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[Q1] A video package opened the “May Mayhem” edition… Josh Mathews and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero were on commentary… Matt Hardy made his way to the ring while looking like the long lost lovechild if Raven and Jimmy Jacobs.

Matt used an odd accent as he said he has evolved, become stronger, and more dangerous. Matt held up a contract for a Slammiversary match against “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy. Matt said signing the contract is the same as signing Jeff’s death certificate. Before Matt could sign, Rockstar Spud and Tyrus made their entrance and joined Matt in the ring.

Spud said he believes in the Iconic Matt Hardy. “I used to,” Matt replied. Spud said he dedicated his life to Matt, Reby Sky, and their son. He said he has been a better man since he joined them. Spud said he hates the fans and they don’t respect Matt like he does. Spud said that if Matt keeps fighting his brother “and you keep turning into whatever you turn into, this isn’t you.”

Matt said he must delete “Brother Nero” once and for all. Matt asked Tyrus how he feels. “You know me, I do what’s best for me,” Tyrus said. He said that if Matt fought his brother last time and ended up “looking like this.” Spud said that if Matt fights Jeff at Slammiversary then this is only going to get worse.

Matt said that if his brother has the courage, he can face Tyrus and Spud in a ladder match. Matt said he will sign the contract if Jeff wins. However, Matt said that he won’t have the match if Spud and Tyrus win the match. Matt said that if they fail, they can no longer associate themselves with him. Spud yelled that they would win for him.

EC3 made his entrance for the match with Matt while Mathews hyped that the ladder match would take place later in the show… [C]

Powell’s POV: The Matt character is really sappy. I’m hoping that it’s all part of some plot his character has and he will go back to being the Big Money Matt character that he thrived in. The strange look and the even stranger accent make this the type of character that makes you embarrassed to be watching pro wrestling when a non fan enters in the room.

1. EC3 vs. Matt Hardy. EC3 had the early advantage until he ran into a Hardy boot in the corner.

[Q2] Hardy had a lengthy run of offense. Mike Bennett walked to ringside. Hardy went for a Twist of Fate, but EC3 shoved him off and performed a flap jack. EC3 went for his finisher, but Hardy countered into an attempt for his own finisher, but EC3 countered into a sleeper hold. Bennett hit the ring and attacked EC3 for the DQ.

EC3 beat Matt Hardy by DQ in 6:30.

Mathews noted that EC3 had to win by pinfall or submission to get his match with Bennett at Slammiversary. Bennett beat EC3 down and then looked into the camera and smiled. Bennett took the mic and that EC3’s road to redemption came to a screeching halt. Bennett said EC3 failed to pin or submit Hardy and he did neither, so there will be no Slammiversary rematch…

Maria and Allie were shown walking backstage… [C]

Powell’s POV: A flat match with a finish that keeps EC3 in pursuit of Bennett. Will we hear from Matt’s wife in an attempt to get his new character over?

Backstage, Bennett was asked to explain his actions. He said what he did was art and it doesn’t need to be explained. So, of course, he explained it again. Bennett said EC3 will wake up tomorrow and realize that he will never wrestle him again…

[Q3] Allie stood in the ring and asked for the crowd’s attention and acted bothered by them making noise. She said she is an apprentice of the first lady of pro wrestling, then introduced Maria, who walked to the ring. Maria boasted about being the leader of the Knockouts Division and said it’s a very important job to see to it that her vision gets out there to the people.

Maria said she checks social media and finds that the fans like Velvet Sky. A “yes, we do” chant started. Maria said Velvet is fired because she is part of the Knockouts past, whereas she is building a Knockouts future. Gail Kim made her entrance. Gail said she is fed up with Maria and her manipulations.

Maria said she sounded like a broken record that should have been thrown out a long time ago. Maria said there are rules and she can’t touch Kim, nor can Kim touch her. Kim said they could if they had a match together. Maria said she wouldn’t stoop to Kim’s level. Maria booked her in a match against Sienna where she will be fired if she loses.

Gail pushed for the match with Maria, who said she is a lady. Sienna attacked Kim from behind and tossed her to ringside. Kim’s leg twisted awkwardly when she hit the floor, but she seemed to be okay…

Mathews hyped Jeff Hardy vs Spud and Tyrus… Backstage, Grado told Mahabali Shera that he would be fighting for himself, Shera, and everyone when he meets Snow. Grado said he knows Snow likes to bring weapons, so he came prepared. Grado pulled out a bone of some type, which Shera chewed meat from, then pulled out the chain he meant to pull out the first time… [C]

Powell’s POV: A good segment with Maria and Kim and the fun new Allie character who debuted last week. I suspect they are going with Maria vs. Gail at Slammiversary, but I hope they find a way to drag it out until Bound For Glory.

