WWE SummerSlam Opener:

The show opens with a video package highlighting the main feuds heading into tonight’s show. A good deal of time is spent on Orton vs. Lesnar, Balor vs. Rollins and Ambrose vs. Ziggler, but almost just as much time is spent hyping the city of New York as the venue. The package is overall well put together, and really does a great job of highlighting more matches on the card than your usual show opening video package.

– The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show before things head right to the ring. Enzo and Cass make their way out, both with mic hand of course.

Enzo introduces himself as a certified G and a bona fide stud, he then introduces Cass and points out how tall it is, letting the crowd know that you can’t teach that. Bada boom, realest guys in the room, how you doin’? Cass calls out for New York City before asking ‘how you doin’? Enzo says this match is dedicated to the teachers who said he wouldn’t amount to nothing. The people hustling trying to feed their daughter, the people in the struggle, baby baby! Enzo says it was all a dream, and the crowd continues the song. Enzo says not it’s a reality, how you doin? Enzo says there was once a man who stood on the other side of the Hudson, who went by blue eyes, and when he sang New York, New York, he knew he was singing about the greatest city in the world, and if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Cass begins singing New York, New York and gets a big pop. Cass says young blue eyes in the ring, and the 7 footer next to him are in an Empire state of mind. And they’re proof bright lights can inspire you. He wants to quote a notorious New Yorker, Biggie Smalls. Mo’ money, mo’ problems. Jeri-KO is looking at a couple of problems. They’re a couple of walking talking checks, coming up like a Jordan silhouette. Cass says they want to try to act hard, and come in their yard, but there’s only one word to describe them, and he’s going to spell it, S-A-W-F-T, SAWFT!

Chris Jericho ends the promo, making his way out into the arena looking very fashionable and scowling in his scarf. Kevin Owens is out next, and the crowd seems a bit unenthusiastic to see Jericho and Owens.

Enzo and Cass vs. Jeri-KO

Owens and Jericho knock Cass from the apron before double teaming Enzo for a bit. Jericho suplexes Enzo as the ref breaks things up and sends Owens to the corner. Jericho smacks Enzo around the ring while the crowd chants ‘stupid idiot’. Jericho ducks a clothesline but falls to a cross body from Enzo. Enzo drives Jericho’s chin into his knee, then follows with a running straight right to the face. Enzo backs into the corner and tags in Cass. Jericho flees and tags in Owens, who’s hip tossed into the ring by Cass. Cass takes Owens into the corner and chops him a couple of times. Owens kicks away at Cass’ leg before clamping on a headlock. Cass simply picks up Owens and launches him across the ring. Cass picks up and slams Owens to the mat before tagging in Enzo, and slamming him on top of Owens for two.

Owens catches Enzo with a big forearm then tags out to Jericho. Jericho and Owens both end up in the corner and Cass teases throwing Enzo into them, but Jericho and Owens bail. Cass instead throws Enzo over the top rope on top of both opponents. Enzo brings Jericho back into the ring, mounting him in the corner for punches. Owens distracts him, allowing Jericho to sneak in a leaping boot to the face from the middle rope. Jericho chokes Enzo against the middle rope and Owens mocks his dance on the apron. Owens tags into the match and hits a nasty double stomp. Owens chops away at Enzo’s chest, seating him in the corner. Jericho tags back in and snap mares Enzo over before kicking him in the spine. Jericho punches at Enzo’s back before trapping him in a rear chin lock. Enzo fights his way up, but Jericho brings him right back down.

Cass rallies the crowd and Enzo escapes the hold, but Jericho stops him with a quick dropkick. Owens tags in and shoulders Enzo, dropping him down stomach first across the knee before following up with a senton. Owens gets a running start and transitions right into a… rear naked choke. Enzo rallies the crowd again, but Owens beats Enzo into the corner. Owens charges and runs right into a big boot from Enzo. Enzo actually fights off both men in the hostile corner. Enzo kicks away Owens and Jericho, but Owens pulls Enzo to the floor. Enzo catches Owens with an enzugiri and crawls back into the ring. Enzo leaps, but Jericho shoves him hard ‘preventing’ the tag, but not really. Jericho brings Enzo back into the middle of the ring and Owens hits a frog splash for another near fall.

Owens takes Enzo into the corner and slaps him, telling him that he’s nothing. Owens kicks at Enzo’s chest repeatedly before running head first into a rear elbow. Enzo begins climbing the ropes but Owens pulls him out by his feet, seating him hard on the mat. Owens goes for the cannonball, blowing Jericho a kiss first, but Enzo moves out of the way. Both men make the tag and Cass comes in with a shoulder tackle for both Owens and Jericho before he simply boots Owens off the apron. Cass slams Jericho to the mat and hits the Empire elbow. Cass charges into the corner, right into big boots from Jericho. Cass tosses Jericho to the apron and Jericho heads to the top, leaping off right into a big boot from Cass. Enzo tags in and goes to the top, but Owens grabs his foot and crotches him on the top rope. Cass chases Owens and ends up driven into the ring post before being cannonball-ed into the barricade. Back in the ring, Jericho tries for a superplex, but Enzo sends him to the mat and hits the DDG. Enzo goes for the pin, but Owens breaks it up. Enzo goes nuts, pounding on Owens, but when he hits the ropes, Owens pops Enzo up right into a codebreaker. Jericho pins Enzo for the three count.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens


Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon are shown walking backstage. They run into Mick Foley. Foley says Smackdown’s matches will be great, and Raw will top them. Brock will have his way with Orton. John Stewart walks in out of nowhere with his son and compliments Shane on his match with Taker. Stewart turns to Foley and asks how he could work with Stephanie, railing on her for a bit before being informed that she’s standing right behind him. Stephanie dresses down John for a bit, asking him what good is power if you can’t abuse it. Stewart says he looks nice before he’s scared by a blat from Francesca II and Xavier Wood and Kofi Kingston make their way out dancing. Woods talks about the power of positivity while Kofi shares some of his Booty-O’s. Stewart uses New Day as an excuse to leave. Stephanie tells Foley Shane and Daniel Bryan that she is misunderstood before everyone goes their separate ways. Weird segment.

