TNA Slammiversary Opener:

We’re live from Orlando as the TNA Slammiversary pay-per-view opens with the roster on the stage and Jeremy Borash in the ring. Borash talks about the Pulse nightclub terror attack and leads us in a moment of silence for the victims.

– We go to the Slammiversary opening video.

Fatal 4 Way for the TNA X Division Title:
Eddie Edwards vs. Andrew Everett vs. DJ Zema Ion vs. Trevor Lee

Josh Matthews welcomes us to Slammiversary and he’s joined by The Pope. Out first comes Eddie Edwards, followed by DJ Zema Ion. Shane Helms is out next with both Andrew Everett and TNA X Division Champion Trevor Lee.

Borash announces that officials have banned Helms from ringside due to recent outside interference. Helms argues with the referee but heads to the back. DJ Z and Edwards take advantage of the other two being distracted and start the fight. DJ works on Trevor while Eddie has control of Andrew now. Trevor makes the save for Everett. DJ with a big hurricanrana off the steps on the floor. Edwards whips Everett into DJ for a backdrop on the steel steps. Eddie and DJ double team Lee now. They bring it back in the ring as we get the bell. Lee takes shots from Eddie and DJ as they take turns on him.

DJ and Eddie go at it now. They trade holds and pin attempts, then have a stalemate. Lee tries to come in but has no luck. He pulls DJ to the floor and comes in to go at it with Edwards. Lee and Edwards both end up on the floor. Everett runs the ropes and nails a springboard corkscrew on everyone else. Lee and Everett double team Edwards in the ring now. Lee bites Edwards’ nose. Edwards looks to fight them off but a big knee sends him to the floor. DJ comes back in with offense on both Lee and Everett. DJ dumps Everett to the floor. Lee runs the ropes with DJ and goes down after a clothesline. Eddie runs in and dives out the other side, nailing Everett. Lee catches DJ for a German but it’s countered with a roll up for 2. DJ takes out Eddie and Everett on the floor. He fights back in and goes to the top on Lee. Lee drops him and Everett comes in with a Shooting Star Press for a 2 count as there’s tension between Lee and Everett now. Eddie comes off the top and takes them down with a dropkick.

Eddie keeps control of Everett and Lee. Eddie with a Blue Thunderbomb on Everett but Lee nails a big boot. DJ comes back in but Lee puts him down for a close 2 count. More back and forth and close calls. Everett gets a close 2 count on Eddie after a big top rope move. Fans chant TNA now. Lee lands on his feet from a 450 on Eddie. DJ follows up with a DDT on Everett but Lee breaks the pin. Lee sends DJ to the floor with a knee to the jaw. Eddie and Lee trade several shots in the middle of the ring now. Lee gets the upperhand but Eddie roll him up out of nowhere for the win and the title.

Winner and New TNA X Division Champion: Eddie Edwards

After the match, Lee is shocked as we go to replays. Eddie takes the title and celebrates with fans at ringside.


JB brought in Ethan Carter III to talk about facing Mike Bennett. ECIII said on this Sabbath, he shall not rest because tonight he ends his quest for redemption against Bennett. Carter said he needs to beat Bennett to be the best pro wrestler in this place. He called Bennett a false prophet who is going to get two fists and ten knuckles like Moses with the ten commandments. ECIII said he’s heading to church tonight.

Slammiversary 2012 flashback:

TNA showed Dixie Carter introducing Sting as the first TNA Hall of Fame inductee. On commentary, Mathews said they will announce the latest HOF inductee this Tuesday on Impact.

The Tribunal vs. Grado and Mahabali Shera

We go to the ring and out comes The Tribunal, Basile Baraka and Baron Dax with Al Snow. Snow cuts a promo on how he’s going to make wrestling great again like his hero Donald Trump is going to do with America. Grado and Mahabali Shera are out next. The Tribunal starts off the match with a beatdown. Shera eventually tried to fight back but they keep him pinned down in the corner as Snow blows his whistle at ringside. Snow chokes Shera as the referee is distracted.