Backstage, Robbie E and Jessie Godderz were separated by a divider. Robbie asked if Jessie was alone, and Jessie said he was. Jessie had a bunch of exchanges with several people walking by him as Robbie spoke about having a guru who would take them to the next level. A woman finally informed them that they were standing next to each other. Robbie was upset that Jessie wasn’t listening and told him repeatedly that the guru would work…

[Q4] Backstage, Gail Kim said she fought too hard and for too long for the Knockouts Division to lose her job like Velvet Sky did… A video package recapped the Al Snow vs. Grado feud…

Al Snow cut a promo on the stage about how stupid Grado was for asking for a street fight with him. Snow said the fans know he is the crown prince of hardcore. He worked up the crowd by asking if they want tables, ladders, chairs, etc. The fans cheered and then Snow said they weren’t going to get the weapons because he’s a wrestler. Snow said they all know that he is their mom’s favorite wrestler…

2. Al Snow vs. Grado in a street fight. Snow ducked behind the video wall after delivering his promo and and then attacked Grado as he made his entrance. Snow eventually took the fight to the ring and the match officially started. Grado avoided a Snow moonsault. Snow pulled out powder, which Grado kicked into the face of Snow. Shera came out with a trashcan filled with weapons. Grado used a trashcan lid, cookie sheet, and the turkey leg from earlier on Snow, who sold a turkey leg tap to the head with a back bump. Two men wearing “France” warmup jackets ran to the ring and stopped the referee from making a three count. Snow performed the Snowplow on Grado and pinned him…

Al Snow beat Grado in a street fight in 3:20.

Backstage shots aired of Drew Galloway and Lashley while Mathews hyped that they had both been summoned to the six-sided ring… [C]

Powell’s POV: The broadcast team acted like they didn’t know the Frenchmen, who are best known as Sylvester Lefort and Marcus Louis from NXT. The turkey leg comedy in the match did nothing for me. In fact, the first hour of the show was disappointing. They closed last week with the chaotic brawl to distract everyone from the fact that the TNA Title match didn’t have a finish, but it wasn’t a big talking point during the first hour of this show.

Backstage, Reby Hardy brought Maxel as she confronted crazy Matt Hardy and told him to forget about Jeff. Reby told him to worry about his family. Matt said he is trying to salvage the family by redacting Brother Nero. Reby said she and Maxel are his family. Matt stood up and walked away… Mathews hyped the main event…

Jeremy Borash stood in the ring and addressed the finish from last week’s show. He said TNA officials have been meeting all week long.

[Q5] Lashley’s entrance music interrupted Borash and he headed to the ring and took the mic from him and ordered him to leave the ring. Lashley said the only fair decision would be to give him the TNA Title. He complained about the “20 idiots” who got involved in the lumberjack match and said he’s the only legitimate fighter in TNA.

Drew Galloway made his entrance and mocked Lashley for bullying the ring announcer. Galloway spoke about sensing fear in Lashley, whom he said has never been in the ring with someone like him. Galloway said Lashley gave him everything he could possibly give him and despite that he’s still the champion.

Lashley said he would be the champion if it wasn’t for the melee breaking out. Galloway said he’s an impatient man as he walked to the ring. Galloway said there’s nothing between them but ropes and air, then questioned why they should wait. Lashley told him to bring it.

Dixie Carter made her entrance to no reaction. She announced Galloway vs. Lashley with the winner to be determined via knockout or via tapout at Slammiversary. There were some boos from fans who didn’t want to wait that long.

After Dixie left, Lashley told Galloway to “go ahead and walk away like a little bitch.” Galloway rushed the ring and caught Lashley with a Claymore kick. Security pulled off Galloway, who fought them off and tossed them to ringside. Lashley got the better of Galloway, then security and a referee ran out. Lashley fought them off and speared the referee. Lashley wrapped something around the throat of Galloway and choked him with it.

Mathews hyped the Ultimate X match and Eddie Edwards made his entrance… [C]

Powell’s POV: A strong segment once they stopped talking. This wasn’t Lashley’s best night on the mic, but everything about this was very good once Dixie headed backstage and they had the brawl. This feels like a strong pay-per-view main event and it’s one that I’m looking forward to.