– We get a recap of the more recent history between Sasha Banks and Charlotte, including Sasha winning the Women’s Championship, and the rough couple of weeks she’s had since, being tormented by Charlotte and Dana Brooke.

WWE Women’s Championship
Sasha Banks (c) vs. Charlotte

Charlotte makes her way out into the arena while Michael Cole runs down Charlotte’s impressive record in PPV’s, including no losses in singles matches. The announcer’s are also quick to remind us that Dana Brooke is barred from ringside for this match.

Sasha Banks is out next and the Women’s Champion doesn’t seem to get much of a reaction at all. The crowd perks up a bit when she holds the belt up, but overall, they’re a bit apathetic.

After formal ring introductions for both women, we’re ready to begin.

The bell rings and Charlotte doesn’t want any of Sasha, avoiding her by going into the ropes. Charlotte then grabs Sasha and backs her into the corner before woo-ing in her face. Sasha comes back with a hurricanrana and goes right for the Banks Statement, but Charlotte is able to scramble out to the floor to avoid it. Charlotte hangs Sasha up on the middle rope then comes back into the ring with a roll up. Charlotte can’t get on the Figure Four and she misses a chop, eating one from Sasha. Sasha runs the ropes and arm drags Charlotte into the ring. She catches Charlotte by the neck with he feet before rushing her into the corner face first. Charlotte comes right back, seating Sasha on the top and stretching her out with her boot on her throat. Charlotte grabs Sasha and drops her down sloppily, with Sasha landing awkwardly hung up on the ropes and landing right on the back of her head and neck. Sasha is pretty out of it, avoiding pins and falling out of a backslide situation. Sasha recovers and Charlotte gets her up into a Gory special.

Sasha breaks the hold and breaks out of a pin. She recovers a bit more, finally scoring with some strikes and a couple of quick forearms, Sasha stands holding her back and charges into the apron. Charlotte stops her and comes back with a backbreaker before slamming Sasha down to the mat for another near fall. Charlotte takes Sasha into the corner and knees her repeatedly in the back. Charlotte picks up Sasha and seats her on the top rope. Sasha is able to fight Charlotte off and she goes for a hurricanrana from the middle rope. Charlotte counters, rolling into position for the Figure Four. Sasha fights it off, but ends up hip-tossed right into a tree of woe in the corner. Charlotte beats on Sasha’s back, seating her up on the turnbuckle and wearing her out. Charlotte gets Sasha in Razor’s Edge position on the middle rope, but Sasha counters with a crazy hurricanrana and both women are down.

Charlotte tries for a forearm but Sasha blocks and hits one of her own. The two women trade forearms back and forth before transitioning to chops. Sasha goes crazy, slapping away at Charlotte. Charlotte avoids double knees in the corner, but Sasha avoids a spear and locks in a rope assisted Boston crab in the corner. Sasha hits the double knees to the small of Charlotte’s back while she’s laid across the middle rope in the corner, but it’s not enough for a three count. Sasha picks up Charlotte and whips her into the corner. Sasha comes in and Charlotte kicks out the knee, sending Sasha crashing into the corner. Charlotte and Sasha go up in the corner on either side of the ring and Sasha sends Charlotte down to the floor. Sasha leaps from the middle rope and hits double knees to Charlotte’s shoulders out to the floor. Sasha brings things back into the ring and rolls up Charlotte for two.

Sasha knees Charlotte in the face, but she can’t follow through with the backstabber. Charlotte goes for Natural Selection but Sasha counters with the Banks Statement. Charlotte is able to escape the hold and she comes back taking out Sasha’s knee and connecting with Natural Selection. Charlotte goes for the pin but only gets two. Charlotte rolls up Sasha for another quick two count. Sasha refuses to die, kicking out of yet another pin. Charlotte screams that she’s better than Banks, and this is her title. Charlotte slaps Sasha across the face before trying for the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Sasha counters, driving Charlotte to the mat and clamping on the Banks Statement. Charlotte turns things over into a pin and ekes out a three count, winning the match.

Winner and NEW WWE Women’s Champion: Charlotte

The refs check on Sasha in the ring while Charlotte makes her way up the entrance ramp, clutching her title and glaring at Sasha.


The Club is backstage going over their samples, saying they need to find the cure to ringpostitis. Styles walks in and introduces himself to the ‘doctors’. Styles says from Tokyo to Brooklyn baby. Anderson asks who would have thought the Club would be in the center of SummerSlam a year ago. Styles says tonight he’s going to take out the face that runs the place when he beats up John Cena tonight. Finn Balor walks in and the Club attempt to Too Sweet him, but Balor just smiles and walks off so the Club Too Sweet each other.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
The Miz vs. Apollo Crews

Back in the arena, The Miz makes his way out with Maryse leading the way down the aisle. Miz is wearing a pretty goofy, very rhinestoned Phantom of the Opera style mask.

