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[Q1] Josh Mathews and “The Pope” D’Angelo were on commentary, and Mathews spoke about the main event as a shot aired of Lashley arriving at the building earlier in the day… A video recapped Jeff Hardy beating Broken Matt Hardy in a cage match last week, as well as Mike Bennett winning the X Division Championship…

Mike Bennett and Maria were in the ring for a promo. Maria thanked Billy Corgan for being “a gracious and fair leader in the absence of the evil Dixie Carter.” Maria told fans to enjoy “my show.” Bennett said Destination X is right around the corner and he has a golden ticket to the TNA Championship. Bennett held up the X Division Title and said he would cash in the title for a TNA Title shot at Destination X.

Bennett said Lashley might be big and bad, but he’s not half the man that The Miracle is. Lashley headed to the ring and told Bennett that he wouldn’t call him The Miracle. “Okay, Mikey?” Lashley said. Lashley told Bennett to look at himself and then look at him. Lashley said Bennett is half the man that he is. Bennett said he wouldn’t be intimidated by Lashley’s big dog in the yard routine.

Lashley boasted about the men he’s run through and said tonight he would destroy EC3. Lashley told Bennett he is just an afterthought. Bennett said he’s not taking anything from Lashley, but he hopes the three men in the main event beat the hell out of each other. Bennett restated his plan to cash in the X Division Title for a shot at Destination X. “You don’t want to do that,” Lashley told him.

EC3’s music played and he made his entrance and told Lashley that he will take the TNA Championship back in the main event. Lashley said it will be a fight and then he will beat up EC3 and make him and the people realize that he’s not half as tough as the people think he is. Bennett said he doesn’t care what either one of them said, he’s going to take the title. EC3 accused Bennett of kissing up to a rock star and taking advantage of his aunt’s mistake. He called Bennett a piece of shit (censored).

Billy Corgan walked onto the stage to no reaction. Corgan said he might be hard of hearing at this point in his life. He questioned whether he just heard one of TNA’s best and brightest stars impugn his integrity. Corgan said he may be an icon elsewhere, but he’s in TNA to be a judicious observer. Corgan said that because of what EC3’s aunt did, they were put in this situation. Corgan said Bennett made a good case for a title shot, so he granted it.

Bennett thanked Corgan for telling EC3 and Lashley that he earned his title fair and square. EC3 said Bennett brings melancholy to the X Division and said there’s an infinite sadness in that. Bennett said everyone in the X Division deserves a shot to main event Destination X and will get it tonight. Corgan stood on the stage and smiled.

Corgan said Bennett makes sense to him, but he hopes he doesn’t think he will talk his way into the main event of Destination X. Corgan said the title needs to be defended and asked why not tonight. Corgan booked Bennett against the winner of an X Division Title and closed it by saying “tonight, tonight.” Bennett attacked EC3. Drew Galloway came out and fought Lashley. He tried to give him a Claymore Kick, but Lashley moved and EC3 took the kick…

Mathews hyped Sienna vs. Gail Kim…

Powell’s POV: Smashing Pumpkins fans will appreciate the references by Corgan and EC3. Corgan came off as heelish by referring to himself as being an icon elsewhere (even if it’s true), but then he also booked Bennett in a match he didn’t want. I wish I could say that I was interested in Corgan’s character. I’m just not. Nevertheless, the segment was effective in setting up the main event and setting the stage for the Destination X story.

[Q2] [C] Mathews recapped the opening segment… Backstage, Galloway told EC3 that he tried to help him and the kick wasn’t intentional. They jawed at one another and had to be held apart by three other wrestlers… Mathews hyped the main event…

1. Sienna (w/Allie) vs. Gail Kim. Before the match, Allie cut a promo about Gail wrestling and needing to retire or being forced into retirement by Sienna. Jade came out and attacked Sienna, but Marti Bell ran out and attacked Jade from behind. Allie tried to interfere again, but Kim stopped her. However, Kim turned around and took The Silencer finisher from Sienna and was pinned…

Sienna beat Gail Kim in 3:15 to retain the TNA Knockouts Title.

More footage aired of the cage match from last week… Reby Hardy wheeled Matt Hardy, who was holding their baby, through the backstage area in a wheelchair. Broken Matt said he won’t stop coming until he gets what he needs. “It’s not over, ever,” Hardy declared… [C]

Powell’s POV: A disappointingly short match. The Silencer appeared to be a shoulder block or something. The broadcast team put it over big, but it wasn’t very impressive. Jade and Marti keep brawling, but I don’t think they’ve drawn in any fans. Meanwhile, it appears Broken Matt isn’t finished with Jeff even though he never beats him.

