We’re live from Washington, DC as Renee Young welcomes us to WWE Battleground. She’s joined by Corey Graves, Booker T and Jerry Lawler. They make small talk and hype the WWE Network. We go backstage to Tom Phillips in the Social Media Lounge. He will be taking questions for Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley later tonight.

– The hosts hyped the Battleground main event, then set up a video package for the AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson vs. John Cena, Enzo Amore, and Karl Anderson (who has a hot Asian wife) match. Lawler told a joke about how Enzo’s first job was at Hooters, but he couldn’t even pronounce the name. He said Enzo asked patrons if they wanted to see a couple of haters.

– After a New Day vs. Wyatt Family video aired, the panel discussed their match and feud. They spoke about Xavier Woods’ mindset. Graves said he has known Woods for years, but what he sees from him now is fear. Lawler said this is the last time New Day has to face the Wyatts due to the brand split. Graves spoke about how it could be the downfall of the Wyatts, and he also spoke about the potential for Braun Strowman now that he’s flying solo on Raw. Booker predicted “Wyatt Day” wins and then laughed at his own joke.

– Backstage, Andrea D’Marco interviewed Zack Ryder, who spoke about being the underdog. He said his dad thinks he’s going to win, but his mom isn’t so sure. He said he likes when people doubt him and that the last time they did, he left WrestleMania as the Intercontinental Champion.

– The hosts spoke about Sasha Banks and her mystery partner. Renee said it might be Nikki Bella because she’s been at the WWE Performance Center. Booker said trust him because he’s an insider and knows “all of this stuff.” Lawler responded by saying, “Lita?”

– A Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn video package aired.

– Cesaro joined the pre-show panel on the stage and sat in Graves’s spot. He said the fans are in for a big treat, and it makes it tough for him to sit on the sideline while they blow the roof off the place. Cesaro said both men cost him the Intercontinental Title on multiple occasions. Cesaro said he came back and was on a roll and has Miz beaten, but they cost him the match “because they just fight all the time.”

Cesaro spoke about what he said after the draft. He said he said what so many people wanted to say. He said he would give anything to be in the ring and not on the mic. Young cut off his rambling to get a prediction. Cesaro picked Owens to win. Lawler also picked Owens, and Booker picked Zayn.

– Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan answered fan questions read by Tom Phillips. They were asked what they feel will be the biggest change. Bryan said he and Shane want the emphasis on the talent. Foley joked that Bryan stole his answer. Foley said he intends to give the ball to whoever is hot and let them run it.

Foley and Bryan were asked what Hall of Famer they would pick for their brand. Foley admitted it was a strange choice, but he said he would go with his mentor Terry Funk. He said Funk loves to give advice and would watch every match on the card. Bryan said Funk is a great answer. Bryan picked his own mentor, Shawn Michaels, and said he thinks he could still go.

Foley and Bryan were asked what they will do to revitalize the brand. Foley said he’s looking forward to the interactions between the talent both male and female. Foley said he wants to put the emphasis on the in-ring action. He said he knows they have to tell their stories over a three-hour period, so that can be difficult, but he thinks he can help the superstars tell those stories. Bryan spoke about how they have different things in mind and some will work and some will not, but he wouldn’t reveal those ideas here.

– The focus shifted to the Miz vs. Darren Young match. They showed footage of Bob Backlund and Young doing squats together. Young said Miz wasn’t taking things quite as seriously. Maryse was shown putting makeup on Miz’s face.

Graves said he’s pulling for Young because he wants the Intercontinental Title on Raw. Lawler and Booker both picked Miz to win.

– The hosts hyped Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton for SummerSlam, and Orton’s appearance on The Highlight Reel for Battleground.

– Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton checked in on commentary. Mauro noted that it was their swan song as a duo due to the brand split.

Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs. Tyler Breeze and Fandango

We go to the ring and out first come The Usos. Out next comes “Breezango” Tyler Breeze and Fandango. They dance and pose on the apron as The Usos look on. Fandango starts off with Jimmy Uso. Uso gets the upperhand and in comes Jey Uso for more offense and a 2 count. Breeze comes in and takes chops. Uso misses a shot as Breeze and Fandango turn it around.

More back and forth until The Usos turn it around. Jimmy Uso gets a hot tag and unloads, hitting a Samoan Drop and then the Rikishi splash in the corner on Fandango. Breeze breaks up a 2 count. Jey runs in to take him out but Fandango hits a kick. Jimmy with a superkick on Fandango. More back and forth. Fandango takes Uso up for a superplex. Uso fights him off and kicks Breeze off the apron. An electric chair by The Usos is blocked by Breeze and they get just a 2 count after a crossbody. Fandango knocks Uso off the top and in comes Breeze. More action all over the place. Breeze blocks a Samoan splash with his knees and keeps Uso held for the pin.

Winners: Fandango and Tyler Breeze

After the match, Breezango celebrates at ringside as we go to replays. We come back to The Usos looking on as Breeze and Fandango make their exit.

– More discussion from the panel before going to a video package on tonight’s main event. That’s it for the pre-show.

WWE Battleground Opener:

The show opens with a video package highlighting the main feuds heading into tonight’s show, and the Battleground theme of the show. Lots of Superstars are shown holding up their battle flags, and a good bit of time is spent on the Triple Threat WWE Championship match.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. Charlotte and Dana Brooke make their way right out to the ring for the first match of the evening, not getting much of a reaction at all on their way down the aisle.

Dana Brooke and Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks and Baylay

We go to the ring and JoJo makes the introductions as Dana Brooke is out with WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte.

