We see video packages hyping tonight’s top matches, and then we go to ringside where Josh and Pope welcome us to the show and put over the importance of the Lashley-Storm main event. From there, we go to the ring where Ethan Carter III comes out to open the show, high fiving a bunch of kids at ringside as he makes his way to center stage. He soaks in the cheers and chants of “next world champ” too, and he steps out of the ring and sits on the stairs as he talks about the bad things he’s done, his road to redemption, his winning streak, the time he campaigned to be TNA World Champion, but the one thing he has been missing is a moment of perfection. He is on a quest to be the best, and to be the best, you have to be the TNA World Title. EC3 says he is Bound For Glory, but he’s interrupted by Bobby Lashley, who comes out and mocks the chants.

He says Bound For Glory is monthds away, and also EC3 isn’t the best, Lashley is because he beat everyone up in the X Division and took their title, then beat up his good friend Drew Galloway and took his title, and EC3 is not the man to beat him. EC3 says Lashley has a point, because he is the best in the world, he’s a champion, a destroyer, and the most legit athlete in wrestling. He’s seen the force of nature Lashley has been this past year, but Lashley says he’s evolved and gotten better than everyone here, including EC3.

Now James Storm’s music hits, and the King of the Mountain Champion comes down the ramp and says they must have been drinking more than him because it’s not Bound For Glory, they’re live from Orlando. He respects EC3 for what he’s accomplished here in Impact Wrestling, and he says…something to Lashley I didn’t catch because his mic wacked out, but tonight, the fans are going to be chanting something they’ve been chanting for 14 years. Storm tells Lashley he could either kiss his ass, or come out to the floor to try and kick it. Lashley obliges, and he and Storm brawl to the back. Mike Bennett and Moose come out of the crowd and attack EC3, but Eddie Edwards runs out to make the save and chase them off. Eddie says everyone knows they have a tag match scheduled for tonight, but since they just can’t wait to start fighting, but Team EddiEC3 is ready to fight and wants to do this RIGHT NOW! EddiEC3 go after Bennett and Moose on the floor, and we go to commercial!

Eddie Edwards & Ethan Carter III vs Mike Bennett & Moose

We’re back, and Bennett is caught in the wrong corner and is getting double teamed by Edwards and EC3. Edwards gets trapped in the heel corner, and Bennett and Moose now are tagging in and out on him, but Eddie breaks free and makes the hot tag, and EC3 comes in and cleans house, hitting a pair of Stinger splashes and then giving Bennett a flapjack onto Moose. EC3 dumps Moose and Bennett to the floor, then he and Edwards take them out with stereo dives. Eddie puts Moose on top and hits a super frankensteiner for 2. EC3 drags Bennett out to the floor, but Bennett whips him into the steps, then distracts Edwards so Moose can hit the ski high. Bennett jumps into the ring and steals the pin from Moose for the win.

Winners: Miie Bennett & Moose

Moose doesn’t look too happy with what happened there, but he and Bennett are cool…for now.

The newest member of the TNA roster will make his debut after this commercial break!

Matt Hardy does a commercial for Bound For Glory, then we see a video package looking back at the night James Storm won the TNA World Title from Kurt Angle. Storm talks about how it’s been five years since he had a one on one shot at the title, and he guesses he’s not World Title material even though the fans think he is. He doesn’t know when the next time will come around, and he’s not just doing this for his family and himself, he’s doing it for the people who have believed in him since day one. Great package.

We go back to the arena to meet the newest member of the TNA roster…ARON REX! Or as you might know him, Damien Sandow. He says TNA management has done what other companies were too scared to: give him a microphone on live TV. He is not going to talk about glass ceiling and brass rings, he is going to do what he always has, and that’s come out here and tell the truth with full disclosure, and he wants his former employer to know this isn’t about them, it’s about something he cares about the most: the paying customer, the fans. Some people thought he was too entertaining to get World Title shots, but no matter what any majority shareholder, CEO, or authority figure may want the fans to believe, anyone who has ever set foot in any ring has always worked directly for the fans. The fans are going nuts chanting for him, and he says it’s time to talk about opportunity, something some people are preordained from getting over and over. The fans’ opinions are thrown out the window in those situations, but here in TNA, it’s an even playing field where people can succeed or not based on talent alone. EC3, Drew Galloway, Bobby Lashley, and some guy named Brother Nero are all doing fine when they are given the freedom to seize opportunity and realize their full potential. His way is proving it here, and it’ll not only change the landscape, it’ll change the very template of the industry, and for those who know him personally, they know he’s telling thetruth. He’s gone by many names, but his name is Aron, and Aron Rex’s new home is TNA.

