We see a video package hyping tonight’s Six Sides of Steel main event between Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, then we go to the arena!

Drew Galloway opens the show by coming to the ring to speak his mind about what happened last week. He’s not out here to complain and bitch, but he should be the World Champion, and he’s not because of one man. He calls EC3 out to the ring, and we look back at last week when an errant chairshot from EC3 cost Drew his rematch with Bobby Lashley. He said he wouldn’t meddle in Drew’s business, he had no intention of costing him that title shot, and he wants to say he’s sorry. Drew says he’s not looking for an apology, he’s looking to fight him. He thinks EC3 sat at ringside to interject himself since he thought he should have gotten the title match, especially since Drew was in no condition to fight last week. Drew busted his ass to give the title credibility, and EC3 says he did the same, and now he’s retracting his apology because Drew put himself in an unwinnable situation. Drew says nobody has a talent for words, and that’s how he got where he is, because he’s not an ass kicking machine, he’s an ass kissing machine. EC3 says that if Drew wants to fight, he’ll make Drew his bitch just like Bobby Lashley did. Speaking of Lashley, he comes out to say he hates watching two friends fight like this, except when it’s these two. He personally blames EC3 for hitting Drew in the back with a chair, after which he speared EC3 into next week and choked Drew out again. Drew says he could have a rematch with EC3, he kicks his ass, then gets another shot at Lashley. EC3 says that’s great, except then he’ll kick Drew’s ass and then cmoe for Lashley. Lashley says that since they both want a title shot, he talked to TNA management and proposed a tag match where Drew and EC3 team up. If they win, they both get what they want, but if not, they go to the back of the line. Drew and EC3 stare each other down, then EC3 says challenge accepted. Lashley says that he’s got a partner, and if his team wins, his partner will get a title shot instead, and out comes Eli Drake. Drake says these dummies don’t deserve a title shot, but he does, so he’s going to take that opportunity, let those dummies destroy each other, then they can pick the bones and face each other for the TNA World Title. Lashley likes it and says let’s do it, and it looks like that match’ll happen after this break!

TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley & KOTM Champion Eli Drake vs Drew Galloway & Ethan Carter III

EC3 and Lashley start us off and go to a stalemate, so Drew and Drake tag in, and Drew absolutely dominates Drake, tossing him around like a rag doll and hammering him with chops in the corner. EC3 tags in to dish out a few of his own, and this continues until Lashley cheapshots EC3 from the apron and sets Eli to lay him out with a neckbreaker for 2. Now Lashley comes in and starts unloading punishment on EC3, who plays babyface in peril for an extended period until he slips past both opponents and makes the hot tag. Drew comes in like a house of fire and comes off the top rope with a clothesline to Drake. EC3 hits the 1% on Drake, Lashley spears EC3, Drew clotheslines Lashley to the floor and covers Drake for the win.

Winners: Ethan Carter III & Drew Galloway

Great tag match, and now the angle is Drew stole EC3’s heat here. EC3 doesn’t look happy about it.

Decay is asking Rosemary about some mysterious person she’s talking to, but Rosemary says to trust her and we’ll find out the truth…NEXT!

B0obby Lashley finds Drew Galloway backstage, and says this is the first time he’s seen him smile since Slammiversary, but he still holds all the cards. He could give EC3 his shot first or kick his ass anytime he wants. Drew says he keeps saying that, and they can step outside if he wants, but Lashley says to just remember what’ll happen next time they go at it.

Decay comes out to the ring, and Rosemary says they’re all different, but the same, and they want the same things. They are death dealers, but they want to offer life, and they found just the person they want to offer it to: Bram! Bram comes out to the ring with mic in hand, and Rosemary tells Decay that she knows this is a surprise, but she wants them to trust her, and wants Bram to trust her too. Bram’s not sure why he’s out there, but Rosemary says he’s surrounded by violence, and they’re the same, shunned by violence. His partners all abandoned him, he lost his title because he was alone, and they don’t want him to be alone anymore. Bram says he guesses she’s kinda hot with the makeup and googly eyes, and he can be wild, but he ain’t no freak. He’s Bram, and he don’t need anybody, he doesn’t need makeup like the boys behind her. Rosemary says that’s not quite the answer they were looking for, and Steve sprays mist in his face before he and Abyss beat him down. They hold Bram while Rosemary says they’re not finished with him, because he’ll DecayDecayDecay.

