We start off with a video package looking back at last week’s Drew Galloway-Matt Hardy rematch, then we’re off to the arena where Matt Hardy and his entourage make their way to the ring. Pope is back in the broadcast booth, by the way, and he want to hears what Matt Hardy has to say. He tells the nobodies who pay to see him to be quiet, because this is about people named Hardy. His entire life and empire has been built on the Hardy name because he spent two decades creating and performing in the most famous matches in history, but there’s a man who is tarnishing the name and his brand, and it’s his own ball and chain, and he wants Jeff to get out here right now. Jeff comes out to the ring, and Matt asks how dare he stain their name. Jeff soaks in the crowd adulation for a moment before telling Matt that he’s proud to be a Hardy and the legacy they built. He has no problem with Matt doing his own, thing, he has a problem with what he’s doing with the title because it’s bigger than either of them. Matt says he’s always been the best, he’s always taken care of Jeff and their name, and he helped him along when he didn’t know the difference between psychology and biology, but it hasn’t been a two way street, and when Jeff stuck his nose in his match last week, it’s because Jeff is selfish. He wants Jeff gone, he’s sick of him, and he’s sick of the people thinking he lives in Jeff’s shadow. Jeff says he’s worried about him, but Matt says Jeff doesn’t get it because this is just something he’s good at. Matt lives this, and he’s trying to build something to hand down to his son, and if it weren’t for him, he’s be fixing motorcycles or doing silly paintings on the side of the highway. He tells Jeff he can change his name and be the Creature, Willow, or whatever, but Matt wants to be the only Hardy. Jeff says the fans chant Hardy for a reason, the CREATURES chant Hardy for a reason, and it’s everything they’ve done TOGETHER in this ring. Matt says he doesn’t care about the fans, he wants Jeff to be done with the name, and he wants to beat Jeff, hurt him, and show everyone that he’s the only real Hardy. The fans chant that Jeff is better, and Reby says of course Jeff won’t fight him, because he knows Matt is the better wrestler, the bigger brand, and she can tell that Jeff’s just scared. Jeff says the only thing he’s scared of is her crazy bitch genes in their family tree. Jeff says neither of them will win if they do this, but if he wants to fight, then Big Money Matt has his fight.

We look back at last week when Beer Money made their open challenge for tonight, and then we’re off to the ring for our opening match!

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: Beer Money vs The Bromans vs Decay vs Eric Young & Bram

This is one fall, not elimination rules. All eight men are going at it in a pier six brawl, Storm knocks Bram against the steps and rides the Boozer Cruiser into him. That was pretty cool, can’t say I’ve ever seen vehicular assault during a wrestling match before. Beer Money double suplexes Bram and do BEER…MONEY!, then Roode backdrops Storm over the top rope and onto Bram. Roode and Young are going at it in the ring, Steve trips Roode from the floor, and Young takes his head off with a clothesline. Decay has Roode trapped in their part of the ring, but Roode hits Abyss with a blockbuster, gets away from Young when he tags in, and makes a tag to Jessie, who cleans house on everyone. Bromans get the BroDown on Young and Jessie gets him in the Adonis Lock, but Abyss breaks it up. Jessie takes Abyss out with a springboard forearm, launches Bram to the floor, then Robbie takes Bram and Steve out with a dive to the floor. Bram gets back in and he and Young double team Storm, but Storm ducks a shot and Young hits Bram. Young yells at Bram, then Storm hits the Last Call on Young and gets the win.

Winners: Beer Money

Quick, but fun. Bram looks unhappy with Young as he climbs out of the ring.

Matt Hardy finds Jeff backstage and says that TNA made their match official for next week, and he really wants Jeff out of his life forever. Tyrus says he needs to go because of what he cost both of them, and Matt says he’ll beat him so bad he’ll want to quit. In fact, he wants an I Quit match, and Jeff says he never runs from a challenge. He even wants to up the ante: he and a partner will take Matt and Tyrus on tonight, and Matt gets his I Quit match if he wins, but if Jeff’s team wins, it’s Full Metal Mayhem. Matt’s down with that, so it looks like we have our main event!

