Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sunny To Remain In Jail Over The Weekend, More On D-Von Dudley Working Backstage, Vladimir Kozlov

- We've been covering how D-Von Dudley started working his new producer job at Sunday's WWE Clash of Champions pay-per-view. D-Von also worked Monday's RAW and based on the photo below, it looks like he may be working both brands as he's in attendance for SmackDown tonight. It is possible he's working both brands just while learning the job.

- Below is an extra scene from Vladimir Kozlov's recent WWE "Where Are They Now?" episode with The Moscow Mauler looking back at when he won the WWE Tag Team Titles with Santino Marella.

- WWE Hall of Famer Tammy "Sunny" Sytch is still incarcerated in Carbon County, PA and will not see a judge via Gagnon video hearing until Monday, October 3rd at 9am. CLICK HERE for more info, thanks to our sister site Womens-Wrestling.Com


  1. I don't wish Sunny bad. But something tells me Tammy sytch aka Sunny might eventually end up like Chyna. Broke, Frustrated, Depressed , low self esteem as a result of her porn career. Then suicide. Just saying

  2. Hope you are wrong, but surely her lifestyle is not good and yes, the situation is very similar to Chyna.