Apollo Crews is out next, and Crews gets a pretty warm welcome from the Brooklyn fans, though it does die off quickly.

The bell rings and Miz charges Crews right away, kicking at him in the corner before choking him against the middle rope. Miz tosses Crews out of the corner, then hits him with a running kick to the face that’s good for a one count. Miz taunts Crews while gloating for the crowd. Miz hits the ropes and goes for the boot to the face, but Crews avoids it and rolls up Miz. Miz avoids a dropkick and DDT’s Crews to the mat before clamping on a rear chin lock. Miz transitions over into a front face lock. Crews gets to his feet and tosses Miz away. Miz tosses Crews to the apron, slides out between his legs, and drops Crews to the floor, sending him face first into the apron.

Back in the ring, Miz heads to the top rope and leaps off, right into a huge dropkick from Crews that stops Miz cold. Both men are slow to get up, and when they do, Crews scores with a couple of right hands, a couple of clotheslines, splash in the corner, and a cross body. Crews kips up for good measure before hitting an Olympic slam for another two count. Crews goes for the belly to back suplex, but Miz counters out and tries for the SCF. Crews fights it off and hits an enzugiri. Crews scores with a side press for another near fall.

Crews tries for a suplex but Miz counters out and shoves him into the corner. Miz tries for the corner clothesline, but Crews catches him, walks him out, and suplexes him. Crews hits the standing moonsault for another two count. Miz recovers with a kick to the knee. Crews attempts to shoulder Miz but Miz fights it off, making it out to the apron and the floor before waving the match off and walking away. Crews stops Miz, bringing things back into the ring for another roll up. Crews misses a splash in the corner, slamming his face into the ring post. Miz hits the SCF and pins Crews for the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

After the match, Maryse comes in to celebrate with Miz. We get replays and come back to Miz and Maryse kissing in the ring. We go to break.

– Mauro runs down some of the recent heat between John Cena and AJ Styles before throwing things to a video package highlighting these two men’s recent history, including AJ Styles seemingly never-ending campaign to ‘Beat up John Cena’.

John Cena vs. AJ Styles

We go to the ring and out first comes AJ Styles as Greg Hamilton does the introduction. John Cena is out next. Fans do dueling chants for the two as we get the bell. Back and forth to start.

The crowd is split down the middle, finally waking up with some dueling chants. The bell rings and we get a lockup with neither man gaining much ground. Styles goes behind but Cena is able to fight out. We get a clean break and both men back away. Another lockup and Styles goes right into a headlock, grinding Cena down. Cena breaks it, pushing him off, but Styles flips through and turns right back to Cena. Styles yells that they’ve been through this before. Another lockup and Cena goes for a headlock, wearing Styles down. Styles pushes Cena off, leap frogging him, then hitting a beautiful dropkick. Styles heads to the middle rope and gloats for the crowd. Styles turns around into a huge right hand from Cena to the face. Cena whips Styles across the corner, sending him into the turnbuckles chest first.

Cena picks Styles up and tosses him across the ring. Cena catches Styles with another right to the side of the head in the corner. Styles rolls out to the floor, and Cena follows while the crowd sings ‘John Cena sucks’. Cena shoulders AJ on the apron but Styles fights out and out of nowhere suplexes Cena on the apron, sending him crashing out to the floor. Styles sends Cena back into the ring and heads in after him, catching him with a big right hand. Cena sends Styles into the ropes and eats a big back body drop. Cena goes for the cover but only gets one. Cena clamps on a rear chin lock, and Styles fights up to his feet. Styles blasts Cena with a forearm, then walks into a big dropkick from Cena that’s good for two. Cena picks up Styles and connects with a snap suplex while the crowd duels with ‘Let’s go Cena’/’Cena sucks’ chants. Styles picks himself up and Cena hits him with a big head butt, driving him back down to the mat.

Styles fights back, not giving up and knocking Cena to the mat with a huge swinging right. Styles hits a low driving forearm. Cena comes right back with a couple of shoulder blocks, a belly to back suplex, and the five knuckle shuffle. Cena shoulders Styles and goes for the AA, but Styles lands on his feet and hits the Pele kick. Styles gets Cena up and hits the Styles Clash, but Cena is able to kick out at two. Styles walks toward Cena and Cena pops up and hits an AA immediately, but Styles kicks out at two.

Cena seats Styles on the top turnbuckle, heading up after him. Cena shoulders Styles while standing on the middle rope. Styles leaps over Cena, lands on the mat, and brings Cena down in a torture rack before spinning him out with a powerbomb into a pin. Styles only gets two and both men are wiped out on the mat.

Styles tries for the Styles Clash, but Cena counters slingshotting him into the corner. Cena picks Styles up, and tosses him over his shoulder while dropping him to the mat. Cena shoulders Styles, but Styles counters with a rollup for two. Styles goes for the charging forearm, but Cena grabs his leg. Styles fights off the STF and actually gives Cena a modified AA, but Cena will not stay down for three. Styles lays into Cena with right hands to the face before heading to the apron. Styles springboards from the top rope with a 450, but Cena avoids it. Cena connects with the Code Red and pins Styles, but only gets a two count.

