WWE Roadblock Opener:

We’re live from the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Michael Cole is joined by Byron Saxton and JBL.

– We go right to the ring and out come WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day to a pop.

New Day have mics in hand. Woods has a question for Toronto, what do you see when you look at the New Day. You see the power of positivity holding it down. You see hips that do not lie. You see Woods’ girl Francesca II, and most importantly, you see the WWE World Tag Team Champions. Kofi says this is due to the face that New Day eat their Bootyo’s cereal. There’s a table in the ring, and Kofi unveils the box, which has New Day on it, and they act out a mock Bootyo’s commercial with Big E playing a kid who complains if he doesn’t eat his cereal, he’ll be Booty like Del Rio, like a king without a kingdom like Barrett, or he’ll look stupid like Sheamus. They don’t have anything for Rusev, so they decide to move on. Big E says, in a high pitched voice, that he’s going to be like New Day and eat his Bootyo’s cereal, because New Day Rocks.

Sheamus and King Barrett are out next, and the crowd doesn’t seem nearly as excited to see them as they were for New Day.

WWE World Tag Team Championship Match
The New Day vs. Sheamus & King Barrett

The bell rings and it looks like Kofi and Sheamus will be kicking things off in this one. Both men circle each other before Kofi ducks a lockup and begins a bit of chain wrestling with Sheamus. Kofi slaps Sheamus in the back of the head and laughs, jumping up on the turnbuckles to celebrate. Kofi turns around into a big clothesline from Sheamus. Sheamus lays in with a couple of uppercuts before tagging out to Barrett who comes in for a double team back elbow. Barrett takes Kofi into the corner and begins stomping away at his midsection. Kofi is able to fight out of the corner and stun Barrett with a chinbreaker, allowing him to make the tag to Big E. Big E catches Barrett trying a crossbody and drops him with a backbreaker. Big E takes Barrett into the corner and he and Kofi take turns stomping a mud hole in Barrett before Big E sends Kofi in for a basement dropkick to Barrett in the corner.

Barrett is able to hit winds of change to turn the tide. Barrett mounts Kofi and lays in with a series of right hands. Sheamus tags in and stomps at Kofi before picking him up for the Irish curse backbreaker. Barrett tags back in and hits Kofi with repeated knees to the face. Sheamus tags in and hits Kofi with a series of clubbing blows to the chest. Sheamus heads up to the top rope and leaps off with a huge shoulderblock that puts Kofi down for a two count. Barrett tags back in and traps Kofi in a rear chin lock. Kofi is able to fight back up to his feet and out of the hold. Barrett catches Kofi with a big kick to the gut, and it’s almost enough for three. Sheamus tags in and heads back up to the top. Sheamus leaps off the top, right into a dropkick from Kofi.

Big E tags in and hits a trio of belly to belly suplexes on Barrett. Big E hits the ropes and lands on Barrett with a huge splash. Big E knocks Sheamus off the apron, then runs right into a big knee in the corner from Barrett. Barrett hits a neat snap suplex out of the corner, but it’s not enough to keep Big E down for three. Kofi and Sheamus both make the tag and Kofi lays in with a series of kicks. Sheamus runs into a big boot in the corner from Kofi, who follows it up with a nice top rope cross body. Sheamus fights back, beating on Kofi in the corner before connecting with a running knee. Kofi misses with Trouble in Paradise, and Sheamus is able to lock Kofi in the cloverleaf.

Kofi struggles to make it to his corner, but Barrett pulls Big E from the apron. Kofi counters out of the cloverleaf into a rollup for two. Kofi connects with the SOS, and begins crawling toward Big E. Big E makes the tag and he shoulders Sheamus. Sheamus fights out of it. Kofi leaps off the top rope and takes Sheamus out sloppily. Sheamus launches Kofi from the ring, then suplexes Big E. Barrett hits a superkick, but Woods distracts the ref, not allowing him to make the count. Sheamus chases Woods around the ring and gets taken out by Kofi. Back in the ring, Big E connects with the Big Ending on Barrett for a three count.