Sasha Banks is out next, and she makes her way into the arena to a much warmer welcome, letting the suspense build up as to who the mystery partner will be.

Sasha stands in the ring and looks up to the entryway, smiling. The music hits, and it’s Bayley! The crowd gives a great reaction to Bayley, chanting her name loudly as she steps into the ring.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke attack right away, sending Bayley and Sasha crashing out to the floor and gloating over top of them. Charlotte tosses Bayley back into the ring and slams her head against the mat, leaving her for Dana while distracting the ref. The ref backs Charlotte and Dana away and checks in on Bayley. Bayley says she’s good to go, so the bell rings and we’re off. Charlotte kicks at Bayley’s stomach in the corner. Charlotte chops Bayley’s chest, but Bayley responds with a spinning back elbow from the middle rope. Sasha tags in and tees off on Charlotte, going on the offensive with rapid fire punches. Charlotte seats Sasha on the top rope, but Sasha comes back with a hurricanrana from the top. Charlotte and Sasha fight for positioning in the corner before Charlotte simply throws her into the corner and out of the ring.

Charlotte tosses Sasha back into the ring and goes for a quick pin, then tags right out to Dana. Dana stomps and chokes Sasha in the corner before pulling her into the middle of the ring for another near fall. Dana transitions right into a rear chin lock, wrenching back on Sasha’s neck. Sasha fights to her feet and out of the hold, sending Dana into the ropes. Dana tries to prevent Sasha from making the tag, but Sasha slaps her across the face and tags out. Bayley comes in and taks out Dana with repeated chops, a low kick and a back elbow in the corner. Bayley heads to the middle rope and Dana pulls her feet out, pulling her to the mat and slamming the back of her head on the top turnbuckle in the process. Dana grabs Bayley’s arem and wrenches back. Bayley fights out of the hold, but Dana puts her right back down to the mat, then takes her into the corner for a series of shoulders to the midsection. Bayley comes out with a roll up for two. Dana pops right back up and slams Bayley back down to the mat.

Dana chokes Bayley in the corner for a bit before Bayley charges out and both women score with clotheslines. Both make the tag and Sasha comes in with a couple of huge clotheslines to Charlotte, a big dropkick, and a knee to the face. Sasha blocks double boots in the corner and hangs Charlotte up on the middle rope before dropping her knees into Charlotte’s stomach. Sasha heads to the top and leaps off with a cross body that’s good for another two count. Sasha goes for the backstabber, but Charlotte avoids it and scores with Natural Selection instead. Bayley breaks up the pin, but is then thrown out of the ring by Dana. In the ring, Charlotte tries for the Figure Eight, but Banks transitions into the Bank statement. Charlotte is pulled to safety by Dana. Charlotte wipes out Bayley on the floor, then heads back into the ring right into a backstabber into the Bank statement. Charlotte is forced to tap out.

Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley

After the match, Bayley rushes in the ring to celebrate with Sasha. We get replays and come back to the babyfaces looking down at the heels from the ring. Sasha and Bayley hug to end it.

– After a brief commercial break, Cole turns his attention to The Wyatt Family vs. The New Day, recapping their recent feud (including the showdown at the Wyatt compound) before throwing it to a video package highlighting some of that recent history heading into tonight’s match.

The New Day vs. The Wyatt Family

Big E tells DC not to dare to be sour, and start their clapping for the Tag Team Champions, and feel the power! New Day make their way out to a great reaction from the DC fans. Woods is still a bit reserved. Woods says as of this past Wednesday, New Day are the longest reigning WWE World Tag Team Champions of all time (just ignore Demolition). Big E says New Day was drafted to Raw, and they were drafted together baby! Kofi says they’ve got to get serious, because the WWE Draft split the Wyatt family up like a Taylor Swift relationship. Woods says honestly, since this is the last time the Wyatt’s will be together, they’ll be more dangerous than ever. But Big E says like Bonecrusher on April 8, 2003, they ain’t never scared.

New Day’s celebration is cut short as the lights go out and The Wyatt Family make their way out into an arena filled with fireflies.

Bray speaks into Harper and Rowan’s ears, sending them toward the ring while he paces around. It looks like Big E and Braun Strowman will kick things off for their respective teams. Woods actually tags himself in, and so does Bray. Kofi gets tired of Woods standing still, tagging himself in and dropkicking Wyatt into the corner. Woods actually needs to be prompted out of the ring. Strowman comes back into the ring and takes out Kofi with a huge boot to the face before splashing him in the corner. Strowman grabs Kofi from behind and holds him while letting Rowan get in a clean shot to the gut. Rowan picks up Kofi and slams him down to the mat for a near fall before working right into a rear chin lock, them raining down elbows on the top of Kofi’s head before going right back into the hold. Rowan continues to switch it up, pressing his fists into the side of Kofi’s head. Kofi fights up to his feet and out of the hold, but runs right into a clothesline from Rowan.

Bray tags in and takes the fight right to Kofi, scoring with a big right hand. Bray picks up Kofi and slams him back down to the mat before connecting with a running senton for two. Bray clamps on a rear chin lock of his own. Kofi fights up to his feet again, getting out of the hold with a chinbreaker. Kofi tries for the tag, but runs right into a giant clothesline from Bray. Bray stares at Woods, causing Woods to step to the floor and freeze in terror.