Cena pops up and shoulders Styles. Styles counters out and hits a rolling German suplex before planting Cena with a facebuster for another near fall. Styles rolls out to the apron and goes for the Phenomenal forearm, but Cena grabs his leg on the way down and fights for the STF, finally locking it in. Styles sneaks out of it and goes right into a crossface. Cena stands while Styles continues to hold the crossface. Styles breaks the hold and counters over into the calf crusher. Cena screams in pain, grasping for the top rope. Styles turns Cena and brings him back into the middle of the ring. Cena pushes himself up and rolls right over into the STF again. Styles looks to be fading, but he pulls Cena’s figers apart and rolls him up for a two count. Styles catches Cena with a quick enzugiri that seats him in the corner. Styles runs into a back elbow in the corner. Cena leaps from the middle rope with a tornado DDT, but it’s still not enough for three.

Cena heads out to the apron and to the top rope. Cena leaps off the top rope with a guillotine leg drop to the back of Styles’ head scoring another two count. Cena makes it to his feet, pulling Styles up in the corner. Cena seats Styles on the top turnbuckle. Cena heads up and shoulders Styles, standing on the middle rope. AJ fights him off with elbows, dropping to the apron. Styles hits a springboard Frankensteiner, sending Cena into the middle of the ring. Styles connects with the Phenomenal Forearm, but Cena still won’t stay down for three!

Styles picks Cena up, but Cena shoulders Styles while standing. Styles fights Cena off and kicks his leg, but when he hits the ropes he runs right into a giant clothesline from Cena. Cena shoulders Styles, heading up to the middle rope. Styles continues to fight, elbowing Cena’s head. Cena hits an avalanche AA and pins Styles, but Styles kicks out! The crowd goes nuts!

Cena looks shocked, staring at Styles in awe. Styles grabs at the rope, pulling himself up and gasping for air. Cena looks completely dumbfounded. Styles turns around and stumbles into Cena, being shouldered. Styles counters, landing on his feet and hitting the Styles Clash. Styles heads out to the apron and takes off his forearm guard, hitting the Phenomenal Forearm and pinning Cena for the three count.

Winner: AJ Styles

Styles’ mouth is bloodied and he looks dazed as the ref holds his hand high, and Mauro comments how crazy it is that AJ Styles holds two victories over John Cena in singles matches in 2016. We get highlights from the match, of which there are quite a few.

Styles holds his head high on his way to the back, posing for the fans while Cena recovers in the ring. The crowd cheers Cena, giving him a standing ovation. Cena takes off one of his Never Give Up arm bands, looking at it sadly. Cena leaves the band laying in the middle of the ring. Cena walks off looking back at the crowd and saluting before walking off.

– JBL says that match was an absolute classic and Cena is the greatest of all time. Mauro throws things to a video package highlighting a couple of contest winners’ VIP SummerSlam trip.

In the Arena:

John Stewart is introduced, and he makes his way down the aisle to the ring, for some reason.

Stewart grabs a mic and asks Brooklyn what’s up. He says that match with Styles and Cena was magic, and he’s just happy that some idiot didn’t interfere for no reason by hitting one of those two great competitors with chair. The crowd isn’t really having Stewart. Jon says he’s learned his lesson, he should have tucked his shirt in because no one wants to see his old man belly. Stewart has been asked here by New Day. Gallows and Anderson injured Big E by hurting his… you saw it. Stewart says tonight he’ll join the great (all while revealing a New Day T-shirt and unicorn horn) New Day in the stead of Big E. Stewart does Big E’s greeting, starting it and letting the fans finish. Kofi and Woods make their way out with Kofi throwing Booty-O’s out into the crowd.

Gallows and Anderson make their way out next, wearing their lab coats and holding their Big E specimen.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
New Day vs. Gallows and Anderson

Anderson and Kofi look to kick things off for their respective teams. Anderson takes Kofi over with a side headlock, grinding him into the mat. Kofi fights out of it and falls to a shoulder block. Kofi comes back with a back elbow to Anderson’s face. Kofi kicks at Anderson in the corner, but Anderson turns things right around and beats on Kofi, whipping him across the ring. Anderson tries for a monkey flip, but Kofi lands on his feet. Kofi leaps up and puts him feet on Anderson’s shoulders, driving him to the mat. Woods tags in and we get a double team face buster, driving Anderson’s face into the mat. Anderson backs Woods into the corner and tags in Gallows. Woods ducks a couple of clotheslines and dropkicks Gallows in the leg. Woods and Kofi take turns stomping Gallows in the chest repeatedly. Gallows is driven out of the ring with a baseball slide from Woods. Kofi leaps over the top rope and strikes a pose mid-air, wiping out Gallows. Anderson distracts Kofi on the way back into the ring and Gallows kicks him in the side of the head before stomping away.

Anderson tags in and beats on Kofi’s back in the corner before taking him down to the mat for a two count. Anderson works over Kofi’s arm and takes him into the corner. Gallows tags in and palms Kofi’s face, yelling that he’s garbage. Gallows drops Kofi with a big right hand but misses with a splash. Gallows stands and tags Anderson but Kofi makes the tag too. Woods clotheslines Anderson and hits a spinning punch, then a dropkick to the back while Anderson is propped up on the ropes. Woods misses a running knee to the face, and finds himself backdropped to the apron. Woods connects with an enzugiri and he goes to the top rope. Woods tiptoes across the top rope and leaps off with a huge elbow drop for a two count.