[Q3] Backstage, Galloway told Bennett that he can’t stop running his mouth. Bennett said that he’s still going to challenge for the TNA Title at Destination X. Bennett boasted that he beat Galloway, who said he only won because of Maria…

Eli Drake hosted another “Fact of Life” talkshow segment in the ring. He told a story about his dad making great mashed potatoes. He said Drakes make great mashed potatoes and whip keister. He said the veterans are bothered by a newcomer like him having so much success.

Drake introduced James Storm as his guest. Storm called him Eli Dork. Drake emphasized his real name. Storm got some fans to chant “Eli Drake sucks.” Drake started hitting his dummy button while singling out fans. Storm suggested they turn it into a drinking game in that they drink whenever Drake hits the button. Drake pulled out a gallon of water. The fans booed. “You’re going to boo water?” Drake asked.

Storm drank whenever Drake hit the button. Drake boasted about being King of the Mountain Champion and asked Storm where his title was. Storm said his title is that he’s been in TNA since day one, and paved the way for punks like Drake to step inside the ring. Storm said he busted his butt for 14 years and has given the fans everything he has.

Drake said Storm likes to play dress up with his cowboy gear and took other jabs at him while pressing the button. Drake told him to watch his tongue when he’s standing in front of him. Storm changed the rules of the game. He said that whenever Drake hit the button, he would slap the piss out of him. Storm told him to hit the button. Drake teased it, but stopped short.

Drake said Storm had enough time on his show. Storm said he would walk away, but one day their paths will meet and he will beat Drake’s ass. Storm started to leave, but Drake told him to take his beer with him and rolled it by him. Drake looked into the camera to talk, then Storm hit him with a Last Call superkick…

Backstage, Jeff Hardy was asked about his brother. Jeff laughed and eventually said they would come face-to-face… [C]

Powell’s POV: That was the best Drake talkshow segment to date thanks mostly to Storm. Drake’s line about the fans booing water was a gem, and he did a nice job of playing the agitator, but Storm’s mic work and popularity was the key. In fact, his line about how he could beat his ass someday was strong enough that they actually could have ended the segment there without any physicality and it would have been fine. Storm was the star here, but I think they finally found someone who Drake had chemistry with.

[Q4] [C] Footage aired from the taping of Xpolosion with Decay attacking Bram. Backstage, Rosemary spoke to Bram and said it’s okay that he fights it, they like it. She said it’s not like he has a choice in the matter because everyone comes to decay. She said some come willingly, while others need to be coerced. She teased kissing him and he seemed willing. She pulled back and told him to let decay happen…

Reby wheeled Broken Matt to the ring in his wheelchair. She tried to stand him up, but he told her no. He told her to drive him around so he could see the despicable creatures. Matt said he is responsible for the success of Brother Nero and the Hardy Brothers. He said he detests all of the creatures. He said he hates the venue and pointed to the areas where he was “broken” by Brother Nero. Matt called for Brother Nero to come out. Mathews questioned whether Jeff would come out… [C]

Jeff made his entrance and spoke with Matt, who was still seated in the chair at ringside.

[Q5] Matt said he needs one more match. He said if Jeff gives him six weeks, they will have one more match and it will be armageddon. He said the winner of the match will control the name Hardy and the brand. Matt asked Jeff if he agreed to the match. Jeff got face-to-face with Matt and yelled, “Yes!” Jeff was about to get a Yes chant going, but Reby cut him off.

Reby told Jeff that she created Broken Matt and she needs to deal with it. Jeff told her to get on her broom to get on her broom and fly away. Jeff said he would take care of his nephew. Reby told Jeff not to ever mention her son. Matt stood up and attacked Jeff from behind.

Matt ran Jeff into the ring steps. Reby slid a chair inside the ring. Matt threw Jeff inside the ring and then struck him with the chair. Matt placed Jeff’s head inside the chair and bit him before giving him a Twist of Fate. Matt took the mic and said there match will take place in one week time. He said the match won’t happen in the Impact Zone hell hole. “We must go to the sanctuary of our genesis,” Matt said. “This final battle will happen at our home. One last dance in Cameron, North Carolina, and it will be, Brother Nero, your final deletion”…

The broadcast team spoke about the X Division battle royal… Mike Bennett was introduced to sit in on commentary for the battle royal. Bennett and Maria walked out together… [C]

Powell’s POV: I actually hope Matt loses again and just keeps demanding rematches. Anyway, we’re going back to Cameron. This would be foolish for most companies since there’s no way the company can make money off the match, but in TNA’s case they don’t charge for admission at the Impact Zone and they probably don’t have another pay-per-view until Bound For Glory. Furthermore, the last time they filmed in Cameron they managed to create a lot of online buzz with the Broken Matt and Jeff confrontation. I’m not sure how much of that translated to pay-per-view buys or Impact viewers, but perhaps they can bring in some additional viewers this time around since they are hyping it a week out.

