Bobby Lashley comes out to the ring and says he beats people up on a regular basis, and that’s why he’s the TNA World Champion, but he should be the X Division Champion now too. He doesn’t appreciate people coming into his world to try and call themselves wrestlers any more than he puts on a bunch of protective equipment and call himself a football player. He fights with his bare knuckles in a cage, and he wants Moose to get his goofy self out here now so they can settle this. Instead, Mike Bennett comes out with a big smile on his face, and he is tired of being screwed over because Lashley’s title should be around his waist, and he’s going to run through the Bound For Glory Playoff Series and take it because of this man right here…and out comes Moose. Lashley wants to fight Moose and Moose is ready, but Eddie Edwards runs out and attacks Moose from behind, leading to Edwards and Lashley fighting Bennett and Moose. Officials pull everyone apart, then Dixie Carter appears on the big screen and tells Eddie and Lashley to get their game faces on for the main event tonight, and if Bennett and Moose even try to get involved, they’re fired on the spot. But she’s glad Bennett is here right now, because the Bound For Glory Playoff Series starts now, and Moose is barred from ringside!

Jeff Hardy’s music hits, but Matt Hardy comes out with Reby Sky and says to stop this atrocity because an obsolete mule like Brother Nero doesn’t deserve to compete for the World Title. He is Matt’s intellectual property, but because he is such a kind man, he will allow Brother Nero to appear in front of the ants, and he decided to help him prepare for the match this past weekend in Cameron, North Carolina. We see a video of their dirt biking track, and with drones circling overhead, he tells Jeff to burn again and again and again like when he broke his leg. Jeff says he will succeed, and he gets on the dirt bike, heads up the ramp…and crashes and burns. Matt laughs an evil laugh and says he knew Jeff would fail, and now his motorcycle is BROKEN, and soon he will be too! He tells his obsolete mule to come because he has a World Title to win.

Back to Matt, who says this unfortunate event nearly crippled him, but he’ll be here to compete tonight, and he and Vanguard 1 prepared some custom entrance music for him. Reby does the Walk of Shame thing (saying obsolete, obsolete, obsolete) as Jeff (whose graphic actually says Brother Nero) walks to the ring. He’s clearly in pain as we go to commercial.

Bound For Glory Playoff Series: Brother Nero vs Mike Bennett

Bennett attacks Jeff like a man possessed, and Jeff is apparently in no condition to compete after what happened this past weekend in Cameron. He tries a Whisper In The Wind, but slips and lands on his chest. Bennett quickly goes to a Fujiwara armbar, but Jeff struggles to the ropes. Bennett quickly hits his finish and covers Jeff for the win.

Winner: Mike Bennett

Not much to this one, it was more of an angle than a match. Matt laughs as he steps into the ring, and tells the obsolete mule to get out of his ring. Brother Nero is a vessel of flesh that is pathetic and empty, and he is going to break his back. He tells Brother Nero to begone, and to bring his opponent out so he can DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!

Bound For Glory Playoff Series: Matt Hardy vs James Storm

They tie up and go to the corner where Matt lays in a few shots to Storm’s midsection, but Storm blocks a Twist of Fate attempt and takes Hardy out with a series of clotheslines and a slingblade. Storm runs Hardy over with the Boozer Cruiser as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Hardy is in control until they go to the floor and Storm dumps Hardy into the crowd, then takes him out with a dive over the guardrail. They go back to ringside and Storm rolls Matt into the ring, but Reby cracks him in the ankle with a hammer as he comes back in, and Matt quickly hits the Twist of Fate for the win.

Winner: Matt Hardy

The crowd chants for Jeff, and Matt waves them off dismissively.

Eddie Edwards is backstage and he says that he knows Mike Bennett and Moose tried to crush his dream, but he has to thank Dixie Carter for giving him another shot in a steel cage. Bennett will be fired if he tries to interfere, so tonight, he’ll be the World Champion after he gets Lashley back in the ring.

We see a video package looking at the history of Ethan Carter III as we go to commercial.

Mike Bennett is backstage saying he is two wins away from getting his hands on the TNA World Title, and he’s not going to let Dixie Carter fire him before that happens.

EC3 is at ringside saying that he is here to be the best, and he needs the World Title to prove that. They are here for the Bound For Glory Playoffs, and he’s been to the top of the mountain twice, and he’s always been left wanting, but not this time, because he is going all the way to Bound For Glory where he will become the champion. Drew Galloway comes out, and EC3 may have all the catchphrases and witty sayings, but he’s main evented every PPV since he’s been here. They’re both in the Bound For Glory Playoffs, and the only way they’d have the chance to fight will be in the finals. EC3 calls him Nostradamus if he’s predicting that finals, and he’ll be more than happy to see him there. Drew suggests giving the fans a preview right now and EC3 is on board with that, but Eli Drake comes out before they have a chance to go at it. He’s looking at a couple of dummies, and his time with Drew will come, but right now it’s him and EC3, and that’s not an insult, it’s a Fact of Life.

Bound For Glory Playoff Series: Eli Drake vs Ethan Carter III

They start off fighting over a wristlock on the mat, but Drake gets the advantage and works EC3 over on the mat. He misses a kneedrop and allows EC3 to get back in gear, but Drake quickly shuts that down with a tolt a whirl powerslam for 2. EC3 hits the TK3 for 2, Drake counters the TK3 to a flapjack for 2, reverses a crossbody to a cradle for 2, and EC3 counters Blunt Force Trauma to a sunset flip for the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

We go backstage where Matt Hardy brings his mule to talk to Vanguard-1 (the drone), and asks him to show him the man he’ll be deleting next week. It shows him a hologram of Ethan Carter III, then tells him to show him the keys to victory, and kicks the cameraman out.