Anderson and Woods both counter out of each other’s moves. Kofi makes the tag and Woods drops Anderson across his knee, setting him up for a flying knee drop from Kofi. Gallows breaks things up and is sent out of the ring by Kofi. Anderson catches Kofi with a boot to the jaw and he tags in Gallows. Anderson and Gallows hit the Magic Killer and Jon Stewart runs into the ring, distracting the Club. Woods comes in and attacks from behind while Stewart tries to Too Sweet Anderson and Gallows. Woods is dispatches, and Stewart tucks in his shirt as Anderson and Gallows grab him by the legs. They look toward the ring apron, but they’re stopped by New Day’s music as Big E charges down the aisle. Big E wipes out Gallows, suplexes Anderson across the ringside area, launches Gallows into the barricade, then shoulders Anderson and runs him into the barricade while the ref calls for the bell.

Winners by DQ: Gallows and Anderson, STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: New Day

Big E walks over to the specimen and takes off the lid, taking a swig and spitting it in the air. Big E makes his way into the ring and dances with Kofi for a bit while Woods plays the trombone. Stewart tries to bust out a couple of moves, but none are very successful and Big E takes back over before we cut to a commercial.

– We’re back to Smackdown as we get a video package highlighting the recent rivalry between Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler. We get a really nice look, including a lot of Ambrose’s rise to the main event scene, and Ziggler’s emergence as the number one contender.

WWE Championship
Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler

Back in the arena, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon are in the ring awaiting the competitors. Dolph Ziggler is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and the Show Off gets a pretty nice pop from Brooklyn.

Dean Ambrose is out next, and the WWE World Champion also gets a warm welcome from the fans in attendance.

Bryan and Shane attempt to keep Ziggler and Ambrose apart during formal ring introductions while they scream at each other and talk smack.

The bell rings and Ambrose keeps his distance off the bat. We get a lockup and Ambrose takes Ziggler over with a headlock. Ziggler comes back with one of his own. Ambrose and Ziggler both slap each other across the face and Ziggler rolls up Ambrose a couple of times for quick two counts. Ziggler fights Ambrose into the ropes, pushing at his face aggressively. Ziggler dropkicks Ambrose into the corner. Ambrose pushes Ziggler away and slides to the outside. Ziggler follows and splashes him against the barricade before hitting a swinging neckbreaker on the floor. Back in the ring Ambrose tries for the dirty deeds, but Ziggler fights it off. Ambrose picks up Ziggler and dumps him over the top rope and out to the floor as a counter for the DDT. Ambrose heads out to the floor after Ziggler and slams his head into the ring steps a couple of times before blasting him with a big right hand. Ambrose brings things back into the ring and he seats Ziggler on the top turnbuckle, following up after him. Ambrose connects with a butterfly suplex from the top for a two count.

Ambrose slams Ziggler to the mat for a near fall, then stomps Ziggler square in the chest. Ambrose steps over with a single leg crab, torquing Ziggler’s back. Ziggler is able to fight out of it but Ambrose picks him up and plants him with a snap suplex. Ambrose heads up to the top rope and leaps off right into a huge dropkick from Ziggler.

Ambrose grabs Ziggler’s arm from behind and lifts him up before planting him face first into the mat for a two count. Ambrose stands over Dolph and slaps him in the face. Ambrose mocks the superkick, calling for Dolph to stand before trying for the Dirty Deeds instead. Ziggler fights it off and sends Ambrose to the floor. Ambrose charges back into the ring right into a huge DDT from Ziggler.

Both men stand and trade right hands. Ziggler tries for the fameasser but is rolled up instead. Ambrose charges Ziggler in the corner but Ziggler moves and Ambrose connects with the ring post shoulder first. Ziggler connects with the fameasser but he only gets a two count. Ziggler fights with repeated strikes to the midsection. Ambrose pushes him away and both men go for crossbody’s crashing together in mid-air.

Ambrose lights up Ziggler with punches and chops before taking him down with a couple of forearms and a big clothesline. Ambrose waits for Ziggler to stand and charges into the corner with a running forearm, then he bulldogs Ziggler out. Ambrose connects with a big flying elbow but it’s still only enough for a two count.

Ambrose mocks Ziggler, swinging his hips, but Ziggler responds by punching Ambrose and leaping on his back with a sleeper hold. Ambrose heads toward the ropes and both men fall out to the floor. Ambrose is the first man to stand, but Ziggler comes back by head butting Ambrose and superkicking him back on the barricade. Ziggler shoulders Ambrose and brings him back into the ring for a near fall. Ziggler stands and waits for Ambrose. Ambrose blocks the superkick and slaps Ziggler. Ambrose tries for the Dirty Deeds but Ziggler hits a vicious Zig Zag, but Ambrose still is able to kick out at two.

Ziggler mounts Ambrose and hits him with clubbing blows to the face. Dolph locks in a modified sleeper, but Ambrose refuses to quit. Ambrose fights out and Ziggler slaps him in the face. Ambrose falls into the ropes, but he connects with the rebound lariat. Ambrose pulls himself up using the ropes and he heads to the top rope. Ziggler shakes the ropes and Ambrose crotches himself on the top rope. Ziggler heads up after Ambrose, but Ambrose fights him off, shoving him down to the mat. Ziggler pops right back up and leaps up to the top. Ambrose hangs on to the top rope and tries to fight back. Ziggler head butts the champ and leaps off the top rope trying for a facebuster. Both men land on their feet and Ambrose fights back, hitting an immediate Dirty Deeds for the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE World Champion: Dean Ambrose

After the match, we get replays as Ambrose celebrates with the title.

– We get a recap of WWE Superstars and their various involvements with events around the city this week. We also get a recap of NXT Takeover Brooklyn, including Shinsuke Nakamura’s huge title win last night.