Strowman tags in again and drives his knee into Kofi’s throat in the corner before tagging out to Rowan. Rowan stomps at Kofi in the corner, then tags out to Bray who sends Kofi into the corner. Bray charges in, running right into boots from Kofi. Bray staggers back, then charges, but is side-stepped by Kofi and sent out to the floor.

Both men make the tag and Big E hits a series of clotheslines on Rowan before hitting a belly to belly suplex and following it up with a big splash. Rowan catches Big E with a roll up, but Big E pops right up and launches Rowan with a belly to belly suplex. Strowman pops Big E with a cheap shot and that allows Rowan to score with a weird looking spinebuster type move. Strowman launches himself into Kofi in the corner but Kofi moves and Strowman’s momentum carries him out of the ring. Kofi leaps over the top and takes out Strowman on the floor. Big E tries for the Big Ending on Rowan, but Rowan fights him off. Kofi tries for Trouble in Paradise, but Bray counters into Sister Abigail. Woods pulls Kofi out of Bray’s grip. Woods and Bray stare each other down. Kofi leaps off the top rope into a right hand from Bray. Bray sends Kofi out of the ring and Woods flips, attacking Bray and bringing the fight to him, puching and kicking him around the ring before taking him out with a nice top rope splash. Woods is a house of fire, knocking Rowan off the apron and fighting with Strowman long enough to set up the through the ropes spear from Big E. Woods turns around and is stopped cold by Bray’s spider walk before being put down with a Sister Abigail. Bray gets the three count, and this one’s over.

Winners: The Wyatt

After the match, Greg Hamilton announces the winners as The Wyatts stand tall in the ring. Woods rolls to the floor. We get replays and come back to The Wyatt Family posing in the middle of the ring.

United States Championship
Rusev vs. Zack Ryder

We come back and go to the ring and Lana has a mic. She asks everyone to stand and welcome the only man that can have her. Out comes WWE United States Champion Rusev. Zack Ryder is out next in red, white and blue.

Rusev takes Ryder down to the mat a couple of times in quick succession before clamping on a front face lock. Rusev grinds Ryder into the mat before picking him up and driving him back into the corner. Ryder fights his way out with repeated forearms, but Rusev responds with a blow of his own, sending Ryder out of the ring. Rusev chases Ryder around the ring until Ryder heads back in and scores with a dropkick between the ropes and out to the floor. Both men head back into the ring and Ryder goes for a dropkick from the middle rope, but Rusev avoids it and connects with a vicious kick to Ryder’s back. Rusev mounts Ryder and hits him with repeated right hands before hitting the ropes and flying off with a spinning heel kick that’s good for two.

Rusev clamps on a bear hug from behind on a seated Ryder. Ryder fights up to his feet and out of the hold, then avoids a charging Rusev in the corner. Ryder launches himself into the corner with a flying forearm before fights Rusev back across the ring. Ryder beats on Rusev in the corner before trying for the Broski boot. Rusev catches Ryder’s boot and drops him with a knee to the gut. Rusev picks Ryder up for a suplex, but Ryder counters into a neckbreaker out of nowhere.

Ryder hits the Broski boot, then goes for the pin, getting a two count. Rusev rolls right out of the ring and Ryder follows, getting stunned, then suplexed on top of the barricade for his troubles. Rusev breaks the count, then charges in, aiming for Ryder’s head against the barricade. Ryder avoids Rusev, causing Rusev to crash into the barricade. Ryder stands on the barricade, then leaps off with a huge dropkick to take out Rusev. Rusev actually recovers first, sending Ryder into the ring. Ryder hits the Rough Ryder out of nowhere, then heads to the top rope for a huge elbow drop. Rusev gets his knees up into Ryder’s elbow, and Rusev blasts Ryder with a kick to the back of the head. Rusev stomps down on Ryder’s back, then locks in the Accolade. The crowd is pleading for Ryder to hang on. Ryder gets to his knees, but Rusev falls back and keeps the hold applied, putting even more pressure on, and forcing Ryder to tap out.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Rusev

Rusev continues the assault after the bell while Cole notes that the belt will stay on Raw, and this assault on Ryder is a show of dominance over the Smackdown roster. Rusev is interrupted by Mojo Rawley, who runs out from the back and stares down Rusev, screaming at him the whole time. Rusev actually backs out of the ring and Mojo goes to check in on Ryder.


Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon are shown talking together backstage. Seth Rollins comes in and says this is the biggest night in WWE history. Foley says tonight Rollins will bring the belt back to Raw. Stephanie says tonight will prove why it was good to pick him at #1. Rollins says he doesn’t need to prove anything. Foley says he’s surprised Rollins is so confident. Rollins asks if Foley has met him. He says Roman Reigns is coming back, but nothing to worry about. Dean Ambrose, much of the same. Rollins says when he beats both of his former teammates, the world will sing praises. Rollins feels like in 9 months or so, there’s going to be a boom of babies named Rollins.

– We get a video for tonight’s match to end the Owens vs. Zayn feud.

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

Sami Zayn is the first man out to the ring, and Zayn gets a great reaction from the DC fans, who have been one of the better PPV crowds in recent memory so far.

Kevin Owens is out next, and Owens also gets a very warm welcome from the audience.