[Q6] The ring entrances for the X Division Title match continued…

3. Trevor Lee (w/Gregory Shane Helms) vs. Eddie Edwards vs. DJ Z vs. Andrew Everett in an Ultimate X match for the X Division Title. Edwards made a play for the hanging title belt, but Lee pulled him down and blasted him with a knee to the face. At 5:30, Edwards went for the belt again and managed to kick a springboarding Everett while hanging from the ropes. Edwards pulled the title down to seemingly win the match, but the referee was busy with Helms. Lee raced over and took the title from Edwards, who was still hanging from the cables, and the referee turned and saw Lee with the title belt…

Trevor Lee beat Eddie Edwards, DJ Z, and Andrew Everett in an Ultimate X match to retain the X Division Title in 6:00.

Backstage, Sienna told Maria and Allie that you end something once and for all by ripping its heart out. Maria said that’s why she chose her, she’s bigger, stronger, faster…

Powell’s POV: Same story, different week for the X Division. Good athleticism, no character development. Meanwhile, Maria, Allie, and Sienna are clicking together.

Backstage, EC3 delivered a promo about Bennett. He said he’s been playing rigged games for his entire life. He said Bennett is playing against Bobby Fisher. He said he was going to make a phone call that he didn’t want to make…

[Q7] 4. Sienna (w/Maria, Allie) vs. Gail Kim with Kim’s TNA career on the line. Kim took offensive control and then went after Maria. Sienna attacked Kim from behind at ringside before she could get to Maria. Later, Maria stopped Kim from climbing to the top rope and pulled her down to the floor before rolling her back inside the ring. Sienna set up for her finisher, but Kim countered into a pin for the win. Maria went after Gail afterward, who immediately grabbed Maria, but Sienna pulled her off. Once Gail was down, Maria threw punches at her.

Gail Kim beat Sienna in 4:30.

Backstage, Rockstar Spud tried to pump up Tyrus, saying they need to do this for Matt and to stay with the Matt Hardy Brand. Reby showed up and said Matt won’t even hold the baby. She said they need to fix this by destroying Jeff Hardy… [C]

Powell’s POV: The crowd was receptive to the good drama created by Kim’s job being on the line shortly after Velvet lost her job. Maria’s attack on Gail afterward put the heat right back on her. This feud has escalated nicely and Maria is delivering strong performances on the mic nearly ever week. It’s amazing to think of how wasted she was in Ring of Honor. Meanwhile, I’m not crazy about the Matt character, but I like that Reby is back to put over Matt’s mental instability.

Robbie E and Jessie Godderz entered a store and removed their shirts and asked to see the guru. A woman approached them from behind and introduced herself as Raquel, the guru they were looking for. She said she can help them in their quest to win the tag titles. She slapped them on the ass and said let’s go work out. They cut to a shot of Robbie and Jessie exhausted while she told told them how good they were. She said they need to work on focus at the pool…

[Q8] Mathews hyped that Drew Galloway and Lashley would pick each other’s opponents on Impact next week and dubbed it “pick your poison”…

Powell’s POV: Well, at least they gave up on Raquel being part of the Lashley act. BroMans need to give up on cornball humor. Doesn’t “pick your poison” imply that they should be making the decision themselves rather than leaving it in the hands of their opponent? Anyway, I like the idea of Galloway and Lashley picking opponents for one another.

5. Jeff Hardy vs. Rockstar Spud and Tyrus in a ladder match. The contract for the “Hardy vs. Hardy” match at Slammiversary was hanging above the ring as the prize. The heels jumped Hardy from behind at ringside. He fought them off and was sliding a ladder inside the ring as they cut to the final commercial break. [C]

Late in the match and with Hardy down, Tyrus tried to climb the ladder, but the second rung collapsed under his weight. He hilariously (for all the wrong reasons) tried to use that rung instead of just using the next rung. Jeff kicked Tyrus and gave him a Twist of Fate. Spud ran in and climbed the ladder, but Hardy caught him and they traded punches at the top of the ladder. Hardy got the better of it and performed a Twist of Fate onto the top of the ladder that knocked Spud down. Hardy set up the ladder, climbed up it, and took the contract down to win the match…

Jeff Hardy defeated Rockstar Spud and Tyrus in a ladder match.

Mathews hyped that Jeff Hardy will face Matt Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem match at Slammiversary. Jeff signed the contract at ringside and then celebrated his win. Matt walked onto the stage and stared at his brother as footage from the match was shown. Matt struck a crucifix-like pose on the stage while he and Jeff stared at one another. “You mean nothing,” Jeff yelled at his brother to end the show…

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