Maria Kanellis is backstage with Allie saying she doesn’t want to give a State of the Knockouts address, and Allie tells her she’s the best leader of the Knockouts Division ever. Maria tells her to stop kissing her ass, but Allie says it helps her to meditate, and she shows Maria how it’s done, but Maria just walks out.

We see a commercial for Tyrus’ new business as The Fixer, then we go backstage to Bobby Lashley, who says he’s going to beat Eddie Edwards up and take his title.

We go to the ring where Allie has the entire Knockouts Division in the ring and introduces MAria Kanellis-Bennett to deliver the State of the Knockouts Division address. Allie has a question for her, and wants to know how they can all be more like her? Maria says they all just need to look deep down in their heart and beleive in her vision. Jade steps right up to Maria and wants to know why she hasn’t gotten her rematch ever since THIS BITCH screwed her? Marti gets in her face and says she screwed herself, then Gail says that as long as Maria’s in charge, neither of them are getting a rematch because her hand is still broken, then it’ll be her ankle, then her wrist, then who knows what else, but the bottom line is that Maria is scared. Maria says she may never be able to use her beautiful hand again, and Gail says it seemed fine last week, but Sienna gets in Gail’s face and says Maria is a lady and has more class in her pinky than Gail has in her entire body. Maria says Gail lost to Sienna twice and is out of the picture, and to stop being so selfish. Gail says she has respect for all the girls in the locker room except for her and Allie. If she doesn’t get a rematch, she wants a title shot, and if she has to go through the rest of the roster, that’s what she’ll do. Maria says that’s a great idea, and she’ll face all the Knockouts one by one, and if she loses even one match (for which she’ll reward handsomely), she never gets another title shot. Jade says she won’t start following rules now, and she says she’s out. Marti starts shooting her mouth off, but Jade goes after her and they brawl around ringside. Gail says she’ll do whatever it takes, and Maria says she will too. Madison lays Gail out from behind, then stands over her and says it’s nothing personal, but it’s time everyone starts looking out for themselves.

Rosemary finds Bram backstage and gets all sexy wwith him, and Bram says he needs to be the TNA World Champion, and she asks him if he wants her help tonight. He thinks about it for a second, then they start making out. Well, okay then!

Bound For Glory Playoff Series: Drew Galloway vs Bram

They brawl…and brawl…and brawl and brawl and brawl. Drew goes for the Future Shock, Bram blocks, and they brawl some more. Drew big boots Bram in the face, but Bram responds in kind and connects with a series of forearms. Drew catches Bram with one of his own and comes off the top with a clothesline, then another clothesline sends Bram to the floor. Drew whips Bram into the ring steps, then rolls him back inside and goes back to the top, but Bram follows him up and they brawl on the top rope. They both fall off the top, they trade shots again, Bram hits the implant DDT, but Drew is out at 2. Bram with an inverted chin drop for another 2. Drew pops Bram over with an overhead release suplex, but Bram hits a pop up powerbomb for 2. Bram goes to the top, but Drew hit a super Future Shock for the win.

Winner: Drew Galloway

Awesome match, these guys killed it out there!

Bobby Lashley and Eddie Edwards are backstage, and they’re…WALKING! They face off for both titles in a cage after this break!

Drew Galloway is backstage talking about the World Title when Mike Bennett comes in and tells Drew that he and EC3 better not look past him. Drew says not to be such a loose cannon because if he interferes tonight, he’ll be fired.


Title For Title Cage Match: TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley vs X Division Champion Eddie Edwards

Eddie jumps Lashley as he tried to enter the cage, diving out the door and hammering the World Champion around ringside…until Lashley pops Eddie over with a release overhead suplex. Lashley is on the offensive now, and chokes Eddie out with his boot on the concrete. They go inside where Lashley continues to dominate Eddie, press slamming him and then running him over with a clothesline as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Lashley is still beating the crap out of Eddie, and even starts grinding his face across the cage. Eddie has nothing here, every time he even starts to look like he’s rallying, Lashley just hammers him back down. Lashley plants Eddie into the mat with a spinebuster, but Eddie dodges a spear and sends Lashley crashing headfirst into the cage. Eddie dropkicks Lashley’s skull into the cage as well, then rams his head into the cage over and over before drilling him with an enziguiri. Eddie climbs the cage and Lashley tries to powerbomb him off, but Eddie counters to a Frankensteiner and hits the Boston Knee Party for 2. Eddie charges and gets suplexed, but counters another spear attempt with an elbow. He goes to the top rope, but Lashley press slams Eddie into the door and knocks it open. Eddie doesn’t go all the way out, landing on the apron and rolling onto the stairs, and Lashley spears him to the floor…and no bell rings. Okay, I guess this is pinfalls only. Lashley goes out after Eddie and throws him back into the ring, and also grabs the belt on his way back on. Eddie charges and hits another Boston Knee Party, but only gets 2 yet again. Eddie climbs the cage again, but Lashley rams into the cage to knock Eddie down, then he superduperplexes Eddie into the middle of the ring. Lashley connects with a spear, but doesn’t go for a cover. He waits for Eddie to get up and hits a second spear, and that’s all she wrote for Eddie.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Bobby Lashley

Lashley now holds both titles, and Eddie Edwards has lost it all. He helps Eddie to his feet…then shoves him into the corner and sets up for a spear. EC3 runs into the cage and attacks Lashley, but Matt Hardy runs out and attacks EC3 from behind. Drew Galloway runs out and attacks Hardy, then Mike Bennett and Moose run in, and everyone fights it out in the ring as we call it a week.

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