Zayn goes for the helluva kick right away but Owens bails out to the floor. Sami takes the fight to the floor until he’s thrown into the barricade by Owens. Zayn responds by whipping Owens into the barricade in turn, then doing it a second time and finishing off with a clothesline. Zayn tosses Owens back into the ring and buries his shoulder in Owens’ gut before flipping back into the ring, leap frogging over Owens, and scoring with a back kick to the face. Owens gets back to his feet and both men trade blows. Sami goes to run the ropes and Owens pushes his foot out from under him and crotches him on the top rope. Owens hits the cannonball in the corner, but it’s not enough for the three count. Owens tattoos Zayn’s back with stiff kicks before picking him up and chopping his chest. Owens chops Sami in the corner so hard, Sami simply falls over. Owens goes for the pin, but still can only get two. Owens rips at Sami’s face before dropping elbows across the bridge of his nose. Owens stands on Sami’s fingers and taunts the crowd while they sing ‘Ole’.

Sami tries to fight back, attempting to reverse a suplex, but he’s suplexed into the ropes instead. Owens kicks Sami in the back, then follows with a senton that’s good for another near fall. Owens takes Sami over with a snap mare before clamping on a rear chin lock. Zayn attempts to fight out of the hold, but Owens is right there to pull him down to the mat. Owens is the most fun in-match talker of all time, telling the ref that indeed, Sami does quit, and that this is how it’s done. Sami is able to make it up to his feet and he stops Kevin Owens out of nowhere with a huge clothesline. Owens recovers and charges at Sami, running right into a Michinoku driver for two. Owens rolls out of the ring. Sami looks to go for a dive, but Owens pulls him out to the floor. Owens tries for the powerbomb on the apron, but Sami grabs the ropes and stands on the apron. Sami goes for an old El Generico rope flipping splash to the floor, but he mistimes it and lands badly on the apron. Owens attacks the arm, slamming it into the ring post and bringing things back into the ring. Amazingly, Zayn is able to get Owens up out of nowhere for the Blue Thunder Bomb, planting Owens on the mat. Sami heads to the top rope but Owens stops him. Owens attempts a superplex, but Zayn fights him off. Zayn and Owens trade shots while standing on the middle rope until Owens falls back into the ring. Sami leaps over Owens and runs right into a superkick for another two count.

Owens rolls right into the crossface, pulling back and wrenching at Sami’s neck. Zayn is able to get a foot on the rope to break the hold. Owens charges Zayn in the corner, hitting a running clothesline, then a second. Owens waits for Zayn to stand, but he walks right into an exploder into the corner from Sami. Sami goes for the helluva kick, but Owens rolls out of the ring again. Zayn heads up to the top rope and Owens leaps up to the apron, pulling Zayn down on his shoulders. Zayn fights out of the move, landing on his feet and hitting an amazing brainbuster on the ring apron!

Both men make it back into the ring, Owens just barely, and both spend some time recovering on the mat. Zayn stands first, cranking back and hitting Owens with a big right. Owens fights right back, and both men continue to punch away. Sami beats Owens down to the mat and out of the ring. Zayn heads out to the floor, backs away and goes for the through the ropes tornado DDT. Sami makes it halfway through the ropes before he’s stopped by a superkick to the face. Owens hits a cannonball on Sami while he’s still laid across the bottom rope in the corner. Owens heads to the top and hits the frog splash, but Sami will not stay down for three.

Owens sends Sami into the ropes, but Sami stops, grabs Owens’ hand, and walks up the ropes for a tornado DDT. Zayn counters the pop-up powerbomb, and scores with two half nelson suplexes in quick succession. The fans are on their feet! Sami charges into the corner, but he runs right into a pop-up powerbomb. Owens goes for the pin, but Sami is able to get his foot on the rope!

Owens grabs Sami’s face and screams at him to stay down. Zayn slaps him. Owens chops Zayn, Zayn calls for more. Owens charges in and Zayn hits an exploder into the corner, a half nelson suplex, and the helluva kick. The crowd is going absolutely nuts as Owens stays frozen, held up by Sami. Sami sets Owens up in the corner once more and scores with another helluva kick, going for the pin, and getting the three count.

Winner: Sami Zayn

After the match, the music hits as Sami stands tall. Fans sing his theme song. We go to replays and come back to Sami taking it all in.

– We check in with the pre-show panel, consisting of Rene Young, Cory Graves, Booker T, and Jerry Lawler. Renee says everyone is on their feet after the last match. Graves says if betrayal leads to that, he hopes everyone in the locker room stabs their friends in the back. Graves also calls out Bayley’s debut as a good moment too. Lawler says the night has been great so far, but don’t forget what’s to come in the main event when the former Shield face off. Booker talks about Zack Ryder falling just short against Rusev. Renee recaps the pre-show match really quickly, and we get highlights from Breezango going over the Uso’s in the opening match of the evening.

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya

Becky goes right after Natalya right away, fighting her into the ropes where Natalya forces a break. Becky continues the assault, taking Natalya to the mat and continuing to dog her around the ring. Natalya bails to the floor to catch her breath before coming back into the ring and laying out Becky with a big forearm. Becky comes back with an arm drag and dropkick that send Natalya fleeing back out to the floor. Natalya turns her back on Becky and is taken out with a baseball slide before Becky leaps to the floor to take out Natalya. Becky gets frustrated as Natalya continues to run. Natalya catches Becky’s leg and traps it in the ring apron, getting in a couple of cheap shots before sending her crashing into the ring steps. Natalya brings things back into the ring and continues to work over the knee, wrenching at it before stomping away in the corner.