Baraka goes at it with Shera now. Dax gets the tag and chokes Shera on the ropes. Dax with a big kick to the face and a 2 count. Shera tries to make a comeback again but Dax beats him down. Baraka comes back in for some double teaming and a 2 count. Shera finally hits Sky High and tries to tag Grado but Dax pulls Grado off the apron. Baraka goes back to work on Shera and tags Dax back in. Grado runs in and knocks The Tribunal down, then whips Shera into their corner so he can tag in. Grado unloads on The Tribunal.

Snow gets on the apron and distracts Grado with the whistle. Grado turns around to another double team for a close 2 count. Snow is shocked at the kick out. Shera springboards in and takes out Dax. Shera works over both opponents now. Grado joins in and they take The Tribunal down. They start celebrating and The Tribunal sends Shera to the floor. Shera stops a double team and Grado drops Dax. Snow distracts the referee while Grado has the pin held. Baraka ends up taking Shera out on the floor. The Tribunal hits a double team guillotine on Grado for the pin.

Winners: The Tribunal

After the match, Snow comes in the ring to celebrate with Dax and Baraka.


In a dimly-lit area of the building, Pepper Parks walked through the hallway looking for the interview set. Parks approached James Storm, who was in the middle of a promo. They had an uncomfortable conversation about Storm thinking Parks was calling him old. Storm led him away for a private chat.

Video Package:

Gail Kim vs. Maria Kanellis feud that ran on a loop on the pre-show.

In the Arena:

We go to the ring and out first comes Gail Kim. Maria Kanellis is out next with Allie. Fans boo as Allie calls for everyone’s attention. Allie said Gail should be ashamed of herself for faking an injury. Maria is clutching the brace on her hand. Allie says Maria is the only one that deserves sympathy because her injury is real. Maria says she didn’t want this, she wanted to come out and kick Gail’s ass. Gail gets a “liar” chant going at Maria but she denies it. Gail tells Maria to get in the ring before she makes her. Music hits and out comes Billy Corgan with a mic. Corgan has the x-rays in hand and confirms the injury to Maria. Corgan shows us the x-rays on the big screen. Corgan says Gail will get the match as soon as Maria is cleared to wrestle. Maria says her doctor told her it will be a very long time before her hand heals and she may never wrestle again. Corgan nods in agreement. Corgan says this is Slammiversary and fans deserve something special. He puts Gail in tonight’s Knockouts Title match, which starts now.

Triple Threat for the TNA Knockouts Title:
Sienna vs. Gail Kim vs. Jade

A referee runs down as Gail gets ready and out first comes Sienna. She talks with Allie on the ramp before heading to the ring with Maria and Allie right behind her. TNA Knockouts Champion Jade is out next.

They all go at it to start. Gail and Jade double team up Sienna early on. Jade with an assisted moonsault. Jade with a big boot in the corner. Gail with the running spear in the corner. Gail tried to roll Sienna up but she hold son to the ropes. Jade with a crucifix on Sienna. Gail goes after Jade now. Sienna hits a boot on Jade as she’s suplexing Gail for a 2 count. Gail with kicks on Sienna now. Gail ends up upside down in the corner as Sienna keeps Jade grounded. Gail fights free and goes after Sienna but gets knocked down. Sienna takes Gail to the top but Jade hits Sienna from behind. Sienna gets Jade and Gail on her shoulders for a double Samoan Drop. Gail and Jade go to the floor as Sienna poses. She goes out and grabs Jade but Gail kicks her. Jade drops Sienna on the floor but collides with Gail and they both go down.

