Monday, August 29, 2016

Goldberg On A Possible WWE Return (Video), Fans On Brock Lesnar's Fine

- As seen below, TMZ Sports caught up with Bill Goldberg during SummerSlam Week and asked about a WWE return. Goldberg, who still trains 5 days a week, indicates that he is open to a ring return but as he's said several times over the past few weeks, the decision is not up to him.

- WWE has a new poll asking fans if Brock Lesnar should have been fined more than $500 for his attack on Randy Orton at SummerSlam. It's worth noting that they did not mention Stephanie McMahon's fine to Lesnar being for the F5 on Shane McMahon. As of this writing, 79% voted, "Yes, Lesnar's fine was paltry and he should have received a harsher punishment." The rest voted, "No, the $500 fine was fitting. Brock was just laying one of his typical beatdowns."

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