Ethan Carter III finds Bobby Lashley backstage and tells him it was a game well played. Lashley says he agreed to a game without knowing all the rules, but EC3 says that for the toughest guy here, he sure can be a coward sometimes. Lashley says EC3 will get his title shot, but it’ll be on Lashley’s terms, and he’ll let everyone know by the end of the night who he’ll fight next week.

Jade vs Marti Belle

Jade chases Marti around, and Marti gets the first takedown, but then Jade gets free and starts killing Marti with kicks while MArti tries to remember how to sell. Marti tries to run out to the floor, but Jade rams her into the ringpost and she absorbs several forearms before mving so Jade rams her arm into the ringpost. Marti tries to whip JAde into the ring steps, but Jade reverses and follows her in with a baseball slide. She gets ahold of Marti’s police baton and taps the steps around Jade, but puts it away rather than risk disqualification. She rolls Marti into the ring and continues the attack with a series of suplexes that Marti almost takes correctly. Marti blocks a package piledriver and hits a bicycle kick, then gets on top of Jade and starts punching her out. Marti just lets Jade get up and start swinging, and keeps throwing herself precisely out of position from where she’s supposed to be. Jade electric chairs Marti at ringside and SMASHES her face first into the ring apron. DAMN! She rolls back into the ring, but Marti gets ahold of the baton and busts Jade in the face with it when the referee’s not looking, then rolls inside and covers for the win.

Winner: Marti Belle

This was pretty disjointed.

Mike Bennett and Maria are irate after she was assaulted in the ring last week, and they’re going out to the ring to settle this, and Dixie better be there.

Dixie Carter finds Bobby Lashley backstage and says they need the biggest main event possible next week, so he’s going to defend against Drew Galloway…AND Ethan Carter III. Bobby Lashley goes “Okay, no problem. Thanks Dixie!” and walks off while she looks confused.

We go to the arena where Mike Bennett and Maria come to the ring, and Mike says the crowd is full of losers who never find love, but he is married to his soulmate, so what happened to her last week left him heartbroken because it was assault. Maria says she hasn’t slept in a week, she was assaulted, it was unprovoked, and she didn’t deserve it, she doesn’t understand why it happened, and she wants Dixie Carter to come out here now and explain herself. Dixie comes on out with Billy Corgan and his sunglasses, and Bennett tells Dixie to look into Maria’s eyes and tell him what she has to say for herself. Dixie says anyone who watched what happened or had been standing in her shoes would have done the same thing with a smile on their face, but Maria says she is supposed to be the boss, and all Maria did was speak the truth, so she wants an apology…NOW. Dixie apologizes for letting Maria get to her, and Maria says it’s great that she can apologize for her mistakes, but Maria was punished when she did the same, so she wants Dixie to step down as the President of Impact Wrestling. Dixie asks Maria if she’s lost her mind, but Bennett says they’re sitting on a million dollar lawsuit, and his father’s an attorney,so they can bring everything here to a screeching halt. Billy says they have some good points, and he’s tried to stay neutral in this situation, but Dixie put TNA in a difficult situation. Dixie asks if he’s seriously siding with them, and Billy says he’s not doing that, but he’s trying to get her to defuse the situation, and his personal opinion is that she should take a leave of absence for about a week. He’s siding with the company, and she’s making it about them, but he’s trying to do what’s right for everybody involved. Dixie admits she made an error in judgment, but she wants Billy to realize that this changes everything…EVERYTHING. Well, that’s what we’re all hoping for! Dixie walks off, and Maria says she feels so much better about coming to work now, and Mike says that witnessing his wife go through all that was troublesome, and losing to EC3 was even worse. He’s a star, he’s won 99.999% of his matches, so he deserves a title shot. Billy says he’s not sure what Bennett is asking for since they have a main event next week, but Destination X is coming up, and he wants that title because there’s an Option C, and he wants to cash it in to become the World Champion. He is the best wrestler on the planet, and he can wrestle anyone, any style, anywhere. Billy says everyone here has to earn their spot, and last he remembers, Bennett was losing in here, but if he wants to make headlines (real ones, not just internet ones), how about Mike Bennett vs X Division Champion Eddie Edwards, and that match can happen right after this break!