All three come back in the ring and trade shots. Sienna fights both off but Gail unloads on her. Sienna backdrops Gail over the top to the floor. Jade with kicks and a knee to Sienna. Jade with a big springboard DDT for a 2 count as Gail breaks it up. Jade and Gail end up on top trading shots now. Gail with a top rope hurricanrana. Sienna clotheslines Gail. Jade with a hurricanrana off the top to Sienna. Sienna blocks Jade’s package piledriver. Sienna hits the AK47 on Jade but Gail hits Eat Defeat on Sienna. Allie pulls Gail off Sienna. Gail goes to the floor and drops Allie. Gail stalks Maria up the ramp and grabs her injured hand but Maria kicks her. Allie slides the title in to Sienna but Marti Belle runs in. She looks to make the save for Jade but nails her with a foreign object instead, allowing Sienna to get the pin and the title.

Winner and New TNA Knockouts Champion: Sienna

After the match, Sienna takes the strap as we go to replays. Allie joins her on the ramp and raises her arm as the referee checks on Jade in the ring.


JB welcomed in Bobby Lashley to discuss the TNA Hvt. Title match. Lashley said there is only way for this title match to end tonight – knockout or tap-out. Lashley told Galloway that he made the mistake of entering his world of fighting. He told JB to practice announcing the new Hvt. champion. JB didn’t want to do it. Lashley forced him to do it.

In the Arena:

James Storm was introduced to the ring dressed to wrestle. Storm said he’s been part of every Slammiversary in TNA history. He went back to 14 years ago when one man gave punk kids like Abyss, A.J. Styles, and himself a chance. Storm talked up his character living how he wants to live by raising a lot of heck. He said he wants to sit at home 14 years from now watching someone else in this position, so he wants to give someone an opportunity. Storm told JB to introduce this man he’s about to give an opportunity to. Out came Braxton Sutter (Pepper Parks). JB called Sutter humble and desiring to be TNA Hvt. champion.

James Storm vs. Braxton Sutter

Back and forth for the first few minutes. Storm drops Sutter with a shoulder and blocks a hip toss by sending Sutter across the ring. Storm keeps control and hits a dropkick. Storm with more offense and an inverted atomic drop. Storm goes on and hits a neckbreaker. Storm with a clothesline in the corner and a double knee backbreaker for a close 2 count. Sutter finally gets some good offense and a close 2 count in. Sutter kicks Storm in the head and clotheslines him. Sutter goes to the top and hits a crossbody for a 2 count.

utter goes on and hits a powerslam for a 2 count. Storm blocks a tornado DDT and Sutter runs into an elbow. Sutter also blocks a DDT and launches Storm into the turnbuckles with a suplex. Sutter with a 2 count. Sutter keeps control until Storm counters but wastes time. Storm readies for the Last Call and hits it for the win.

Winner: James Storm

After the match, Storm has his arm raised and calls for two beers to be handed to him. Storm has some friendly words for Sutter and helps him up to his feet. They drink beers together and hit the turnbuckles for a beer bash before leaving.


JB brought in KOTM champion Eli Drake to discuss his King of the Mountain Title defense. JB said there will not be three title changes tonight. He said Bram might be crazy enough to put his life on the line to take this title from him, but it’s not happening. Eli said it’s a fact of life that he’s keeping the title. Eli sounds good on the mic, but he was all over the place here.

TNA King of the Mountain Title Match:
Bram vs. Eli Drake

We go to the ring and out comes Bram first. TNA KOTM Champion Eli Drake is out next.

Bram’s power controlled the match early, including a clothesline over the top to the floor. Drake channeled his inner Jerry Lawler and teased walking out with the championship belt. Bram chased him to the stage, ducked a belt shot and drilled Drake. Bram worked over Drake on the floor around ringside, slamming him into the ring steps. It was all Bram beatin him as Drake was trying to find a way to escape.

Drake was sent into the guard rail. Bram removed the protective mats at ringside. He teased an implant DDT on the floor but Drake backdropped him onto the exposed concrete. Drake worked over Bram but Bram shoved him off as he went for a move and they nailed a double clothesline on each other. Earl Hebner began counting them down but they returned to their feet and battled back and forth with punches.

