We start off with Matt Hardy lamenting the near destruction of his entire platoon, and they’re more than friends to him, they are his family. Then we see Matt pushing Brother Nero in a chair with wheels to the Lake of Reincarnation, which will regenerate his mortal flesh. He pleads with the gods to regenerate Brother Nero, then he tosses Jeff into the lake, and when he comes out, he’s wearing a shirt and tie, carrying the old Jeff Hardy TNA World Title belt, and says the champ is back and we can’t see him. Matt throws him back in the lake, and he comes back out as the nefarious Brother Nero once again. He will DELETE Decay and render them OBSOLETE! Matt says one member of the Hardy House is back, and now it’s time to track Vanguard-1 down.

We go to the arena where Bobby Lashley comes out to the ring to share his thoughts with the plebes. We see clips from last week when Lashley and Ethan Carter III brawled after their press conference, then Jeremy Borash asks Lashley what he was thinking when he nearly ruined the main event of Bound For Glory. Lashley puts his arm around Borash and says he warned everyone, including EC3, that 2016 would be the year Bobby Lashley took over the entire wrestling business. Nobody in any other company is as dominating as he is, and he showed EC3 exactly what he was talking about. EC3 tried to say he’s the face of Impact Wrestling, but he smashed EC3’s face. EC3 said he would carry the company on his back, and a lot of people are upset that he crushed their hero, so now there is no main event for Bound For Glory. Since he doesn’t have a match, he asks Jeremy Borash if he wants to be his match. Lashley said that was just a joke, just like if anyone else came out of the back right now, because it would be a slaughter. Suddenly…GRADO COMES OUT FROM THE BACK! Lashley has a big laugh as Grado dances into the ring, and he asks Grado what he’s doing in here. Grado says he’s known Jeremy Borash for years, and he’s a much bigger joke than he’ll ever be. He gets that he has a good time and likes to make people laugh, and he likes making EC3 laugh because he’s his mate. After what Lashley did to EC3, he wants to prove to Lashley that he’s no joke. He thinks Lashley did what he did because he’s a coward, but Lashley asserts that he’s not scared of anyone, and he will hurt anyone who gets in his way, even Grado. Grado says Lashley may be the World Champion, but he can be beaten. Lashley responds by dropping Grado on his ass and pummeling him, then spearing him into next week. Lashley asks the fans when they’re going to learn to stop coming out here and pissing him off, then says he can kill anyone on the entire roster, because nobody in Impact Wrestling can beat him. Oh wait, Moose is on his way out now, and he goes face to face with the World Champion. They start trading right hands, and Moose runs Lashley over with a hard clothesline, and Lashley bails out to the floor. Moose says Lashley claims to not fear anyone and that he can’t be beaten, but not only is he going to beat him, he is going to WHOOP HIS ASS! Everyone here wants to see them fight, and tonight, if he has to come back there and drag his ass out to the ring, he’ll do it because he’s gonna beat the hell out of him.

We see the Jeremy Borash video running down the rules for the Grand Championship, and the results from last week as Drew Galloway and Eli Drake both advanced. The tournament continues tonight!

Aron Rex is backstage saying he didn’t know if he’d ever be back in a wrestling ring, but coming here helped him rediscover his love for the business. He’s adapted to everything that’s ever been thrown in his way, and while Drew has been handed one opportunity after another, Aron Rex has had to create his own opportunities. He’ll go through whoever he has to to get to Drew, and we’ll see the difference between someone who complains and someone who just gets it done tonight.

Bobby Lashley is backstage saying you work hard when you get someplace, you don’t just demand a title shot from the champion. He knows Moose saw what Lashley did to Grado, EC3, and everyone else, and he wants Bobby Lashley to make him famous. He’s a fighting man, so the answer to Moose’s question is…no. Fighting him is bad for Moose’s health.

Grand Championship Tournament First Round: Aron Rex vs Trevor Lee

Rex takes it right to the mat with several pinning combinations, but Trevor avoids being pinned. He’s awful frustrated, though, and has trouble hanging onto Rex with a side headlock. Rex knocks Lee on his ass with a big right hand to the grill, but Lee manages to Tully Rex to the floor and hits a running punt along the apron, Lee rolls Rex back in and goes for the cover, but only gets 2. Lee gets Rex in a seated abdominal stretch, Rex tries to get out, but Lee takes him right back down into a chinlock. Rex hiptosses out and hits a couple of clotheslines as time expires.