Naomi, Carmella, and Becky Lynch vs. Nikki Bella, Natalya and Alexa Bliss

Naomi is out into the arena for the next match. Naomi is out first with her cool new rave inspired entrance. Carmella is out next, and she gets a pretty nice initial pop, but the crowd doesn’t seem too excited for this one. Becky Lynch is the last woman out for her team, and the crowd is definitely excited to see her.

Natalya is the first of their opponents to make her way into the arena, garnering a bit of heat on her way down the aisle. Alexa Bliss is out next and she fakes out a fan on her way down to the ring for a high five.

Eva Marie’s music hits, and the announcer runs down all of the adjectives to describe all red everything. Apparently Eva Marie is suffering from anxiety, exhaustion and stress, and will be vacationing in the British Isles. Introduced as joining Natalya and Alexa is Nikki Bella, who makes her way out to a huge pop.

Becky and Alexa look to kick things off here and Alexa starts with a quick roll up. Becky responds with a backslide, but neither get very far. Alexa catches Becky with a nasty forearm to the face. Becky escapes a pin and catches Alexa’s leg, splatting her face firsat on the mat. Naomi tags in and Bliss tags right out to Natalya. We get a lockup and Naomi clamps on a headlock before leaping off the ropes and into a roll up. Naomi catches Natalya’s neck with her feet and rubs her face into her butt. Naomi continues the assault with a split leg drop for a two count. Carmella tags in and ends up backed into the corner, eating knees to the stomach from Natalya. Carmella moonwalks away from a splash in the corner and Natalya shoves her. Natalya sends Carmella into the ropes and Carmella comes back with a flying headscissors. Natalya heads out to the floor and so does Carmella, surprising her with a running clothesline.

Carmella ends up distracted back into the ring and is powerslammed in the middle of the ring by Natalya. Nikki tags in to a big pop and she hits a snap suplex on Carmella for two. Nikki works right into a rear chin lock. Carmella fights up and out of the hold, but she’s slammed to the mat with a spinebuster. Nikki does a couple of pushups to show off before tagging in Alexa. Bliss makes her way in and ends up flipped over and eating punches to the face. Bliss keeps Carmella from making the tag and does a crazy backflip into double knees to Carmella for a near fall. Natalya tags in and goes right for the pin but she’s not able to keep Carmella down for three. Natalya causes a distraction, allowing her to push Carmella into the hostile corner. Natalya locks her into an abdominal stretch, grabbing her leg and pulling back on that as well. Carmella elbows Natalya’s leg, and breaks the hold with a hip toss. Natalya still won’t allow her to make the tag, pushing her into the corner. Carmella breaks out of the corner and sneaks through Natalya’s legs, but Natalya pulls her back. Carmella finally tags in Becky who comes in with a couple of clotheslines and a leg lariat to Natalya. Becky connects with an exploder on Natalya and Alexa before tossing Nikki in after them into the corner. Becky hits a springboard side kick on all of her opponents before connecting with a running forearm in the corner, and an exploder. A distraction from Bliss allows Natalya to get a roll up, but Becky comes right back with an enzugiri.

Becky pulls Natalya toward the corner and hits a leg drop from the top, but Nikki is in to break it up. Bliss tags into the match and slams Becky face first into the mat. Naomi makes the blind tag and surprises Bliss with a springboard cross body. Naomi hits crazy jumping kicks and a nasty roundhouse to the head. Naomi goes for the split legged moonsault but Bliss moves. Bliss tries for something from the top but lands on Naomi’s knees. Nikki tags in and tries for a belly to back suplex but Naomi lands on her feet and tags in Carmella. Carmella connects with a superkick to Nikki, then hits a sort-of Bronco buster in the corner. Things break down as everyone comes into the ring. Naomi is tossed shoulder first into the ring post. Carmella takes out Natalya and Bliss, but turns around into a giant forearm from Nikki. Nikki connects with a TKO for the three count on Carmella.

Winners: Nikki Bella, Alexa Bliss and Natalya

– Michael Cole runs down some of the recent history between Roman Reigns and Rusev, throwing it to a couple of video recaps, covering some of their run-ins over the past couple of weeks.


Maria Menounous is backstage with Rusev and Lana. Maria asks about Reigns defeating Rusev last week. Lana says it wasn’t Rusev’s fault. Rusev says he can still see Reigns’ stupid smirk. It’s not just him, it’s also the American people. Lana says Roman humiliated her, but she will not stand for it, and neither will Roman. Lana says American’s know nothing like the true long lasting love Lana and Rusev share. Tonight, Rusev says he’ll crush Reigns into dust.

– We go right into a video package showcasing the two men heading into the match to crowd the first ever WWE Universal Champion. It’s a cool package that shows the meteoric rise of Finn Balor, and his arrival on the scene to challenge Seth Rollins.

– The WWE Universal Championship is shown and it’s a big, lumpy-looking red belt that looks like the World Championship, only much, much redder. Seth Rollins is the first man to make his way out for this match, and he gets a pretty nice reaction from the Brooklyn fans.

Finn Balor is out next, and unsurprisingly he’s out in the Demon persona for this match. Balor crawls through the smoke and gets a pretty great pop at the top of the ramp.