Bram took control with a series of right hands. Bram nailed a running forearm in the corner, followed by a high knee. Drake missed a shot and was powerbombed by Bram Bram nailed the Brighter Side of Suffering/implant DDT but Drake rolled out to the floor. Bram went to the floor to retrieve him but was caught with a big knee as he returned to the ring. Drake nailed Blunt Force Trauma and scored the pin.

Winner: Eli Drake


JB brought in Mike Bennett along with Maria to discuss his match against ECIII tonight. Bennett said he is The Miracle, claiming to be the best wrestler on the planet. He also ended ECIII’s unpinned streak, and now Carter gets his so-called redemption match. But, that’s not happening tonight. Bennett said the crowd will be honoring him, not Carter, after tonight.

– We get a video package for the next match.

Ethan Carter III vs. Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett’s music played to produce Maria for the second time tonight. Maria said she has one question for the audience – do you believe in The Miracle? Out came Mike Bennett dressed in a retro gold & black outfit. Ethan Carter III was out next to face Bennett. ECIII fired up the crowd in the face role after playing heel the previous two nights for EVOLVE.

They lock up and break. Bennett ends up dropping EC3 with a shoulder and showing off. They lock up and Ethan applies a headlock, then drops him with shoulders. Ethan runs into an elbow and Bennett gets in some strikes. More back and forth. EC3 dumps Bennett to the floor and works him over around the ring but Bennett turns it around and drops him with a clothesline. Bennett comes back in as the referee counts EC3 out. He makes it back in but Bennett dropkicks him right back out to the floor.

Bennett goes back to the floor and used the barrier on Ethan. Bennett with a hangman’s DDT from the barrier. EC3 is laid out on the floor as Bennett goes back into the ring to wait on the count. Ethan crawls back to the ring and makes it back in as Bennett stomps and covers for a 2 count. Bennett keeps Ethan grounded now. Bennett goes on and hits a neckbreaker. EC3 comes back with clotheslines and a jawbreaker. EC3 misses a splash in the corner and takes a big boot. Bennett goes for the Miracle in Progress but EC3 rolls him up. EC3 ends up hitting a sitdown powerbomb for a 2 count. More back and forth. Bennett with a spinebuster for a 2 count. Bennett goes on and hits a cutter but EC3 comes right back with a clothesline. They both go down and fans chant for EC3.

They get up and trade shots in the middle of the ring. EC3 unloads and hits a clothesline. EC3 with more offense. EC3 with the splash and a flapjack. EC3 hits the One Percenter for a close 2 count. They end up on the apron and EC3 hits a TK3 on the apron. Ethan hits the floor and also got hurt on the move. Ethan goes to the top but Bennett catches him with a cutter on the way down. Bennett with a 2 count as Maria looks on. EC3 gets the clutch applied but Bennett hits a low blow that the referee missed. Bennett hits a piledriver but Ethan kicks out just in time. Bennett misses a right hand and EC3 hits a German. EC3 keeps it locked and hits two more Germans. EC3 hits another One Percenter but Maria slides a chair in the distracts the referee. EC3 only gets a 2 count but had the pin held for the win. Fans chant for Maria to be thrown out. EC3 leaves the ring and stares her down. The referee gets in between. EC3 comes back in the ring but Bennett nails Miracle in Progress on top of the steel chair and slides it out of the way. The referee comes back and EC3 kicks out at 2.

Fans chant for EC3 now. He makes a comeback and hits another TK3, followed by a third One Percenter for the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

After the match, EC3 celebrates the win and stands tall in the ring as fans cheer.

– They air a promo from earlier today with Matt Hardy cutting a promo. The crazy madman composer Matt Hardy spoke in broken sentences about Jeff Hardy. Matt said he is the reason for Brother Nero’s success. Matt vowed to end Jeff tonight. This followed with a video package that ran on a loop on the PPV pre-show.