Natalya clamps on a submission on the leg, wrenching away before slamming Becky’s knee into the canvas. Natalya stands on the back of Becky’s leg before sneaking in another quick stomp. Natalya grabs Becky’s legs and pulls her back to the middle of the ring before wrenching back again and torquing Becky’s knee. Natalya gloats while Becky writhes in pain, grabbing at her knee. Natalya grabs Becky’s leg and slams it back down against the mat. Natalya continues to work over Becky’s legs while screaming how her cat is better than Becky. Becky is able to fight out of the hold with a flurry of right hands. Becky tries for the Disarmer, but Natalya fights out of it. Becky scores with an enzugiri, but struggles back up to her feet. Becky catches Natalya with a back elbow, a couple of clotheslines, and another back elbow before hitting a running forearm in the corner. Becky slaps the taste out of Natalya’s mouth before launching her with an exploder suplex that’s good for two. Becky walks into a back elbow in the corner, but she blocks a clothesline. Becky tries for the Disarmer again, but Natalya counters into the Sharpshooter, Becky counters back, but it all ends when Natalya sits back in the Sharpshooter. Becky is able to make it to the ropes to force a break. She heads to the top and takes out Natalya with a missile dropkick from the top, but it’s only enough for a two count.

Natalya comes right back, knocking Becky down and locking in the Sharpshooter once more. Becky struggles for the ropes again, but Natalya drags her into the center of the ring. Becky is forced to tap out.

Winner: Natalya


Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon hype up Dean Ambrose, talking him up before his match tonight, saying he’s got more heart than either of his opponents tonight. Ambrose thinks maybe it’s the jacket or the tanktop. Shane says Ambrose wants it more, and that’s why he’s walking out WWE Champion tonight. Bryan says he fought a ton of wars with the Shield, and they never worried about Reigns or Rollins, they worried about Ambrose because he wouldn’t stop coming. Bryan says Ambrose is the best, and that’s why he was drafted #1. Ambrose says tonight he proves something to himself. The Shield goes to war. There will be no question unanswered. He’s the WWE Champion, and that’s how it’s going to stay.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
The Miz vs. Darren Young

Darren Young makes his way out into the arena, accompanied by Bob Backlund. Young doesn’t get the best reaction ever, but I can at least see a couple of people in the crowd clapping for him.

The Miz is out next, and of course he’s accompanied by his wife Maryse. Miz and Maryse are wearing some bizarre Eyes Wide Shut style masks on their way down the aisle. It’s a pretty weird fashion choice on the part of a man who’s made many weird fashion choices in the past.

The bell rings and Miz avoids Young all around the ring, making his way into the ropes. We get a lockup and Young takes over Miz, picking him up and taking him right back down to the mat again with a chinlock. Miz fights out of it, but Young takes him down with a rollup. Young won’t let up, locking in a side headlock. Miz backs him into the corner, forcing a break. Backlund gives Young a bit of advice before Young turns back. Miz kicks Young in the gut and takes him out with a shoulderblock. Young blocks another kick and takes Miz over with another takedown into a front facelock. Miz fights up and out of the hold, clamping on a headlock of his own. Young fights out, but falls to a shoulder tackle from Miz. Young pops right back up and comes up with a big elbow to Miz’s face before hitting a spinning neckbreaker for two. Young continues the attack in the corner, chopping Miz and hitting a boot to the face. Young goes to the top, but he’s distracted by Maryse, and Miz shoves him out to the floor.

Miz heads out to the floor and shoves Young back first into the ring apron. Miz brings things into the ring, going for the quick pin, then working over into a rear chin lock. Young fights back up, but Miz knees him in the gut and takes him back to the mat. Miz talks smack to Backlund. Young tries to pin Miz, but Miz kicks out and keeps the hold applied. Young fights up, getting out with fists to Miz’s side. Miz and Young fight for positioning for a backslide. Miz almost gets Young down to the mat, but Young fights back, countering and back sliding Miz to the mat for two. Miz gets out of the pin and kicks Young in the face right away before stomping at him in the corner.

Miz charges into the corner and runs right into a giant clothesline from Young. Young stands, blocks a couple of Miz’s punches, and scores with some right hands of his own. Young hits some clotheslines before launching Miz across the ring with a belly to belly suplex. Young picks up Miz and drops him on the ring apron with a belly to back suplex. Young goes for the pin back in the ring, but he can’t get three. Backlund tells him to go for the crossface chicken wing. Miz fights it off, running Young into the ropes throat first to get him to break the hold. Miz goes to leave, but he’s stopped cold by Backlund, who stands waiting for him to leave. On the floor, Maryse slugs Backlund, and Backlund freaks out. Maryse calls Miz out, telling him that Backlund hit her. Miz shoves Backlund down, so Young charges in from behind and locks in the cross-face chicken wing. The ref calls for the bell and another official comes down from the back to help break things up. Backlund is still attempting to take off his shirt while keeping his suspenders down, and it looks like he may have lost a tooth. Young keeps staring at his hands on his way toward the back.

Double Count Out

– It’s time for another video package, this time covering the history between AJ Styles and John Cena, and the inclusion of The Club and Enzo in Cass in their subsequent feud.

Six Man Tag Team Match
John Cena, Enzo and Cass vs. AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows

John Cena is the first man to make his way out to the ring for the next match, and thankfully the fans are out in full force, singing ‘John Cena sucks’ in time with his theme music.

