Decay, which will be entitled…DELETE OR DECAY!

Thanks for reading the Impact Wrestling Report here on! I’ll be back on Sunday to discuss Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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