Full Metal Mayhem
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

We go to the ring and out first comes Reby Sky with Baby Hardy. She introduces the man who will delete Brother Nero – “Broken” Matt Hardy. We see the various weapons around the ring. Jeff Hardy is out next to a pop. Matt meets him on the ramp with a trash can and they start going at it. Jeff beats Matt towards the ring and brings him in. Matt no-sells and turns it around on Jeff in the corner. Jeff nails a spear and mounts Matt with right hands. Matt goes to the floor and Jeff follows, sending him into the ring post.

Matt keeps control and rams a ladder into Jeff several times against the ring post. Jeff goes down after a shot to the face. Matt talks trash and shows off. Matt stands a table up at ringside while Jeff is still laid out. Matt goes to suplex Jeff through the table but it’s blocked. Jeff with a snap suplex on the floor. Jeff with a trash can shot over the back. Jeff pulls a ladder from under the ring and beats Matt against the ring post with it. Jeff works Matt over and tries choking him. Jeff comes back in but slingshots himself back to the floor, putting Matt through a table for a 2 count on the floor.

They end up back in the ring with Jeff standing a very tall ladder up. Jeff lays the ladder from one side of the ring to the other. Matt stumbles to his feet and Jeff hits a Twist of Fate. Jeff lays Matt on top of the top rope ladder bridge. Jeff goes to the top and nails a big splash, bending the ladder. Fans chant “holy s–t” as Jeff covers for a 2 count. Jeff goes on and tries for a Swanton but Matt gets the knees up and covers for a 2 count. Matt keeps control and powerbombs Jeff through a ladder bridge from the apron to the barrier. Matt brings a ladder in the ring and stands a table up at ringside. Matt stands another table up beside the first one. Matt brings Jeff over and lays him on top of the two tables. Matt goes back in the ring and stands the ladder up.

Jeff gets up and meets Matt at the top of the ladder. They end up on the mat and Jeff hits a bunch of offense for a 2 count. Jeff drops Matt again and goes to the top for the Swanton and another 2 count. Jeff puts Matt on top of the table he set up at ringside earlier. Jeff with a trash can lid shot. Jeff goes back in the ring and climbs to the top. Jeff nails a Swanton from the top rope through Matt on the table outside of the ring. Jeff covers on the floor and gets the three count.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Jeff is slow to get up but goes around ringside greeting fans as there are broken tables and ladders everywhere. We get replays and come back to Jeff greeting more fans as Matt looks on.


Abyss spoke on behalf of The Decay that he is not a monster, but beautiful. Crazzy Steve said the future is full of warnings and chaos. Rosemary spoke last that The Decay is ever-changing like a corpse in the field. Speaking of corpses, the Bro-Mans died a long time ago. She said their gold might be tempting, but they stand no chance.

TNA Tag Team Title Match
Robbie E and Jessie Godderz vs. The Decay

We go to the ring and out comes Robbie E and Jessie Godderz with Raquel. TNA Tag Team Champions Abyss and Crazzy Steve are out next with Rosemary.

Robbie starts off with Steve. Robbie with an early 2 count. Abyss comes in but Robbie takes him to the corner. Abyss runs into an elbow and Robbie mounts him in the corner with right hands. Robbie keeps trying to knock Abyss off his feet but Abyss runs him over. Steve comes back in and beats on Robbie, keeping him grounded. Steve bites Robbie and Abyss comes back in for a minute before tagging back in. Jessie finally gets a tag and turns it around on Steve. Jessie takes Steve to the top and dropkicks Abyss when he runs in. Godderz brings Steve from the top to the mat. Robbie jumps from the top to the floor, taking out both of the champions.