WWE Universal Championship
Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor

The bell rings and Balor comes out with a huge dropkick right away. Balor teases the coup de grace, but Rollins bails to the floor. Balor leaps out over the top to wipe out Rollins. Back in the ring Balor attacks the leg with a low dropkick, and a couple of kicks to the back of Rollins’ leg. Balor kicks at Rollins’ leg and leaps up, driving his knee into the side of Rollins’ leg. Rollins bails to the floor and Balor heads out to the apron. Rollins sweeps Balor’s legs out from under him, suplexes him on the floor, and tosses him into the timekeeper’s area. Balor stands, jumps up to the barricade, and leaps off with a flying forearm. Balor sends things back into the ring and he’s attacked on his way back in. Rollins tries to roll up Balor, but Balor stands and dropkicks Rollins in the face. Balor ties up Rollins’ leg, and Rollins is forced to crawl toward the ropes. Balor pulls Rollins back to the center of the ring and stands on the backs of Rollins’ legs before jumping up and stomping down.

Balor heads out to the apron and Rollins is out as well. Rollins pulls Balor down from the apron in powerbomb position and launches him into the barricade. Rollins brings things back into the ring and he goes for a pin, but he’s only able to get two. Rollins kicks away at Balor in the corner before choking him with his boot. Rollins picks up Balor and lays him out across his knee with a backbreaker. Rollins clamps on a headlock, but Balor won’t stay down, fighting to his feet and out of the hold. Balor runs into Rollins in the corner, but Rollins catches him and sends him face first into the middle turnbuckle. Rollins goes for the pin but only gets two. Rollins kicks away at the side of Balor’s head. Balor responds with quick strikes, but Rollins comes right back with a chop to the chest. Rollins buries his shoulder in Balor’s midsection in the corner. Rollins palms Balor’s face, slaps him, then snap mares him over and kicks his spine.

Rollins slams Balor to the mat, hits a knee drop, and goes right back to the rear chin lock. Rollins wraps his legs around Balor and tightens the hold. Rollins abandons the submission and kicks Balor in the side of the head. Rollins stands Balor up and chops him in the chest. Balor stands and lays in with repeated forearms. Rollins charges into the corner with a big forearm before heading to the apron for the springboard flying knee. Rollins heads up to the top and leaps off with a beautiful frog splash, twisting mid-air to connect with Balor. Balor gets up to his knees and falls to an immediate short-arm clothesline. Rollins picks up Balor and drops him with another short-arm clothesline. Seth picks up Balor and slaps at his face, but Balor avoids another short-arm clothesline, countering with a DDT.

Balor stands in the corner and catches a charging Rollins with double boots. Balor hits a couple of running forearms, then takes it to Seth in the corner with a couple of huge running knife edge chops. Balor hits a low dropkick to the back of Rollins’ head that sends him out to the floor. Finn goes to the apron and hits a running kick to Rollins’ face. Balor connects with the sling blade back in the ring, then runs right into a single leg dropkick from Rollins. Rollins tries for the pedigree, but Balor fights out. Rollins connects with an enzugiri, but Balor responds with the overhead kick and both are down.

Balor picks Rollins up but Rollins counters. Balor slams Rollins to the mat, then picks him back up for a 1916. Balor heads up to the top rope and tries for the coup de grace, but Seth avoids it and traps Balor in a triangle choke. Balor tries to transition into a pin, but can’t keep it. Balor tries to escape the ring, and Rollins screams that there’s no rope break. Balor eventually falls out to the floor and recovers while Rollins jaws with the referee. Rollins heads out to the floor and picks up Balor, sending him back into the ring. Balor fights back with kicks to the back of Rollins’ leg. Rollins counters one kick by catching the leg and hitting the buckle bomb, then a superkick to a kneeling Balor, but it’s still only enough for two.

Rollins screams that this is his ring. Balor doesn’t give after a series of forearms, scoring with strikes of his own. Rollins connects with a small package driver out of nowhere for another two count!

Rollins heads up to the top rope, but Balor meets him with a kick that sends him crashing to the floor. Finn charges around the ring and hits a running dropkick that drives Rollins into the barricade. Balor sends things back into the ring and hits a double stomp from the top rope to the back of Rollins’ head, but it’s not enough for three. Balor heads back to the top and tries for the coup de grace, but Rollins avoids it and connects with the pedigree. Rollins goes for the pin, but Balor still won’t die and Rollins can’t believe it.

Rollins heads up to the top rope and stands, going for the Phoenix splash. Balor moves but Rollins lands on his feet. Balor dropkicks Rollins into the corner and heads to the top. Rollins heads up after and hits a superplex, trying to roll right into a pedigree. Balor rfights it off, dropkicks Balor head first into the turnbuckle, then back into the turnbuckle. Balor heads to the top rope and hits the coup de grace, pinning Rollins and scoring the three count.

Winner and FIRST EVER WWE Universal Champion: Finn Balor

After the match, Balor goes to the floor to grab his title from Foley and Stephanie. He brings it back in the ring to celebrate as fans pop. We get replays and come back to Balor celebrating with the title. Balor goes to ringside and greets his parents before making his exit.

– We check in with Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry Lawler and Lita. Renee talks about the first ever Universal Champion. Lawler says he wants to talk about Charlotte, the Boss’ inflated head got deflated tonight. Lita says it was Finn Balor’s night to start the legacy of the Universal title. Booker talks about AJ Styles standing toe to toe with John Cena. There’s a new face that runs the place, AJ Styles. Renee talks about a recent WWE live event where apparently Colonel Ziggler was in attendance. This leads to a pretty embarassing video package highlighting Miz dressed as a chicken feuding with Dolph Ziggler dressed like Colonel Sanders, arguing about where you can get the best chicken. It’s awful.

