Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Jim Ross Blogs On Seth Rollins As A Babyface, Cesaro Being 0-2 In Best Of Seven Series

A new Jim Ross blog has been posted over at and below are some highlights.
“The four way was a good match leading into the title going to KO which I perceive as good booking as it certainly hits the reset button for WWE creatively. It also sets up an organic ‘turn’ for Seth Rollins whose in ring style is generally more of a fan favorite one than not.

Pleasantly surprised to see Sheamus go up 2-0 versus Cesaro in their Best of Seven Series but I’m interested in this presentation. The fan favorite (Cesaro) going down 2-0 puts the hero in jeopardy which is a nice foundation to continue to build the storyline.

Neville is a talent who has something special and would likely be a great addition to the Cruiserweight roster if the plans are for the smaller athletes to mean as much as they can become. I can easily see a hot, Cruiserweight division adding to RAW TV shows and live events especially if the title has clout and can build equity.”

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