Winners and STILL WWE World Tag Team Champions: The New Day


Paul Heyman is introduced for an interview. Heyman isn’t happy with his introduction, so he does one for himself. Heyman says they’re here tonight to christen Toronto as the new capital of suplex city. Lesnar warned Bray Wyatt that at his convenience, when he felt like it, Brock Lesnar would take revenge on Wyatt, and that will happen live, tonight on the WWE Network. Bray Wyatt may as well join the Miami Heat and try and beat the Toronto Raptors, because he’s going down, getting suplexed, F5’d, and conquered. All at the hands of the Beast Brock Lesnar.

– We get a recap of Y2AJ and their match against the New Day on Raw, leading to Chris Jericho turning on Styles and stuffing the Y2AJ t-shirt in Styles’ mouth. We also get a recap of Jericho burning Styles in effigy, lighting their team t-shirt on fire in the middle of the ring.

In the Arena:

Back in the arena, Jericho makes his way out for the next match, getting a nice little pop from the Toronto fans.

Jericho grabs a mic and tells the Toronto fans they can shut their filthy mouths right now. They had their chance to chant for him for months, but instead they chanted for AJ Styles. Jericho tells the fans they can go to Hell. Typical Canadians, always a step behind the rest of the world, always a little slower than the rest of the world. Jericho mocks the AJ Styles chant before saying he’s the greatest icon in the history of Canada. Big ‘We Want Bret’ chants. Jericho says you’re never getting him again. Jericho is ashamed to be Canadian. So much so that he moved from Canada years ago, and it was the smartest move he ever made. He asks the fans if they want to know why he moved. He moved from Canada because Canada stinks, literally. Canada stinks and Toronto is the anus. Lots of ‘asshole’ chants from the crowd. Jericho says he knows the fans loved it when AJ Styles beat him. He talks about how Jack Swagger was once the flavor of the month. His catchphrase is so stupid it was probably invented in Ontario. He’s not the next big thing in the WWE, he’s the only thing, the only thing that matters because he’s the best in the world at what he does. He asks the fans if they understand what he’s saying. He tells the fans to put their hands over their hearts and say that Chris Jericho is the best in the world at what he does. Jericho is interrupted by Jack Swagger’s music. Swagger makes his way out and gets a nice ‘we the people’ chant from the crowd.

Chris Jericho vs. Jack Swagger

The bell rings and both men circle each other before locking up. Jericho breaks and slaps Swagger across the face. Swagger responds with a couple of big right hands, and Jericho bails out to the floor. Swagger gives chase, running after Jericho, and they make their way back into the ring where Swagger hits a big back elbow. Swagger mounts Jericho in the corner for a series of punches to the face. Swagger drops down and Jericho catches him with a cheap shot before knocking him down to the mat. Jericho stomps at Swagger and beats him into the corner. Jericho hits Swagger with a big chop, then a headbutt, and a series of kicks to the midsection. Jericho hits a baseball slide to send Swagger crashing out to the floor.

Jericho heads out to the floor and he launches Swagger into the barricade before bringing things back into the ring. Jericho kicks Swagger in the side and he goes for the pin, but Swagger kicks out at two. Jericho clamps on a rear chin lock.

Swagger is able to fight out of the hold, but he runs right into a beautiful dropkick that puts him down for another two count. Jericho traps Swagger’s arms behind his back, but Swagger fights out and elbows Jericho. Swagger fights off a bulldog, sending Jericho crashing into the corner turnbuckles. Swagger hits a couple of big clotheslines, then a running knee in the corner. Swagger hits a corner clothesline and follows it up with a short-arm clothesline. Swagger runs into the corner and goes for the Swaggerbomb, but Jericho gets his feet up. Jericho bulldogs Swagger, but misses with the lionsault. Swagger connects with the Swaggerbomb, but it’s not enough for three.