Maria is backstage and says Gail finally got what she deserves, and now she’ll go out to the ring and get what she deserves.

Eddie Edwards is backstage being checked on by TNA officials. Looks like someone attacked his shoulder before his X Division Title shot tonight.

Maria comes out to the ring and says she did such a great job making the Knockouts division great again that Donald Trump himself asked her how to make America great again. now she will bring out her new Knockouts Champion, Jade! Jade comes out and Maria says she’s done so much for the Knockouts division, and Jade was nothing without her, but now everyone knows her name. Now Jade owes her, so she should give Maria her Knockouts Title. Jade says she’s not giving her anything, and grabs the mic out of her hand. She tells Maria that she earned the title last week, and it’s not her fault Maria’s too afraid to get in the ring and put in the work. Maria can try and take the title if she wants, but she’s not going to just give it to her. Gail Kim comes out to the ring and says that even she never thought Maria would stoop so low. She wants all the power without doing any of the work, and she hasn’t forgotten about her rematch for the title, but just because Maria is the dog who barks the loudest doesn’t make her the boss, just the loudest bitch. Maria says there Gail goes being trashy again, because she is a lady, the First Lady of Professional Wrestling, and Jade and Gail are just dumb wrestlers, and all the Knockouts are just sheep. Rebel and Marti come out and tell Maria that they’re not sheep, they’re familia…a family that she broke up, but she guesses it worked out for Jade, or should she say champ. She says not to forget who got her where she is because this is still their house, the Dollhouse. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne come out to join the party, and Velvet says this isn’t their house because she and Madison are OG Knockouts, and Maria doesn’t speak for them. Madison says Maria isn’t the boss of any of them, and everybody knows she is the Queen B of this division because she knows how to lead people. Velvet has a problem with that, but Maria says that all they need is a real leader, and she is that leader. Billy Corgan comes out to the top of the ramp, and Maria asks if she can call him Bill, then says she listens to his music all the time and that he should be in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, but if he can just, you know, tell everyone she’s in charge of the Knockouts division. Billy says that management is fully aware of her machinations, and one of her proudest achievements is the Knockouts division. Jade isn’t handing that title to anybody, she’s defending it tonight against Madison Rayne. As far as who runs things, he thought he made it real clear to Maria that in-ring action is what makes things happen here, not her scheming and dreaming. With due respect, if they want to run things and be the leader, then next week there is one match, one winner, one leader of the Knockouts. Maria thanks Billy and says she’s sure she’ll be the leader, but whoever wins tonight between Jade and Madison, she will be the boss. Jade takes a shot at Maria, but she ducks and Jade hits Madison. A brawl between all the Knockouts breaks out as Maria slinks back up the ramp with a big smile on her face.

Ethan Carter III says that Mike Bennett is very talented, but is no Miracle. He gets that Bennett is here to try and make an Impact, and he gets that because he did the same thing. He’s brought a lot on himself this past year, and he apologizes for none of it, but he’s learned accountability and that only standing alone will truly make himself the best. He’s going to teach Bennett a lesson tonight, a lesson in getting his ass kicked.

Gregory Shane Jerry Franklin Bartholomew Helms is in the ring with Trevor Lee, and he says Trevor was all ready to lay Eddie out tonight, but Eddie seems unable to compete tonight. This leaves Trevor without an opponent because nobody back there has the balls to come out and face Trevor Lee, but if there somehow is, he can come out and prove Helms wrong. DJ Z comes out looking like a space man, and our next match is now!

X Division Champion Trevor Lee vs DJ Z

Z unloads with a quick start, dropkicking Lee to the floor and then catching him with a flying headscissors when he comes back in. Z takes Lee out with a dive when he tries escaping to the floor, but then Lee pops DJ Z into a suplex on the ring apron. They head back inside where Lee puts the boots to the challenger, but DJ Z with another flying headscissors and a leaping DDT. Z makes a cover, but the referee distracts the referee. Z goes and yells at Helms, but turns around into a forearm from Lee. Lee goes for the small package driver, but DJ Z counters to a small package for the win.