Gail Kim finds Maria backstage and asks he what it’s going to be tonight, and wants to know if it’s 5-on-1. Maria tells Allie to shut up, then tells Gail it’s one-on-one tonight, and then Marti Belle comes in and hits Gail from behind with her telescoping baton.

Eddie Edwards finds Mike Bennett and Moose backstage, and asks Bennett why he’s there to screw things up every time he’s about to accomplish something good. Bennett says he brought it all on himself, and Eddie says he wants Bennett in the ring next week.

No DQ: Gail Kim vs Marti Belle

Allie sneaks down to ringside and attacks Gail from behind, putting Marti in control before the match even starts. Marti gets dos amigos and a Dominican legsweep. Maria and Allie look on smugly from ringside as Marti puts the boots to Gail, but Gail catches Marti with the crossbody in the corner. She climbs to the apron and Allie distracts Gail long enough for Marti to boot her to the floor. Marti whips Gail into the barricade, they go back into the ring and knock each other silly with simultaneous forearms. Gail mounts some offense with a series of clotheslines and a blockbuster, but seems to have hurt herself coming down. Gail goes up top for a moonsault, but Maria gets up on the apron and shoves Gail into the ring, then hands Marti’s baton to Allie and orders her to hit Gail. Allie’s not so sure, but Maria yells, “GET…IN…THAT…RING!” Allie gets in, Gail rams Allie into Marti, and small packages Marti for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

Marti attacks Gail after the match, but Jade runs in and lays Marti out. Allie runs in and shoves Jade from behind, but Jade just turns around and flattens her. Maria gets a mic and says that if Jade’s not going to play ball, then next week it’ll be Gail facing her BFF Jade.

Matt Hardy is in the car telling his beautiful thing that he is so proud of to drive him to his obsolete mule, Brother Nero. He gets out of the car and opens the driver’s side to reveal…Vanguard-1. Matt had a PREMONEESHUN that Rosemary and Decay came after his family, and he sends Vanguard-1 back to North Carolina to protect Rebecca and King Maxel with his life and make sure Decay don’t kidnap them too. Vanguard-1 flies away, and we see “GOODBYE!!!” pop on screen while looking through his rear-facing camera.

We go back to James Storm talking about growing up dirt poor and how his mom raised three boys by herself. There were a lot of emotions the night he won the TNA World Title, but most of all, he couldn’t wait to call his mom and tell her, and hearing her say she was proud of him made it all worth it, and he only wished his dad and grandma were there to say it too.

Matt Hardy comes out to the ring, and he showed last week not to doubt his broken condition because he will eat and DELETE them. He’s setting his obsolete mule on the way to win his tag title back, and Decay realized he was a threat, and he had a PREMONEESHUN that Rosemary and Decay would try and kidnap King Maxel, so he sent his wife and son back to the Hardy Estate with Vanguard-1 watching over them. He brings Brother Nero out for the Walk of Obsolete and says Brother Nero cost him the tag team title with his cycle with wheels, and tonight Brother Nero will continue his odyssey. Brother Nero wants to know why he bit a man’s face off last week, and Matt says it’s because ANTS CAN’T TOUCH GODS. Brother Nero says he can’t do this by himself, and he says the fans don’t want to see Brother Nero or Broken Matt, they want the Hardys kicking ass like they used to before he broke his leg, and before he broke Matt. Matt says they can never go back because the Hardys are OVAH! Brother Nero will do everything he says, or he will delete him FOREVAH! Tonight, Brother Nero continues his odyssey to regain his tag team title. Al Snow comes out with the Tribunal and says as the former Mayor of Crazytown, he’s really digging Matt’s new look. The Tribunal attempts to cut a promo and it doesn’t go that well, but Brother Nero wants to face them right now, so…

Brother Nero & Matt Hardy vs The Tribunal

Brother Nero starts beating the Tribunal up and we go right to commercial.

We’re back, and Al Steiner on the floor there is putting the boots to Brother Nero and then throws him in the ring where the Ascensionbunal continues working them over. Some guy is ringside with a “Jeff Hardy Is Not Obsolete” sign, but Matt hypnotizes the guy, who ripes the sign up and starts saluting Matt, who then bites Al Snow’s hand, and uses his boot to bash in the head of the no-beard Tribunal guy. Back in the ring, Brother Nero hits the Twist of Fate on beard Tribunal guy and pins him.