Swagger sends Jericho into the corner, and Jericho comes out, rolls up Swagger and tries to transition into the Walls of Jericho. Swagger fights it off and he locks in the Patriot lock. Jericho fights out of the hold and drops Swagger with an enzugiri. Swagger is slow to get to his feet. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker, but Swagger catches him and transitions it into a slam for a two count. Swagger tries for a slam, but Jericho fights out of it. Jericho tries for a cross body, but Swagger catches him, and drops him down to the mat into the Patriot lock. Jericho is able to make it to the ropes to break the hold. Jericho avoids a splash in the corner and he traps Swagger in the Walls of Jericho, forcing Swagger to tap out.

Winner: Chris Jericho

– The announcers talk for a bit about NXT, specifically the Tag Team Division. We get a video package introducing non-NXT viewers to Dash and Dawson, as well as Big Cass and Enzo Amore.

WWE NXT Tag Team Title Match
Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady with Carmella vs. The Revival

We go to the ring and out comes Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady and Carmella to a big pop. Enzo does the usual introduction and fans go along with them. They hit the ring with promos from Carmella and Big Cass. WWE NXT Tag Team Champions “The Revival” Dash and Dawson are out next.

The bell rings and it looks like Enzo and Dash will kick things off for their respective teams. The Revival use a distraction to allow them to double team Enzo right away. Dash sends Enzo into the corner, but Enzo comes up with a hurricanrana out of nowhere. Enzo hits Dash with a big cross body before taking out Dawson, and tagging in Big Cass. Cass comes in and hits Dash with a couple of huge right hands in the corner. Cass sends Dash into the corner, then hits him with a sidewalk slam as he makes his way out. Cass clamps on a modified keylock hold, working over the arm. Dawson tries to make the tag, but he’s not in proper position. Cass hits Dash with a back body drop before tagging in Enzo. Cass launches his partner into both members of the Revival before he picks up Dash and throws him at Dawson. Cass clotheslines Dawson over the top rope and out to the floor.

Enzo hits the ropes and Cass launches him over the top rope onto their opponents out on the floor. Enzo sends Dash back into the ring. Dawson makes the blind tag, but Enzo rolls up Dawson anyway. Dash breaks it up and launches Enzo shoulder first into the ring post. Dawson works over Enzo’s arm, elbowing and punching Enzo’s shoulder. Dash tags in and hits Enzo with double knees to the arm on his way in. Quick tags as Dawson comes back in and stomps away repeatedly at Enzo’s forearm. Dawson cranks back on Enzo’s arm, but Enzo is able to fight up to his feet. Dawson pulls Enzo back down to the mat. Enzo fights up and struggles to make it to his corner, but Dawson picks him up and puts him into a tree of woe. Dash tags in and hits Enzo with a running knee to the gut. Enzo drops out of the corner and out of the ring.

Enzo tries to make a break for the tag, but Dawson hits him with a huge shoulder tackle out of nowhere that sends Enzo flying from the ring. Dawson traps Enzo in the tree of woe again before turning around and taunting Cass. Dawson stomps away at Enzo’s midsection, but when he charges in, Enzo sits up and Dawson crashes into the bottom turnbuckle. Both men make the tag and Big Cass comes in with clotheslines for both of his opponents. Cass hits Dash with more clotheslines, a big slam, a leaping elbow drop, and a splash in the corner. Cass sends Dawson over the top rope and Dash rolls up Cass for two. Cass hits both of his opponents with a big boot, before connecting with the East River Crossing on Dash. Enzo tags in and begins climbing up to the top rope, but Dawson pulls Enzo down off the top rope. Dawson begs off on the outside, trying to avoid Cass. The Revival hit their finished on Cass on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Enzo connects with an awesome leaping DDT from the top rope on Dash, and he rolls up Dawson for a two count.

Dawson and Enzo trade rights. Dash tags in and the Revival connect with their assisted lungblower on Enzo for the three count.

Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions: The Revival


Natalya gets a little bit of interview time. She says it feels great to be back home, and she’s dedicating her match tonight to her uncle Bret Hart. And when she wins tonight, she’ll be that much closer to a Diva’s Championship match. Charlotte comes in laughing with her dad, saying Natalya doesn’t get it. She’s just a warm-up. She’s no longer on Charlotte’s level. Natalya says she shouldn’t have a problem putting up the title tonight. Charlotte says not this close to Wrestlemania. Natalya says her uncle was right, the Flair’s are cowards. Charlotte grants the title shot in a moment of anger before walking off.