Winner: DJ Z

Helms attacks DJ Z after the match, but Eddie Edwards runs out to make the save. Helms and Lee head for the hills.

Mike Bennett is backstage saying that EC3 thinks Bennett is trying to be like him, but he’s not trying to be anything like EC3. He knows exactly who he is, and he writes the course of his own history. He’ll also write the course of EC3’s history, and the last chapter happens tonight when he kicks his ass.

Jeff Hardy is backstage saying that the thing between Matt and himself is personal, and they’re still family, but he needs to win this match tonight and he has the perfect partner. Drew Galloway walks in and says Jeff had his back last week, so this week, he has his.

Maria comes out to the top of the ramp to ask the fans if they believe…IN MIRACLES?

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett vs Ethan Carter III

EC3 attacks Bennett as soon as he gets in the ring, and Bennett gets almost no offense in as Carter is a man possessed, shutting down everything Bennett tries and backdrops him to the floor. Carter goes out after him and Bennett tries to suplex EC3 on the floor, but Carter reverses and plants Bennett right on the entry ramp. Bennett gets back in the ring first and uses the high ground to catch EC3 with a spinebuster for 2. Maria gouges Carter’s eyes while the referee has his back turned, and Bennett whips EC3 hard into the corner, then does it again and covers for 1. Carter mounts a comeback and hits the Stinger Splash and a flapjack, then plants Bennett with a flatliner for 2. Bennett rolls to the apron and snaps EC3’s neck down on the top rope, then comes back inside and goes for the short punch, but EC3 ducks and hits a TKO. He makes a cover, but Maria puts Bennett’s foot on the bottom rope to break the count. EC3 chases Maria around and walks right into an Ace Crusher from Bennett. Bennett rolls out to the floor and grabs a chair, he takes a wild swing and EC3 ducks and Bennett drops the chair. EC3 gets a Tazmission while the referee gets rid of the chair, and EC3 lets go of the hold and grabs it back, then absolutely DRILLS Bennett across the back with it, and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: Mike Bennett

EC3 repeatedly hammers Bennett with the chair, then walks back up the ramp while Maria comes in to frantically check on her husband.

We look back to “April 29” when Al Snow attacked Grado and Mahabali Shera and broke Grado’s hand with a pipe. Then we go to Al Snow backstage, who says that he took some unprofessional actions, was suspended for a week, and had the time to think about what he did. He wants Shera to meet him in the ring later tonight so he can apologize and ask for his forgiveness.

After the commercial, Al Snow is in the ring saying he was trying to make sure some young guys paid some dues. TNA told him to come out and apologize, and it’s the right thing to do, so he wants Mahabali Shera to come out so he can apologize. Shera comes out, and he is not dancing. Shera grabs Snow by the shirt and says Snow hurt his friend and put him in the hospital, and he hurt him, and he doesn’t care who he is, he’s going to hurt him right now. Snow begs him to relax and let him explain, and if Shera still wants to hit him afterward, he can. Shera lets go of Snow, and Snow says he’s been doing this a long time. He’s 53 and he’s been doing it since he was 18, and people kept telling him that wrestling’s changed and that it’s passing him by, and he sees him and Grado and all these young guys just walk in the door, and he had to fight, claw, and scratch just to get in. The fans are cheering Snow, and he tells them to stop because they don’t understand the things you had to do to earn your way in. One time, Chris Irwin beat him in the back of his head so many times that he went blindfor an hour, and they sent him home for a week, and he realized that just because that’s the way things were didn’t mean they needed to be the way they are. Maybe he did what he did because he’s angry or jealous, but he’s sorry, and he will pay for Grado’s medical bills, and he wants to do better than that. He doesn’t want to tear anyone down, he wants to build them up, take his experience, and help Shera, Grado, and all the young guys benefit from it so they can live their dream and be successful. He begs Shera to let him do that for him, and Shera says he needs to respect younger people, because he respect in that ring and every single person in the ring. Snow says he’s sorry again, and he promises to do everything he can to help them. Snow puts his hand out to Shera and he shakes it, and Snow hugs him, follows him out of the ring, and rams him head first into the ring steps before proceeding to smash his face into the steps over and over and punch him in the back of the head, presumably until he goes blind. Shera is clearly no longer in any condition to dance, and the fans chant “you still got it” at Snow as he does everything he can think of to be a terrible heel.