Rosemary comes in and taunts Godderz. He presses her high and tosses her out onto Abyss and Steve on the floor. Godderz brings Abyss back in the ring. Steve knocks Godderz out of mid-air and beats on him before rolling him into Abyss for a 2 count. Abyss with a headbutt and stomps. Steve comes back in and keeps control. Abyss comes back in and runs into a boot. Godderz with a flying shoulder tackle. Robbie finally gets the tag as Steve also comes in. Robbie unloads on Steve and hits the Boom Drop. Jessie comes in for a double team back drop. They celebrate and Abyss runs them over.

Rosemary goes to spit mist at Robbie but it hits Abyss. Abyss accidentally chokeslams Steve. Jessie springboards in and nails Abyss as he realizes what happened. They hit the BroDown and Jessie applies the Crab on Steve. Raquel and Rosemary get involved, leading to Steve nailing Godderz with a title belt. Rosemary takes out Raquel on the floor as a new referee runs down but Godderz kicks out at 2. Steve goes to the top but Robbie pushes him off. Godderz with another Crab on Steve. Abyss breaks it and chokeslams Godderz but it’s countered. Abyss knocks Robbie off the apron. Abyss catches Jessie with a Black Hole Slam. Abyss powerbombs Steve onto Godderz for the win.

Winners: The Decay


TNA Hvt. champion Drew Galloway cut a promo on Bobby Lashley ahead of the main event. Galloway said he will never quit, so Lashley will have to knock him out to beat him. Galloway said he’s been defending this title in multiple companies and countries. He said he isn’t an underdog. “I tapped out Kurt Angle!” he said. “I sure can beat Bobby Lashley!”

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Drew Galloway

We go to the ring and out first comes Bobby Lashley. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway is out next as we get formal ring introductions from JB. The only way to win this match is by knockout or tap out.

Galloway immediately nails a Claymore Kick but there’s no pin. Lashley gets an upperhand and they go to the floor. They come back in and Lashley nails a big clothesline. More back and forth. Lashley catches Galloway and spears him. The referee counts Galloway again but he gets up before the 10. Lashley takes Galloway back to the corner and hits him with shoulder thrusts. Lashley runs into boots but hits an overhead suplex. Galloway makes it up before the 10 count again. Lashley applies a cross armbreaker but Galloway fights and breaks it.

More back and forth. Lashley hits a big spinebuster. Lashley with a big suplex. Lashley waits for Galloway to get up and nails him in the corner. Lashley takes Galloway to the top but Galloway counters and slams Lashley to the mat. Drew with a clothesline from the top. Lashley makes it up before the 10 count but Galloway nails another Claymore. Lashley gets up to his feet, leaning against the ropes. Galloway charges but runs into an elbow. Lashley ends up barely getting a spear out of nowhere. They get up and trade shots. Lashley tries for a submission but Galloway fights him off. Galloway with a running big boot to send Lashley over the top.

They go at it on the floor and Lashley slams Drew face first onto the apron. Drew counters and whips Lashley into the steel steps. Galloway brings Lashley up the steel steps and hits a Celtic Cross on top of them. Drew gets up first as the referee counts. Galloway applies a Sharpshooter on top of the steel steps but it’s broken by the referee and Lashley falls back to the floor. Galloway with a third Claymore as the referee counts Lashley again. Galloway brings a table over and stands it up on the floor. Galloway lays Lashley on the table and goes back in the ring. Galloway runs the ropes and nails a big dive but Lashley moves and Galloway crashes through the table.

Lashley beats on Galloway some more before leaving him down on the floor. Lashley comes back in as the referee counts. Galloway makes it up at the 9 count and stares Lashley down. Galloway is bleeding from the forehead as he fights back into the ring. Galloway comes off the top rope but Lashley catches him in an armbar. Galloway turns it into a Tombstone and the referee counts with both men down. Galloway gets up first as fans chant “this is awesome” now. Galloway misses a Claymore and Lashley drops him. Lashley applies a submission and Drew passes out to end it.

Winner and New TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Lashley

After the match, trainers come in to check on Drew as Lashley takes the title and has his arm raised. We get replays and Slammiversary goes off the air with Lashley and his title.

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