Rex wins a split decision in the first round, and Lee comes out like a house of fire as the second begins, running Rex over with a clothesline and a big knee to the gut. Lee gets a couple more two counts, but Rex blocks a fisherman’s buster and knocks Lee into next week with a roaring elbow for 3.

Winner: Aron Rex

Well, he polished that one off pretty well. Good match, and Rex advances.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Maria, who finds out who she faces at Bound For Glory, and she will be successful because she always finds a way to get what she wants. She also won’t ruin Gail Kim’s induction ceremony tonight, and Jeremy Borash says it’s happening at Bound For Glory, but she insists it’ll be tonight and to go tell Gail.

Back to the Hardy Estate, where Matt Hardy combs the woods looking for Vanguard-1. He finally sees him hanging from the branches and rushes over with a stricken look on his face. He picks Vanguard-1 up and screams in agony as he tells Vanguard-1 not to dare leave him. He puts Vanguard-1 and begs the seven deities to take the evil essence from Brother Nero and use it to bring Vanguard-1 back. We see Vanguard-1’s video history of him helping Senor Benjamin with the yard work and beating him at chess, and then…VANGUARD-1 IS BACK. He tells Vanguard-1 to go find Senor Benjamin, and Vanguard-1 is off with Matt in his rearview camera.

Maria Kanellis is in the ring with Allie by her side, and even though she’s the Knockouts Champion, everyone is talking about someone else. The fans chant for Allie, but Maria says it’s NOT ALLIE, because Allie is stupid and useless just like all the fans. No, it’s Gail Kim, so she calls Gail out to the ring, and Gail asks her who the hell she thinks she is. Maria says she’s the Knockouts Champion, something Gail wishes she could be but will never have again. She’ll do her a favor and induct her into the TNA Hall of Fame so she doesn’t overshadow her at Bound For Glory, so she created a video highlight package of her career. Of course it’s all clips of Maria beating Gail up, and Maira laughs it up after the video finishes. She wrote a speech for her, too: “Hi, I am Gail Kim, and Maria Kanellis is better than me.” She also picked out a perfect gift, and it’s…a picture of Maria with the championship belt. Allie actually went and got a gift for Gail because she thinks she’s the BEST FEMALE WRESTLER EVER! Maria slaps the gift out of Allie’s hand and stomps the box, and Gail says Maria has lost her mind and disgusts her. Maria says she can’t wait until she never has to see Gail’s ugly face again, but now Dixie Carter sashays down to the ring with her bossy boss boss face on. Dixie says that Maria must not have heard her, because she told Maria last week that holding the Knockouts Title and running the division is a conflict of interest, and she has no power. Gail’s going into the Hall of Fame (the fans say “thank you Gail”), and she also gets a title shot at Bound For Glory. Dixie says that Gail will be in the Knockouts gauntlet tonight, and Gail says that when she wins, she is going to kick Maria’s ass.

We look back at last week when Spud tried to knock Braxton Sutter’s teeth out, and they’ll face off in an empty arena match right after this commercial break!

Okay, we’re back, the arena is empty, and it’s time to fight!

Empty Arena Match: Braxton Sutter vs Rockstar Spud

They brawl during Sutter’s entrance, and they fight over the barricade and into where the crowd would be as Josh explains that they evacuated the fans because of how out of hand this is likely to get. Okay. Sutter kicks Spud’s ass and rams him into an entire row of chairs, then uses his belt to whip Spud, chasing him into the bleachers and continuing the beating as Spud tries to get away. Sutter dumps Spud off the bleachers and into the barricade (YEOWCH!) and grinds his face into the fence meshing with his boot. Someone said something that got bleeped out, and then Sutter tosses Spud back over the rail to ringside. Spud kicks Sutter in the ding ding, then takes him into the ring and tries to bash his teeth on the exposed turnbuckle again. Oh, I just noticed that ALL the turnbuckles are exposed. Sutter drills Spud in the teeth a couple of times and then whips him into the corner a couple of times. Sutter tells Spud he’s going to remember him, and then he rams him face first into the exposed turnbuckle and makes a cover for the win.

Winner: Braxton Sutter

The crowd goes as wild as it ever does as Spud chews on some food dye and pretends to drool blood on the mat.

