Monday, August 29, 2016

Possible Name For The Final Deletion II

It was reported earlier this week that there are plans and content filmed for a sequel to The Final Deletion, reported to feature The Hardys and The Decay.

The report stated content was recently filmed at Matt Hardy’s home, and some of it will be used on Impact Wrestling next week. Other than that, along with speculation that the footage would build towards the ‘sequel’ at Bound For Glory in October, not much is known about plans for the angle.

While plans could always change, Jeff Hardy might have mentioned the name in a recent interview with LA Weekly last month while promoting his Gathering of the Juggalos appearance. The interviewer mentions The Final Deletion’s ‘follow-up’ in adding context, and Hardy is quoted as calling the sequel “The Final Liquidation”.

“The sequel’s gonna be called ‘The Final Liquidation.’ We have so many outrageous ideas.”

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