Enzo and Big Cass are out next, Enzo lets the crowd know his name, and that he’s a certified G, and a bona fide stud, and how you can’t teach that. He also introduces Big Cass, pointing out his height, and saying that’s also something unable to be taught. He calls them the realest guys in the room, and asks the crowd how they’re doing. Enzo soaks in the cheers in the middle of the ring before doing his weird rooster dance. Enzo says right here, you’re looking at the Mount Rushmore of certified G’s. But Enzo is a little smarter than your average bear. There’s only three of them, but they’ve got John Cena, therefore, that makes them 4G, they’re well connected, how you doin’? As for the Club, they’re like a teenage girl in the Scream trilogy, we all know they’re going to make a bad deicision, and that starts when they head down the aisle and get into the ring. He’s going to give them some advice. Don’t eat yellow snow, don’t pee into the wind, lie on your resume, don’t wear crocs, ever, never make eye contact while eating a banana. Enzo’s last piece of advice is not to step into the ring with these three unless they’ve got a great dental plan, because they’re going to knock their teeth down their throat, and beat the crap out of them. And when they’re picking up their teeth, he’ll bend over and tell them they can’t Washington DC him. Enzo says when this match is over the Club better have a good dentist and therapist. Enzo dabs in the middle of the ring to a huge pop. Cass says AJ Styles has his soccer mom haircut, keep on doing soccer mom things, get your mini van, pick up the boys, load them into the mini van, maybe pack a lunch. Then drive them to Monday Night Raw, because that’s where him and Zo will be, waiting to throw them a beating. Then he’ll need to head to Smackdown thinking about that one time in Washington DC where Big Cass, Enzo Amore and John Cena proved that there’s only one word to describe the Club, S-A-W-F-T, SAWFT!

The Club is out next, and the crowd seems excited to see them, but they almost seem like they’re coming down after that last promo like they came down after Zayn/Owens.

It looks like Enzo and Anderson will be kicking things off for their respective teams, but AJ Styles tags in with a too sweet. Styles goes behind Enzo and pushes him away, taunting him. We get a lockup and AJ tosses Enzo aside while soaking in a soccer mom chant. Styles walks right into a headlock from Enzo. Styles pushes him off, leap frogs Amore, and hits him with a big dropkick that sends him into the corner. Big Cass tags in and so does Anderson. Anderson kicks Cass in the gut an goes for a couple of quick right hands, but then runs into a shoulder tackle from Cass. Cass takes Anderson into his corner, and tags Enzo in. Cass catches Enzo and throws him into Gallows, who’s sneaking into the ring, then he does the same into Anderson. Both members of the Club head out to the floor and Cass tosses Enzo out on top of Anderson and Gallows. AJ tries to attack Cass from behind, but Cass tosses him out on top of Enzo, Anderson and Gallows. Back in the ring, Cass slams Anderson to the mat, then tags in Enzo and slams him on top of Anderson. Anderson goes for the pin but only gets two. Anderson scores with a vicious right hand and some nasty stomps to the back.

Gallows tags in and lets Enzo pull himself up to his feet. Gallows holds Enzo up for a beautiful vertical suplex that puts Enzo down for two. Anderson rears back and punches Enzo in the face before tagging AJ back into the match. Enzo fights back with wild rights and lefts, but AJ backs him right back into the corner and tags out to Anderson. Anderson hits a nice straight boot to the side of Enzo’s face in the corner, which is good for a two count. Anderson transitions right into a rear chin lock, wearing Enzo down further.

Enzo breaks the hold with a chinbreaker, but Anderson catches Enzo before he can make the tag and hits a backbreaker that sends him to the floor. AJ tags in and heads out to the floor, launching Enzo into the barricade. Back in the ring, AJ goes to work on Enzo in the corner, but when he charges in, Enzo back body drops him out to the floor. Anderson made a blind tag so he’s the legal man and he stops Enzo from getting into the ring. Enzo avoids a charging Gallows, sending him into the ring post, but when Enzo gets back into the ring, Anderson launches him with a big body check. Gallows goes for a splash, but Enzo moves and both men make the tag. Cena hits Styles with two shoulder tackles, a belly to back suplex, and the five knuckle shuffle. Cena shoulders AJ and goes for the AA, but AJ lands on his feet and goes right for the Pele kick.

Styles knocks Enzo from the apron and Enzo is in with a tornado DDT on AJ. Anderson takes out Enzo with a spinebuster. Cass takes out Anderson with a fallaway slam. Gallows takes out Cass with a sit out chokebomb. Enzo leaps from the top rope and Gallows ducks, Enzo connects with Cena, but Cena rolls through and launches Enzo into Gallows. Things break down quickly as Cena hits the AA, the pin is broken up by Anderson who then spinebuster’s Cena into the announcer’s table, only to turn around into a leaping DDT from Enzo.

Cena makes it back into the ring just before the 10 count. Styles picks up Cena and goes for the Styles Clash, connecting. Cass breaks up the pin, yanking Styles out of the ring and hitting a giant big boot. Gallows attacks Cass and sends him into the ring. Cass tries for the fall away slam, but Anderson attacks from behind, kneeing Cass in the back. The Club connect with their finisher, dropping Cass with the assisted spinning suplex. Enzo gets into the ring and squares off with Anderson and Gallows. Anderson charges and Enzo side-steps him, sending him shoulder first into the ring post and out to the floor. Enzo and Gallows square off. Enzo ducks a clothesline but then runs right into a big kick to the face. Gallows waits for Cena to stand and charges into the corner but Cena moves out of the way. Styles heads to the top and Cena hits the ropes, crotching him, before clotheslining Gallows out of the ring. Cena goes up to the middle rope after AJ, shouldering Styles. Styles fights Cena off, but Cena won’t give up, standing back up and hitting the AA from the middle rope. Cena goes for the pin, and gets the three count for his team.