WWE United States Championship Match
Rusev vs. Roman Reigns

Lana is in the ring to introduce her husband for the next match. She asks the crowd to stand and put their hands on their hearts to welcome the one and true American hero. He’s the current and greatest US Champion. Her husband and the defender of her honor, Rusev. Rusev makes his way out to a bit of a non-reaction from the crowd.

Roman Reigns is out next and he gets a fair bit of heat on his way into the arena.

Rusev attacks right away, taking it right to Roman off the bat. Both men fight on the outside, trading right hands. Rusev grabs Roman and throws him chest first into the ring steps, then does it again. Rusev mounts Roman on the steps and lays into him with a series of right hands to the face. Rusev picks up the ring steps and runs them right into Reigns’ face. Rusev goes to throw Reigns into the timekeeper’s area, but Reigns reverses it and tosses Rusev in instead. Rusev climbs up on the barricade and is knocked right back down by a Superman punch. Reigns jumps into the timekeeper’s area and beats on Rusev, hitting him with repeated rights. Refs are down to break up the brawl, and Rusev teases a chair shot, but Roman blocks it. Both men continue to fight as refs pour down from the back. Reigns tosses Rusev back into the ringside area. Reigns has a chair and he blasts Rusev across the back. Reigns winds up and cracks him across the back again. Reigns is finally pulled away by the officials, but he comes right back for more with a series of head butts. Reigns continues the assault going back for more. Rusev is being looked at by the doctors while Reigns is walked up the aisle by officials.

The crowd actually starts a ‘we want Slater’ chant, then a ‘CM Punk’ chant. Rusev is tended to as Lana looks on concerned. JoJo announces that the ringside doctor has informed her that Rusev cannot compete. Rusev starts heading to the back but Reigns comes back out and spears him at ringside. We get replays and come back to Rusev down in pain. Reigns leaves again but stops to look back at the ring. We go to a break.

No Contest

– Time for your main event. They are rerunning the promo pieces.

Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton

Brock Lesnar is the first man to make his way into the arena, and the Beast gets a great pop as he walks down with his advocate, Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman has a mic and he introduces himself before introducing his fighting, massacring, client fighting out of suplex city, the Viper-slayer, Brock Lesnar.

Randy Orton is out next and he gets a nice pop from the crowd on his way out from the back, though they do seem a bit worn out from a very long event. Shane and Bryan are shown watching on one monitor backstage while Stephanie and Foley were shown earlier during Lesnar’s entrance. Orton makes his way into the ring slowly while Lesnar warms up and paces.

Orton and Lesnar go toe to toe before the bell rings. After a bit of testing each other out, Lesnar backs Orton into the corner and buries his shoulder in Orton’s midsection. Lesnar scores with knees to the stomach, and clubbing blows to the back. Lesnar tries for a German suplex, but Orton hangs on to the ropes, and fights it off with a dropkick. Orton tries for the RKO, but Lesnar tosses him aside. Lesnar connects with his first German suplex of the match, then number two. Orton pulls himself up in the corner and kicks at Lesnar’s gut. Lesnar comes back with a big kick of his own and hits suplex number three, with the crowd counting them off. Lesnar continues the assault, kneeing Orton in the gut before pulling him out for number four.

Lesnar takes Orton into the corner and continues to bury his shoulder in Randy’s gut. Lesnar then connects with number five before taking Randy into the corner. Lesnar pulls Orton up and hits number six, sending Orton out to the floor. Orton crawls away from Lesnar, but Lesnar continues to follow him. Orton fights back with forearms, but Lesnar knees Orton before lifting him over his shoulder and dropping him on top of one of the announcer’s tables. Orton falls out over the barricade into the crowd, and Lesnar brings Orton back into the ringside area with a hip toss over the barricade and through the table. Lesnar picks Orton up and brings him back into the ring, smiling and telling Orton he’s going to suplex city. Lesnar connects with the seventh German suplex of the match, then he heads out to the floor, taking apart a second announcer’s table. Lesnar lays Orton out across the Raw announce table. Lesnar stands on the table and pulls Orton up. Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere, laying Lesnar out on the table.

Orton heads back into the ring and Lesnar follows, falling victim to an immediate suspension DDT. Orton drops down to the mat and then stands back up, waiting for Lesnar. Orton connects with another RKO and goes right for the cover, but Lesnar is able to kick out at two. Orton stands and backs into the corner. Orton tees up, but runs right into an F5 from Lesnar. Lesnar pins Orton, but Orton kicks out at two.

Lesnar mounts Orton and rains down with clubbing forearms. Lesnar connects with a nasty elbow that busts Orton open and Lesnar continues to rain down with blows. Orton is bleeding badly from the top of his head. The trainer makes his way in, blotting Orton’s head, and Orton pushes the doctor away, continuing to blast Orton with right hands to the side of the head. The ref backs Lesnar away again for the doctor to check on him.

Lesnar will still not quit, continuing to assault Randy Orton. The referee eventually calls the match by TKO, and Lesnar holds his arm high while standing over Orton. Lesnar continues the assault, standing over Orton again and punching him a few more times. Shane McMahon makes his way down to the ring, but Lesnar won’t step aside to let Shane check on him. Lesnar shoulders Shane and F5’s him. Even Heyman freaks out, asking what Lesnar did.

The show ends with Lesnar strutting out of the arena while Shane recovers in the ring and Orton is attended to by doctors with a gaping wound on his head.

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