2. X Division battle royal for an X Division Title match. The participants were Eddie Edwards, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett Rockstar Spud, Braxton Sutter, DJ Z, and Mark Andrews. Edwards eliminated Spud.

[Q6] Lee eliminated Andrews. Bennett left commentary and held onto the leg of Edwards, leading to Lee eliminating Edwards. Lee accidentally eliminated Everett, and then Sutter eliminated Lee for the win.

Braxton Sutter won a battle royal to earn an X Division Title match.

Helms attacked Sutter afterward and then his guys Lee and Everett joined in and they left him lying. Bennett entered the ring and told the referee to stay where he was. Bennett said the X Division Title match would start now. The referee didn’t want to start the match. Bennett ordered him to ring the bell…

3. Mike Bennett (w/Maria) vs. Braxton Sutter for the X Division Title. Bennett said this was Sutter’s moment of glory. Bennett took his time taking off his ring jacket and then jawed at the crowd. Bennett tried to pick up Sutter, who caught him in an inside cradle for two. Bennett quickly recovered and performed his MIP finisher for the quick win…

Mike Bennett defeated Braxton Sutter to retain the X Division Title.

Backstage, Grado and Mahabali Shera spoke about beating Al Snow and The Tribunal. Grado played up who the third man was for their team. They also played up the idea that Grado owes Shera money. Grado said they paid for their partner, and then they can both eat like kings. Grado said the third man had arrived…

Powell’s POV: It was nice to get some wrestling after having only one match through roughly the first 70 minutes of the show. However, it was a battle royal, and we didn’t get much of a match between Bennett and Sutter.

Ring entrances for the six-man tag match took place…

[Q7] 4. Al Snow, Baron Dax, and Baisile Baraka vs. Grado, Mahabali Shera, and Tyrus. Snow and The Tribunal attacked Grado and Shera while they were waiting for their partner. Tyrus came out and destroyed the Tribunal, then Snow fled to ringside. Eventually, Tyrus pinned Baraka. The broadcast team spoke about Tyrus being the Problem Solver, and Mathews questioned whether he will solve problems for others…

The broadcast team hyped the main event as shots of the three wrestlers aired… [C]

Powell’s POV: Be careful what you wish for.

A recap of the battle royal and the X Division Title match aired… Backstage, Bennett said the X Division is all abut five star matches, and he just had a ten star match. He boasted that he’s the best X Division Champion ever. Bennett said he will come out at the start of next week’s show to call out Corgan so that he can cash in the title to get the TNA Title shot…

A recap of the Broken Matt and Brother Nero segment aired, then Mathews hyped their match in Cameron… Jeremy Borash introduced the main event participants for the TNA Title match…

[Q8] [C] 5. Lashley vs. Drew Galloway vs. EC3 in a Triple Threat for the TNA Title. The bell rang to start the match and Mathews noted that they had taken their last commercial break. Lashley was knocked down by a clothesline. EC3 and Galloway both put the boots to Lahsley, then squared off in the ring. EC3 delivered a woooo and then splashed Lashley in the corner. Galloway followed suit. EC3 went for a cover, but Galloway pulled him off.

Lashley recovered and attacked EC3 while Galloway gave the thumbs up from the other side of the ring. Lashley turned to Galloway and gave him the thumbs up and wanted a handshake. Galloway roughed up Lashley instead.

At 5:00, Galloway and EC3 teamed up for a front face toss of Lashley, who ended up at ringside. Galloway performed a summersault off the ring apron and caught Lashley with his legs on the way down. EC3 went up top and then performed a cross body block onto Lashley on the floor. EC3 signaled that he was close to taking out Galloway, then flipped him off.

EC3 and Lashley traded punches and chops in the middle of the ring at 6:45. EC3 caught Galloway with a kick. Galloway came back with chops. EC3’s chest that was scratched coming into the taping started bleeding. Lashley returned to break up a pin attempt. Lashley performed a spinebuster on Galloway for a two count.

Lashley suplexed EC3 and then tried to spear him. EC3 caught him with a knee instead. EC3 set up for his finisher, but Galloway caught him with a Claymore Kick. Lashley speared Galloway, then did the same to EC3 and pinned EC3…

Lashley defeated EC3 and Drew Galloway to retain the TNA Title in 9:10.

Powell’s POV: I am pleasantly surprised to see a clean finish to this match. TNA has been much better in that area this year, but with the three top guys in the company all in the same match I really thought they would book a screw y finish. I’m curious to see where they go with Lashley from here now that he’s beaten Galloway and EC3. Overall, the early portion of the show was talk heavy, but a lot of it was good talking. The in-ring action was pretty light until the main event, which really should have been given more time so that it had a chance to feel epic given the star power involved. Still, I enjoyed the overall show.

5.0 / 5
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