X Division Title Match: Eddie Edwards vs Mike Bennett

Eddie controls the match early on, but Bennett gets a quick shot in to turn the tide, and he tries a springboard something from the apron, but he slips off the top rope and crashes. So much for that X Division style, huh? Eddie looks amused before he goes back to work on Bennett, hitting a top rope Frankensteiner, but Maria distracts the referee while Bennett goes to Eddie’s eyes and hits an Ace Crusher for 2. Bennett hits a spinebuster with a nice snap on it for 2, but Eddie comes back with a series of back elbows, sends Bennett to the floor, and wipes him out with a pair of dives through the ropes. Maria looks quite unhappy as Eddie rolls Bennett back into the ring and hits a blue thunder driver for 2. Eddie goes for a sunset flip, but Bennett drops down and grabs the ropes for the cheap win.

Winner and new X Division Champion: Mike Bennett

Well, that was unexpected. Good match, but caught me pretty well off guard.

Robbie E is backstage commiting Cardinal Sin #1 of the wrestling business by going through another worker’s bag, and he finds Jessie’s iPad, featuring a video of him stressing to Raquel about doing something bad behind Robbie’s back. Jessie walks in on Robbie and asks him if he’s ready to work out, but Robbie just looks indignant and walks out.

Braxton Sutter vs Balam

Rockstar Spud comes out before the match starts and says this is not the Braxton Sutter show, and wants to know how one of the biggest stars in the business is sitting back in catering while some Johnny Come Lately takes his spotlight. Spud tells Balam to get out of his ring and go back to the independents where he makes $50 a night, and Balam obliges. Spud says he beat Kurt Angle’s ass all around this building, he’s a former two-time X Division Champion, and Sutter’s been around for three years and hasn’t done anything yet. Sutter nails Spud, and we have an impromptu match…

Braxton Sutter vs Rockstar Spud

Sutter unloads on Spud, but Spud gets in a cheapshot from behind and chokes Sutter with his boot. Spud hits a tornado DDT for 2, goes to a rear chinlock, and Sutter judo tosses him and then connects with a series of right hands. Sutter hits a snap powerslam, boots Spud in the face, and hits the leaping Flatliner for the win.

Winner: Braxton Sutter

Solid match as Sutter continues to build momentum. Sutter extends his hand to Spud, who says he belongs here and raises his hand…then kicks him in the ding ding. Spud takes his belt off and whips Sutter with it, then walks up the ramp saying he’s a star and Sutter doesn’t belong here.

The main event between the Hardys is up after this break!

We see a video package of Sienna talking about her long career wrestling all over the world, and she’s the new breed of Knockouts because she never stops training, she’s competed in MMA and won, and now her next goal is to destroy Gail Kim because she’s bigger, stronger, and faster. They’ll face off next week for the Knockouts Title, along with Lashley defending the TNA World Title against both Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter III.

But for right now…IT’S MAIN EVENT TIME!

Six Sides of Steel: Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy

Matt has a new entrance theme and video, and had Reby Sky doing his introduction. Jeff attacks Matt as he enters the cage, but Matt gives his brother a running powerbomb into the cage and covers for 2. Matt rams him into the cage again as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Matt is not only in control, but a ladder, table, and chair seems to have made their way into the ring. Were those there before? The ladder is set up in the corner, and Matt whips Jeff into it and then drops the ladder on top of him and covers for 2. Matt sets the table up, but Jeff tosses the chair right in Matt’s face, then does it again for good measure. Jeff sets the chair up and goes for Poetry In Motion, but Matt moves out of the way and Jeff crashes into the cage. Matt hits a Side Effect on the chair for 2, so Jeff isn’t quite deleted yet. Matt with repeated chairshots into Jeff’s midsection, followed by repeated headbutts, and then he bites Jeff’s skull. Jeff hits a jawbreaker, but misses a wild flying clothesline. He doesn’t miss the uppercut to the ding ding, or the second one he follows that up with, and then two Twists of Fate, and he goes up the cage and hits a Swanton and covers for 2. Matt keeps getting up, so Jeff hits another Twist of Fate, and Matt flops backward onto the table. Jeff piles a bunch of chairs over Matt’s ribs and face, then opens up another table and stands it on top of Matt, then he stands the ladder up in the corner of teh cage, climbs up to the top, and uses it to hit a splash off the top of the cage and onto his brother. That’s it, Matt is done, and Jeff covers Matt for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

That was one NASTY looking finish, and I hope both those guys are okay after that bump. Hell of a finish.

5.0 / 5
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