Back to Vanguard-1, who goes in search of Senor Benjamin, and finds him tied up in a nearby shack with DECAY painted across his forehead. Senor Benjamin asks him what took him so long, and Vanguard-1 says he will go attain the help of Mr. Hardy. Matt follows Vanguard-1 back to the shack and unties Senor Benjamin, then tells him to get the weapons ready, because there will be a battle at Bound For Glory.

Moose is backstage having a laugh over Lashley saying a fight with him would be bad for his help. He knocked Lashley on his ass the night he got here, and tonight, he’s challenging Lashley to a fight, and Lashley’s going to accept it, or run off like a little bitch.

We look back at last week’s Delete or Decay and the horrors that ensued, then we head to the ring with the BROKEN BROTHERS and Reby Sky. Matt says they were involved in a war with Decay last week, one the entire world is speaking about right now. They survived, but so did Decay. This has become much more massive than just a fight, because they committed blasphemy against Senor Benjamin, they attempted to kidnap King MAxel, and they now must be sentenced to DELETION. They’re going to take the tag titles at Bound For Glory, and they will DELETE THEM!!! DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE! Decay’s music hits, and Rosemary is up in the camera nest again. She laughs and says that King Maxel deserves a family that is not BROKEN, one where he can embrace his true self and DECAY. They will never get their hands on the tag title, because once they get their hands on what they want, they cause Decay, and that’s why Bram is gone…because he wouldn’t submit to DECAY. Abyss pops up on the ramp and says the title is beautiful, just like Decay, and the Hardys will never experience the beauty of the titles. Steve is in the crowd, and says their obsession with their gold is mind boggling, because they offer something much more satisfying: their own destruction and DECAY. Matt says death is not the end, their vessels may one day perish, but their souls will live for all eternity. Decay can bring all the agony and Decay they can muster, because it will only make them stronger. Brother Nero says they failed to take his nephew or their way of living, and they may be BROKEN, but they survive, and they will render all three of them OBSOLETE at Bound For Glory. Matt says the issue has gone far beyond a mere wrestling match, so Matt asks them to accept and let the entire world be their battlefield, and he challenges them to the insanity of THE GREAT WAR! Abyss asks if Matt does not know that Decay thrives on wars? Does this mean that they can fight into the depths of hell? Does it mean they can fight to the top of the heavens? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, they’re on. Rosemary says the Hardys will Decay, and Maxel will join his true family, not his obsolete uncle, broken father, and unfit mother. Reby jumps Rosemary and Decay rushes the ring, and all six of them brawl it out. The Hardys clear Decay out, Reby hits a Twist of Fate on Rosemary, and the Hardys lead the crowd in DELETE DELETE DELETE!

Mike Bennett finds Bobby Lashley backstage and says he wouldn’t let Moose talk to him like that, and Lashley is the World Champion and can’t let that happen. Lashley knows Bennett just wants him to beat Moose up so he’ll be softened up at Bound For Glory, but he’s going to go beat Moose’s ass tonight, and then he might come back afterward and take care of Bennett as well.

#1 Contender’s Gauntlet Match: Jade vs Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne vs Allie vs Marti Bell vs Sienna vs Madison Rayne

Jade and Allie come out to start the match, but Maria tells Allie she’s not in this because she’s not a wrestler, so she’ll be replaced by Laurel Van Ass. Okay, then. Jade and Laurel trade shots, and Laurel actually gets the better of the exchange as Sienna enters at #3. The two of them work Jade over until Gail enters at #4 and evens the odds. She destroys both of Maria’s girls, but then Sienna takes Gail’s head off with a lariat and stomps her out in the corner. Marti Bell comes in at #5 and goes after Jade, and shoves Laurel Van Ass out of the way when she tries to help out. Raquel is in next at #6 and actually takes Sienna out with a flying headscissors and then dropkicks Laurel Van Ass and Marti. Sienna catches her with a big boot and shoulderblocks in the corner as Madison Rayne comes in at #7 and we go to commercial.