Divas Championship
Charlote vs. Natalya

Back in the arena, Charlotte is the first woman to make her way out to the ring for the next match. Of course she’s accompanied by her father who struts and woo’s all the way down to the ring. Natalya is out next, and she gets a warm welcome from the Canadian fans.

The bell rings and both women lock up. Natalya takes Charlotte over into a side headlock, but Charlotte fights out. The two trade holds for a bit, fighting for dominance. Charlotte is able to trap Natalya in a guillotine, but Natalya fights out of it, going to work on Charlotte’s leg. Charlotte is able to turn things around into a half crab, but Natalya rolls through, trying for the Sharpshooter. Charlotte makes it right into the ropes to force a break. Charlotte shoves Natalya, and Natalya responds with a huge chop. Charlotte blocks a kick, but Natalya counters with an enzugiri. Natalya gets Charlotte into Mexican surfboard position, then she dumps her down to the mat. Natalya hits Charlotte with a low dropkick to the face before trying for the Sharpshooter again. Charlotte fights out to the floor, and Natalya hits her with an immediate baseball slide. Natalya brings things back into the ring, but Charlotte immediately runs back out. Charlotte pulls Natalya from the ring, sending her crashing to the floor. Charlotte brings things back into the ring where she slams Natalya’s head against the mat repeatedly. Charlotte stomps away at Natalya in the corner before trying for a pin and getting a two count.

Charlotte wraps her legs around Natalya’s neck and slams her face into the canvas repeatedly. Charlotte takes Natalya over a couple of times and goes for another pin, only getting two. Natalya rolls Charlotte up out of nowhere for a two count, but Charlotte puts Natalya right back down to the mat. Charlotte runs into a back elbow in the corner. Natalya tries for a discus clothesline, but Charlotte blocks it and takes her down with a neckbreaker. Charlotte struts a bit before trying for another pin. Charlotte works on Natalya’s legs, driving her knee into Natalya’s Charlotte tries for the figure four, but Natalya counters into a rollup for two. Natalya drives Charlotte’s face into the mat, but Charlotte responds by sending Natalya crashing face first into the top turnbuckle. Charlotte takes out Natalya’s leg, causing her to scream in pain. Charlotte drives her knee into the back of Natalya’s leg before she drags her over to the corner and wraps Natalya’s leg around the ring post. Charlotte goes to slam Natalya’s leg into the post again, but Natalya yanks back and causes Charlotte to crash face first into the ring post. Both women make their way to their feet and trade chops and right hands. Natalya ducks a chop and connects with the side Russian leg sweep. Natalya wipes out Charlotte and she goes for the Sharpshooter again, not able to lock it in. Charlotte rolls up Natalya for two then follows up with a big boot.

Charlotte locks in the figure four, but Natalya is able to turn it over. Charlotte is able to right herself, and she slaps Natalya across the face. The two women fight in the hold and Charlotte makes it to the ropes and pulls herself out to the floor. Charlotte connects with Natural Selection, but she’s only able to get two. Charlotte sends Natalya flying with a big suplex before she heads up to the top rope. Natalya pulls on Charlotte’s legs and pulls her down into a sit-out powerbomb, but Charlotte still kicks out before three.

Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter, but Charlotte counters into a rollup. Charlotte tries for the Figure Four, but Natalya is able to turn things around and lock in the Sharpshooter. Charlotte struggles to the ropes, and Natalya is distracted by Ric Flair. Charlotte rolls up Natalya and gets her feet on the ropes for extra leverage, scoring the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Diva’s Champion: Charlotte

– We get a video package that shows some of the recent history between Brock Lesnar and the Wyatt family, beginning with the Wyatt’s eliminating Lesnar from the Royal Rumble and taking away his chance to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Handicap Match
Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

Bray Wyatt is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and there are a quite a few fireflies in the building. Wyatt is accompanied by Harper, and he’s got a mic. He says Lesnar is a monster, a beast, a conquerer. The facts aren’t hard to find, he’s got a rap sheet a mile long. He’s conquered John Cena, he’s conquered the Rock, he beat the Undertaker at WrestleMania, but Lesnar has never ever conquered Wyatt. And tonight will be no different because Wyatt has made a deal with the devil himself, and the devil says that Luke Harper and Wyatt will slay the Beast together. And when they’re done, Wyatt will stand above him, he will judge Lesnar, and he will rejoice as he stabs that sword right into the heart of the Beast himself.