Drew is backstage texting with someone when Tyrus comes up and asks him if he knows what he’s doing by going out there tonight with Jeff Hardy. Drew says he’s perfectly aware of what he’s doing, and it’s not just the right thing, but he’s not going to let Jeff get taken out by Matt and his buddies, and he won’t hide behind a bodyguard. Tyrus says maybe he should have a bodyguard because bad things happen to good people all the time, and Drew is a good person. And don’t forget, Tyrus gets a title shot anytime he wants, and that makes him a dangerous man.

Al Snow is backstage and says he doesn’t have to explain anything, and he definitely doesn’t need to be told to apologize to some punk kid who just walks into the world he used to feed his family for 34 years. This is his business, it hasn’t changed, and it never will. You don’t reinvent the wheel, and if Grado and Shera want to earn his respect, they can come fight him for it.

Knockouts Title Match: Jade vs Madison Rayne

Jade comes right out with kicks flying, but Madison ducks them and rolls Jade up for a number of 2 counts. Jade counters a crucifix to a Samoan drop for 2, then chokes Madison on the ropes. Jade almost knocks Madison’s teeth out with a running boot to the face, another kick to the chest, and a seated dragon sleeper. Jade with more stiff kicks, and a gutwrench suplex for 2. Madison catches Jade with an enziguiri out of nowhere, and both girls are down. They trade shots in the ring and Madison comes out on top and hits a horthern lights suplex for 2. Madison with a sliding clothesline, but a top rope crossbody meets nothing but air. Jade with a shotgun dropkick and the STO for the win.

Winner: Jade

Jade makes her first successful defense of the Knockouts Title in dominating fashion.

Matt Hardy and Tyrus are backstage, and they’re…WALKING! So are Drew Galloway and Jeff Hardy!

Next week: a ladder match for control of the Knockouts division, a three way X Division Title match between Trevor Lee, DJ Z, and Eddie Edwards, and Matt Hardy battles his brother Jeff with a stipulation that will be determined right now!

Matt Hardy & Tyrus vs Jeff Hardy & Drew Galloway

Matt and Jeff start us off, but Matt tags out to Tyrus before ever making contact. Tyrus bowls Jeff into the corner and tries a short clothesline, but Jeff ducks under that and tags Drew in, and they take Tyrus down with a double clothesline and hit the senton/fistdrop combo the Hardys used to do. Jeff and Drew hit Poetry In Motion on Tyrus as we go to commercial.

Tyrus is in control of Drew when we comes back, and he and Matt double team the World Champion for several minutes. Tyrus in particular dishes out a LOT of punishment with hard shots and using his size to his advantage, but Drew dodges a Vader Bomb and both men make tags, and the Hardys are going at it again. Jeff gets the advantage and goes through his usual hot comeback combo, then gets a double leg cradle for 2. Jeff hits his version of the Twist of Fate, takes the shirt off, and goes up for the Swanton. Matt rolls out to the apron, avoids Jeff’s baseball slide, but comes back in and eats another Twist of Fate. Jeff goes back to the top, but now Tyrus is standing over Matt and daring Jeff to leap. He does, and Tyrus catches him, but Drew takes Tyrus out with the Claymore kick as Reby runs down to ringside and hands Matt a hammer. Matt uses the hammer to knock Jeff out, and Matt picks up Jeff’s limp form, hits his version of the Twist of Fate, and covers Jeff for the win.

Winners: Matt Hardy & Tyrus

Solid main event, Tyrus looked good in this one. Now Matt gets his I Quit Match next week against Jeff. Before we have time to dwell on that, Bobby Lashley runs in, knocks Jeff out from behind, and spears Drew into next week. Lashley picks Drew up and spears him again. The show closes with a video package hyping next week’s I Quit match, and then we call it a week.

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