Winners: John Cena, Enzo and Cass

Jericho’s Highlight Reel with Randy Orton:

After a brief commercial, we’re back in the arena and Chris Jericho makes his way out from the back for a PPV edition of the Highlight Reel.

Jericho tells the crowd to be quiet, repeating the word over and over again. He wants to tell the crowd that this is the biggest Highlight Reel in WWE history, because his guest tonight is returning after being gone for 9 months with a shoulder injury. He’s returning and at SummerSlam, he’s going to take on the Beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar. Jericho’s guest on the Highlight Reel, Randy Orton. The returning Orton gets a pop, but it’s not nearly what I would have expected from a crowd that’s been very hot most of the evening.

The crowd seems a good bit more excited once Orton’s music dies down, and they get a nice ‘Randy’ chant going. Orton says for 9 months he’s been at home, enjoying every second with his wife and children, but he realized something on his way down to the ring. Something was missing, and it was this. It was the fans. Orton says DC has him in such a good mood that he doesn’t mind having to share the ring with ‘this guy’, pointing at Jericho. Jericho says that’s all he’s got to say and the fans are going to chant RKO? Instead of insulting him, he should be thanking him. Making his return on the Highlight Reel with the Greatest of All Time, just being in the ring with Jericho brings Orton to the next level. Orton says he might be in a good mood now, but Orton might just be tempted to drop Jericho’s ass. Jericho says with an RKO outta nowhere? Hashtag outta nowhere. Jericho might hit Orton with a codebreaker outta nowhere. Jericho fills in Orton on the last couple of months, the brand split, Orton’s on Smackdown with Daniel Bryan. Jericho talks about how he’s on Raw with Mick Foley and one of his favorite people, Stephanie McMahon. And the WWE Champion is a barbarian that stuck 69 tacks in Jericho’s flesh. But this isn’t about him, it’s about Randy returning to the WWE after 9 months, and he wants to give him a present that’s going to help him against Brock Lesnar, and make him a better performer. Jericho’s going to give Orton the gift of Jericho. Jericho tells Orton to drink it in, posing in the middle of the ring for Randy. Orton says he thought for a split second he wasn’t on the Highlight Reel, but that he was on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Jericho tells Orton not to worry about his hair. He says unfortunately Brock Lesnar is the most destructive force of nature in WWE history, and he’s coming for Orton. And Jericho wants to remind Orton of what Lesnar is like, so he plays a video clip of Lesnar talking about wanting to cause chaos, and showing the path of destruction that he’s cut through the WWE over the past few years.

Jericho says it’s interesting that even though they started around the same time, but haven’t matched up. He implies that Orton is scared, then asks why he would make the dumb decision to face Lesnar. Orton says he knew that when he came back, he had to make a statement and the best way to do that would be by facing Brock Lesnar. How much impact would his return have had if he came back and faced Fandango. Jericho says Orton’s cute. He doesn’t like Orton, but he’ll be man enough to be honest. Jericho says at SummerSlam, Lesnar’s going to kick Orton’s ass. He’s going to bounce him like a ball and take him to suplex city. Orton says he knows, he knows he’s going to be suplexed over and over and over again. Orton says it only takes one RKO to get to Viperville, no enhancement needed.

Jericho says something tells him Randy will pay for that comment. Orton stalks around the ring while Jericho continues to talk. Jericho says he knows Brock and wants to pass along a couple of messages. Since Brock knows Randy has been avoiding him for 15 years, he’s a coward. He’s going to rip off Orton’s arm, tear it up, and eat it. He also says that Orton’s a stupid idiot, Brock’s words, not his. Jericho asks if that makes Orton mad. He asks if Orton will give him an RKO now, or how about now? Jericho says he won’t do a damn thing. Jericho tells Orton to worry about Lesnar, and stay out of his business. Orton turns Jericho around and laughs at Jericho being scared. Orton is doubled over laughing, but he pops up with an RKO out of nowhere, sending Jericho crashing to the mat and out of the ring to a big pop from the crowd.

His music hits and Orton hits the turnbuckles to pose for fans.

– It’s time for the main event of the evening as Cole, Byron and JBL turn their attention to the WWE Championship match. We get a brief history of the Shield, coming into the WWE, forcing their way to the top of the show, and their subsequent split and their journeys within the main event scene as singles competitors, leading to the match set to begin shortly.

– The entire roster are backstage watching from their brand specific locker rooms. Back in the arena, Mick Foley makes his way down to the ring, getting a nice pop from the crowd. Stephanie McMahon is out next to a chorus of boos, telling the crowd to bring it on. Shane McMahon dances his way into the arena and heads straight over to the seats set up in front of the announcer’s tables. Daniel Bryan is the last of the ringside guests to make his way out, and the crowd still absolutely adores Bryan, showering him in ‘Yes’ chants on his way to his chair.

WWE Championship
Triple Threat Match
Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose

Seth Rollins is the first of the competitors to make his way out to the ring, and the former architect of the Shiel gets a nice pop from the crowd, and a standing ovation from Foley and Stephanie, on his way down the aisle.

Roman Reigns is out next, and the booing began before his music even started. Reigns comes out and is completely bathed in more boos than Stephanie McMahon when she came out.

Dean Ambrose is the last man to come to the ring, and the Champion gets a very warm welcome from the fans in attendance. Jojo will be performing the formal ring introductions tonight, and then we’ll be ready to kick off one of the most highly anticipated matches in recent memory.