Winners: Brother Nero & Matt Hardy

Matt says the mule he deleted showed a little bit of passion, and Nero says if he wants to see passion and fire, here we go. Jeff gives beard guy another Twist of Fate, then a third, then gives one to no-beard guy, then a pair of Twists of Fate for Snow. Matt seems happy with what he sees, then gets even happier as Brother Nero gets a table from under the ring, sets it up, gets another table and sets that one up too, then he gets in the ring and asks Matt if he’s proud of him. Nero takes Al Snow out to the floor, gives him another Twist of Fate, and puts him on the table. Matt says, “I’m watching you, mule.” as Brother Nero goes over the ropes and puts Snow through the table. Jeff takes his shirt off and says the only person in the world who punishes him…IS him. Jeff goes up to the top rope, and throws himself through the other table with a Swanton. He does that “in way too much pain” laugh, and Matt comes out and laughs too, and Brother Nero laughs a crazy laugh and goes, “I AM BROTHER NERO, I AM BROTHER NERO!” Matt looks down on him and goes, “You…are…BROKEN!”

Bobby Lashley finds Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan backstage and says he knows they’re behind Storm with all those video packages, and Corgan says they offered him the same chance. Lashley says he does his talking in the ring, and he’ll be talking when he takes all three titles, after which he’ll have all the power.

Decay is backstage, and Rosemary says that Bram learned she is not like all the other girls, and you cannot control Decay. His destruction was a lesson to the other fools who dare challenge them, and he thinks he’ll climb the ladder of success, but he’s ascending a stairway to Hell. DECAYDECAYDECAY!

Drew Galloway comes out to the ring and says he hasn’t been here for a few weeks because he didn’t want to act on how he’s felt the last few weeks since he knew he wouldn’t be welcome back here, and he’d go straight to jail. 16 years of fighting and clawing and reaching for the brass ring before he became the World Champion, and he redefined what World Champion means because he was the first traveling World Champion since Ric Flair. But then someone stuck their nose in his rematch and cost him the match, then did it again in the second rematch, and again in the Bound For Glory Playoffs. We see the video of what happened two weeks ago, and he says there’s no way any well-meaning person could do that three times, and asks what kind of idiot EC3 thinks he is. He’s green with envy because he’s jealous of Drew Galloway and is trying to sabotage his career. He has a proposal, and if EC3 has any balls, he’ll accept. Drew deserves one match with EC3, the winner main events Bound For Glory. Drew drops the mic and walks off.

James Storm says people have told him all his life what he can’t do and he proved them all wrong. He will beat Bobby Lashley for the World Title tonight, and he’s sorry about Lashley’s damn luck.

James Storm and Bobby Lashley are backstage, and they’re…WALKING! They’ll face off for all the marbles after this commercial break!

We run down next week’s matches, and then it’s MAIN EVENT TIME!

Title For Titles: TNA World/X Division Champion Bobby Lashley vs King of the Mountain Champion James Storm

Lashley jumps Storm before the bell, but Storm immediately catches Lashley with the Last Call and makes a cover. The referee is busy getting Borash out of the ring and is late making the count, allowing Lashley to kick out at 2. Storm clotheslines Lashley to the floor and comes off the apron with a double axhandle, then rams Lashley into the barricade and unloads with right hands. Storm continues beating Lashley up around ringside for several minutes before finally rolling Lashley into the ring…and then promptly launching back out the other side of the ring. Lashley grabs Pope’s pen and tries to stab Storm with it, but Storm catches him before he can connect and lays him out yet again as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Lashley is in control, putting the boots to Storm in the ring and hammering elbows down on the top of his head. Storm tries to mount a comeback, but Lashley easily pops him up into a tilt-a-whirl powerslam for 2. Lashley with a neckbreaker for 2, then charges in with multiple shoulderblocks in the corner before popping Storm up for a delayed vertical suplex. Lashley sets up for the spear, Storm dodges out of the way, and hits a slingblade. Storm charges, gets backdropped to the apron, hits a leping enziguiri, and runs off the ropes right into a spear from Lashley for 2. Storm blocks a clothesline, hits a lungblower, hits the Eye of the Storm (KNOCKING HIS HEADBAND OFF!!!), and covers for 2. Lashley tries to block an O’Connor roll by holding onto the top turnbuckle pad and rips it off when he gets taken over, but kicks Storm off and sends him face first into the turnbuckle. Lashley hits a spinebuster and a spear, but Storm kicks out at 2! Wow. Lashley can’t believe it, so he puts his headband back on, picks Storm up, yells at a limp Storm as he picks him up, but Storm shoves him off and hits the Last Call, hits a second one, and makes a cover…but Lashley kicks out at 2. Lashley blocks another Last Call, Storm hits Closing Time, but Lashley bounces off the ropes and tears Storm in half with the spear to pick up the win.

Winner and NEW King of the Mountain Champion: Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley now has all the gold, and we barely have time for that to register before Aron Rex comes out to the top of the ramp to stare Lashley down.

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