We’re back, and everyone is still in the ring. They all take turns hitting finishers on each other until Laurel Van Ass dumps Madison to score the first elimination. Jade slams Marti and goes to the top, but Marti knocks her to the apron and bicycle kicks her to the floor. Laurel Van Ass immediately dumps Marti, and Jade rams Marti into the ringpost for good measure. Raquel has a sleeper on Sienna, but Sienna powers out and dumps Raquel to the floor. We’re down to Sienna, Laurel Van Ass, and Gail. Sienna and Laurel go to fight each other, but Maria jumps up on the apron and yells at Sienna as Allie tries to climb up on the apron at Maria’s orders. She pulls herself up on the ropes…and lowers them enough that Gail is able to dump Laurel Van Ass, and we’re down to Gail and Sienna. Maria chews Allie out as Sienna dumps Gail to the apron, but Gail makes it back in, so Sienna goes back to stomping her guts out. Sienna goes for the AK-47, but Gail counters to a sunset flip for 2. Sienna boots Gail into next week and sets up for the Silencer, but Gail blocks and hits Eat DaFeet, then covers for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

Obvious outcome, but now Gail will finally get her hands on Maria at Bound For Glory, and Maria looks scared as hell, though Allie sneaks a couple of smiles behind her as they back up the entry ramp.

Grand Championship Tournament First Round: Eddie Edwards vs Mahabali Shera

After Grandma Metallica made it to the finals of the CWC, I honestly can’t handle the idea of Mahabali Shera advancing here, so I really hope he doesn’t. They chain wrestle a bit and Shera kills Eddie with a big clothesline and covers for 1. Eddie gets an inverted atomic drop and unloads with a series of chops, dodges a charge and sends Shera to the floor, then flies out through the ropes with a dive that sends Shera crashing into the barricade. Shera dodges a double stomp, but Eddie connects with a superkick and the Boston Knee Party for 2. Eddie with more offense as time winds down on the first round.

The judges announce that Eddie unanimously won the first round, so Shera unloads the heavy artillery, going after Eddie’s ribs with repeated shoulderblocks in the corner. Shera whipped Eddie into the corner and went for a backdrop…but Eddie didn’t come out, so Shera just stood there with his head down for like six or seven seconds until Eddie finally charges out and Shera powerslams him for 2. Shera with a bearhug and then a big shoulderblock and a cover for 2. Shera with a vertical suplex attempt, Eddie slips out and goes for a leg submisison as time runs out on the second round.

Shera wins the second round on a split decision, so whoever wins this round takes it. Eddie charges in with a big boot and hammers Shera with forearms, Shera barely manages to scoop Eddie up and hit a front powerslam for 2. Eddie rolls Shera up for 2, then catches Shera in the half crab for the tapout win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Interesting story being told here, but Eddie moves on and joins Drew Galloway, Eli Drake, and Aron Rex in the semifinals.

Time for our main event segment, as Moose comes out to the ring and then Lashley comes out to the top of the ramp. He says Moose knows he’s a fighter, and he bets everyone wants to see him fight Moose, but it’s not gonna happen. He’s proven himself to be the baddest man on the planet, but he’s also a businessman who fights in big venues for big money in front of big crowds. He already sent EC3 to the hospital, so he’s making a proposition: if Moose wants to fight, they do it at Bound For Glory for the big pay and the big prize. Lashley asks him what it’ll be and tells him to use his head, and Moose says that Lashley is 100% right, because on October 2nd, the biggest event of the year, Bobby Lashley vs Moose. Lashley says Moose is a smart man, but Moose says he can’t wait for that, and he attacks Lashley. He charges and Lashley dumps him to the floor, but Moose drags him out and continues beating the tar out of Lashley. Lashley attacks and rams Moose into the rail and the ringpost, then continues unloading until Moose floors the champ with a big right hand and rams him into the ringpost. Lashley rams Moose into the ring steps a few times and unloads with a flurry of forearms, but they head back inside and Moose floors Lashley with a dropkick. He goes for a roaring elbow, but Lashley ducks and hits a spinebuster. Lashley goes for the spear and hits it in the corner, then does it again. Lashley goes for a third one, but oose drills him with an elbow, LIFTS HIM ONTO THE TOP ROPE BY THE THROAT, and then Mike Bennett runs in and attacks Bennett from behind. Moose no-sells and unloads on Bennett, but Bennett goes to the eyes and Moose walks right into a spear. Bennett puts the boots to Moose, and then Lashley joins in on it. EC3’s music hits, and he comes out with his ribs taped and runs down to the ring, running right over Bennett before going in the ring and destroying Lashley. Bennett comes in and hits EC3 from behind, but EC3 takes them both out with a double clothesline as we call it a week.

5.0 / 5
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