The bell rings and all three men stare each other down. Lots of ‘Roman sucks’ chants. Rollins puts his fist out, asking for old time’s sake. Reigns doesn’t take too kindly to that, shoulder tackling Rollins and sending him to the floor. Reigns follows and Rollins runs, heading back into the ring where he’s clotheslined back to the outside by Ambrose. Reigns sends Rollins into the barricade, then sends him back into the ring, and over the top rope out to the floor once more. Ambrose rolls up Roman for a quick near fall, then smiles and shruge. Roman pushes Ambrose into the ropes and hits a shoulder block. Ambrose comes back with a high knee to the face. Rollins re-enters the ring only to be clotheslined back to the outside by Ambrose.

Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds but Reigns fights it off. Reigns and Ambrose trade right hands and Ambrose launches himself off the ropes with a splash, but Roman stays planted and Ambrose bounces off. Rollins is in out of nowhere and he attacks Ambrose. Rollins turns to Reigns and leaps off the middle rope, but Reigns catches and shoulders Rollins. Rollins is sent to the outside and Ambrose and Roman square off, fighting for positioning in the corner and trading right hands. Rollins comes in and pulls Ambrose off before planting him with a backbreaker. Rollins hits the ropes and plants the back of Roman’s head on the canvas, sending him out to the floor. Rollins tries to pin Ambrose, but can’t keep him down for three. Rollins grinds his forearm against Ambrose’s face before sending him into the corner hard. Rollins picks Ambrose up and hits him with a couple of big right hands in the corner. Rollins charges in with a running forearm, then rips at Ambrose’s face. Ambrose tries to come back across the ring, and Rollins hits the STO into the corner. Reigns hits the drive by on Rollins, pulling him to the outside and sending him crashing into the apron and barricade. Ambrose leaps on top of Reigns from the top rope and Rollins takes advantage, picking up Ambrose and sending him into the ring steps and barricade. Rollins sends Roman into the barricade in front of the timekeeper’s area. Rollins charges in, but Roman counters with a back body drop into the timekeeper’s area.

Roman heads into the timekeeper’s area to keep up the assault. Ambrose is standing on the middle announcer’s table, running across two just so he can leap on both of his opponents. Ambrose brings Reigns back into the ring and hits a missile dropkick, running forearm and bulldog in quick succession. Ambrose heads to the top and hits the flying elbow but Roman kicks out at two. Rollins hits a frog splash on Ambrose out of nowhere, but it’s only enough for two. Rollins waits for Reigns to stand and he tries for the pedigree, but Reigns fights it off. Rollins tries to counter into a rollup, but Roman pulls him up. Roman drops Rollins with a couple of right hands, and a clothesline in the corner. Ambrose charges into a clothesline from Roman as well before Roman slams Rollins to the match. Reigns hits Ambrose with the Superman punch, then hits a springboarding Rollins with another Superman punch. Roman tries for the spear, but Seth and Dean both kick Roman in the shoulders. Rollins knocks Ambrose aside, then gets clocked by Reigns. Ambrose hits Reigns with a huge clothesline and all three men are down.

All three men trade punches with Roman getting a momentary advantage before being double teamed by Rollins and Ambrose. Rollins and Ambrose go for a double team powerbomb, but Reigns fights it off. Ambrose knocks Reigns out to the floor before jumping out after with with a suicide dive through the ropes. Rollins leaps over the top rope with a somersaulting dive to wipe out Roman once more. Ambrose and Rollins look at each other for a moment before taking apart the Spanish announcer’s table to a huge pop. Ambrose hoists Reigns up on Rollins shoulders and assists in pushing Roman down to the floor through the table. Rollins comes up with a chair and uses it to crack Ambrose across the back. Ambrose stands over Roman and rears back, bringing the chair crashing down across his back. Rollins sends Ambrose back into the ring and goes for the pedigree, but he can’t connect. Ambrose tries for the buckle bomb, but Ambrose counters with a hurricanrana into the corner.

Ambrose heads to the top but Rollins leaps up to counter with a superplex floated over into a falcon arrow, but Ambrose still kicks out at two. Rollins kicks Ambrose in the gut and tries for the pedigree again, but Ambrose counters with a slingshot into the corner. Rollins lands on his feet and goes to the top, but Ambrose stops him. Reigns is up and he grabs Ambrose out of nowhere, powerbombing him to the mat. Reigns stops Rollins cold and delivers a sit out powerbomb, but Rollins is still able to kick out at two. Reigns pulls himself up in the corner and goes for the Superman punch on Ambrose. Ambrose counters, trying for Dirty Deeds. Reigns fights it off and tries for the Razor’s Edge, but Ambrose counters with a backslide. Reigns catches Ambrose with a big right, then follows up with a Superman punch. Rollins is in and hits a pedigree on Reigns, but Reigns still won’t stay down for three.

Rollins waits for Reigns to stand and he tries for the pedigree, but Reigns powers out. Rollins catches Reigns with the buckle bomb. Reigns comes right back with the Superman punch and the spear on Rollins. Ambrose comes in and hits Dirty Deeds on Reigns, pinning him for the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Dean Ambrose

Shane McMahon runs circles around the ring celebrating while the Smackdown locker room is shown celebrating the fact that their brand will showcase the biggest champion in the WWE.

Dean Ambrose holds his title high while the fans celebrate and McMahon and Bryan cheer him on. The Smackdown locker room make their way out to cheer on Ambrose and congratulate him on carrying the belt to Smackdown for the beginning of a new era. The show ends with Ambrose on the Uso’s shoulder, holding his belt high.

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