We are in Dallas, Texas and your announcers are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

Tom mentions Samoa Joe’s victory over Finn Balor in Lowell, Massachusetts and we will see footage.

Match Number One: Asuka versus Eva Marie in aNon Title Match

Eva goes to the apron before locking up. Eva returns to the ring and they lock up. Asuka with a wrist lock but Eva with a reversal. Asuka with a reversal into a wrist lock. Eva with another reversal but Asuka with a hammer lock. Eva with a side head lock. Asuka with a snap mare and kick to the back. Eva goes to the apron. They lock up and Asuka with a waist lock but Eva with an elbow and forearm. Eva with a shoulder tackle and she blows a kiss to Asuka. Asuka misses a round kick but connects with a shoulder tackle. Asuka rolls over Eva and Asuka mocks Eva. Asuka with a running hip attack.

Asuka goes for a Fujiwara arm bar but Eva gets to the ropes and Asuka releases the hold. Asuka with a running hip attack to knock Eva off the apron and to the floor. Eva takes her time to get back into the ring and Nia Jax comes to ringside to check on her friend.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Eva with forearms in the corner and the referee warns her. Eva with a running elbow into the corner followed by a boot to the head. Eva with a back senton for a near fall. Eva stretches Asuka with a surfboard. Asuka with a hip to escape followed by forearms. Asuka misses a hip attack and goes into the ropes. Eva with a forearm. Eva chokes Asuka in the ropes. Asuka with forearms but Eva with a suplex. Eva stretches Asuka again. Eva wtih her knee in Asuka’s back. Asuka tries to escape the hold but Eva maintains control over the champion. Asuka with her rear end to escape the hold, but Eva witha forearm. Asuka blocks a kick and gets a naer fall with a back slide. Eva with a kick. Eva with an Irish whip but Asuka with a missile drop kick and both women are down.

Eva with forearms and Asuka fires back. Asuka with a drop kick. Asuka with kicks to Eva. Asuka misses a jumping back heel kick and Eva sends Asuka to the mat. Eva misses a back senton and Asuka with a sliding knee strike for a near fall. Asuka runs into a boot from Eva. Asuka with a jumping back heel kick for the three count.

Winner: Asuka

After the match, Nia Jax enters the ring and Asuka teases a round kick but she does not connect. Nia stands in Asuka’s face before helping Eva Marie up.

Nia and Asuka have a stare down before Nia leaves the ring.

We take a look at what happened in Lowell, Massachusetts when Finn Balor defended the NXT Title against Samoa Joe and the crowning of a new champion to end the 292 day title reign of Samoa Joe with a musclebuster.

We go to comments from the new NXT Champion Samoa Joe.

Joe says the words have been said. He said he was the inevitable. Twice, Finn Balor was barely able to survive. Tonight, he didn’t.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson versus Matt Lee and Jeff Parker

Parker and Lee hug before the match starts. Dawson and Parker start things off and Dawson rubs Parker’s face in the mat. Dawson with a kick to the ribs and then he chops Parker and follows wtih punches while Wilder joins in. Wilder with a European uppercut and Dawson tags in. Wilder wtih a drop toe hold and Dawson with an elbow drop. Dawson wants Lee to come in but Lee says he is respecting the rules and will not interfere. Dawson chokes Parker. Dawson with a forearm to the back and Wilder tags in. Dawson drops Parker gut first onto Wilder’s knee and then Wilder kicks Lee on the apron. Wilder with a forearm to the back of Parker.

Wilder sends Parker into the corner and then the hit a Doomsday Device power bomb. Dawson sends Parker into the corner to tag in Lee. Dawson kicks Lee as he enters the ring and Dawson with kicks to Lee. Wilder tags in and they hit Shatter Machine with Wilder using a Jericho cover on Lee for the three count.

Winners: Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

After the match, Dawson attacks Parker.

Dawson gets a mic and he says there is a reason they are called The Revival. Dash and Dawson preach this sermon on the entire tag team revolution because they are the best tag team on the planet. In saying that, they have got to have those NXT Tag Team Championship. They eat, sleep, and dream, about those championships. They are putting every tag team on notice. None of you are safe. You are all targets. Remember, they talk heavy and they hit hard. They will not stop until they get back what completes them.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy versus Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder

Blake and Mojo start things off and Mojo rolls around on the mat and it freaks out Blake and Murphy. They lock up and Blake with a side head lock. Mojo gets into a three point stance and connects with a clothesline. Mojo describes the hype levels of everyone and he tags in Ryder. Ryder wtih a leap frog neck breaker for a near fall. Ryder with a side head lock and Murphy tags in and Ryder wtih a double face plant and hits a running forearm on Murphy but Blake pulls Murphy out of the ring. Ryder with a baseball slide to both men. Murphy clips Ryder and connects with knees to the hamstring. Blake tags in and works on the knee. Black with a step over knee drop and he kicks Ryder in the leg and drops an elbow to the leg.

Murphy tags in and continues to work on the leg and he kicks Ryder in the knee and hits a KneeDT. Blake tags in and he puts the leg in the rope and wraps it. Ryder send Blake over the top rope to the floor. Mojo tags in and hits a series of shoulder tackles followed by a Stinger Splash. Blake tags in and Mojo sends Blake into Murphy. Ryder tags in and they hit the Hype Ryder for the three count.

Winners: Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder

After the match, Ryder and Rawley are attacked by The Revival and they focus their attack on Rawley.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Carmella makes her way to the ring and she has something to say.

Match Number Four: Carmella versus Aliyah

They lock up and Aliyah with a side head lock. Aliyah with a snap mare but Carmella lands on her feet. Carmella avoids a leg sweep and she moonwalks. Carmella with an atomic drop and drop kick for a near fall. Aliyah escapes a slam attempt and Aliyah sends Carmella to the mat and punches her. Aliyah gets a near fall. Aliyah with a full nelson. Aliyah adds a body scissors to add more pressure to the full nelson. Aliyah with a Lotus Lock but Carmella escapes and gets a near fall. Aliyah with a kick and Irish whip followed by a cross body into the corner. Aliyah goes to the ropes and hits a leg drop for a near fall. Aliyah gets another near fall.

Carmella with a monkey flip and she punches Aliyah. Carmella with a Lou Thesz Press and punches. Carmella sends Aliyah into the turnbuckles and hits a head scissors followed by a kick. Carmella with a Bronco Buster followed by a flatine into the head scissors submission

Winner: Carmella

Elias Samson is with Cathy Kelley and she asks him about his match with Shinsuke Nakamura. He says that William Regal misinterpreted his words and his song. He will show Nakamura that he is THE Drifter.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Elias Samson versus Shinsuke Nakamura

They lock up and Samson backs Nakamura into the ropes and gives a clean break. They lock up and Nakamura with a clean break and his head against Samson’s chest. Samson with a kick and he blocks a hip toss. Nakamura with a knee drop for a near fall. Nakamura with kicks in the corner and then Samson fires back with a running clothesline. Samson kicks Nakamura and slams Nakamura for a near fall. Nakamura with a knee to the midsection but Samson with a forearm and chop. Samson with a suplex for a near fall. Samson wtih a reverse chin lock.

Nakamura gets to the ropes and the referee forces Samson to release the hold. Samson with a chop and forearm. Nakamura with a knee and spinning heel kick. Samson with elbows to Nakamura. Nakamura wtih a knee and he puts Samson on the turnbuckles. Nakamura with a running knee and reverse exploder followed by Kinshasa for the three count.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

We go to credits.

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