Brock Lesnar is out next, accompanied by Paul Heyman, and he gets a monstrous pop. Heyman’s got a mic in hand, so it looks like we’ll get to hear a bit more from him tonight.

Heyman introduces his client the Bray bashing, Harper smashing, nightmare of Suplex City, the Beast, the Conquerer, Brock Lesnar.

Bray makes an immediate tag to Harper, and Lesnar is on it, driving his shoulder repeatedly into Harper’s midsection. Lesnar picks up Harper and delivers his first suplex of the night. Harper rolls out of the ring, and Wyatt is there to give him a pep talk. Lesnar sends Harper into the ring, then turns around to stare down Wyatt. When Lesnar turns around he’s wiped out by a suicide dive from Harper. Harper brings things back into the ring and catches Lesnar with a couple of right hands. Harper counters out of a suplex, sending Lesnar crashing into the corner. Harper hits a superkick and takes Lesnar down to one knee. Harper connects with a giant discus clothesline before locking in a crossface.

Lesnar fights up to his feet and out of the hold, connecting with a big German suplex. Harper stands and hits a running big boot, then another superkick. Harper goes for another discus clothesline, and he ends up eating suplex #3 instead. Lesnar looks over to Bray and smiles before launching Harper with another suplex. The crowd wants one more suplex, and Lesnar is happy to oblige, hitting two more German’s in quick succession. Lesnar picks up Harper and shoulders him, hitting the F5. Lesnar pins Harper and gets the three count, standing up and staring down Wyatt.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

After the match Lesnar makes his way out of the ring and stalks Wyatt to the back. Wyatt doesn’t wait around for Lesnar to get to him, leaving Luke Harper lying in the ring so he can make his way to the back.

Sami Zayn vs. Stardust

Sami Zayn is the next man to make his way to the ring, getting one of the biggest pops of the night. Stardust is out next, not getting nearly as warm of a welcome as Sami.

The bell rings and Stardust is a bit stand-offish. After a bit of playing around, Stardust goes to work on Sami’s arm. Sami is able to turn things around, working over Stardust’s arm for a bit. Stardust sends Sami into the ropes and ends up eating a couple of big arm drags from Zayn. Stardust backs Zayn into the corner and catches him with a cheap shot. Zayn goes out to the apron and tries to jump back into the ring but he’s stopped by a forearm shot to the face. Stardust stretches Sami using the ring post for leverage. Stardust brings things back into the ring where he stomps away at Sami repeatedly. Stardust pounds on Sami in the corner before stomping away at him again. Stardust picks Sami up and hits a front suplex, dropping Sami on his face. Stardust traps Sami in a submission, but Sami is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold. He’s immediately taken out from behind by Stardust with a forearm to the back of the head.

Stardust goes back to the well, grabbing Sami from behind and trying to wear him down. Sami fights out of the hold and runs right into a knee to the shoulder from Stardust. Stardust goes for the pin but he’s only able to get a two count. Sami and Stardust trade forearm shots, and Stardust gets the upper hand with a quick clothesline. Stardust locks in a modified Boston crab, then drops is and stomps away at Sami’s back. Stardust slams Sami to the mat and tries for the pin repeatedly, but he can’t get it. Sami rolls up Stardust, but it’s not enough for a three count. Stardust stomps away at Zayn repeatedly. Stardust takes Sami into the corner and seats him on the top rope, following after him. Stardust stands on the top and tries to hit a superplex, but Zayn blocks it. Sami sends Stardust crashing to the mat. Stardust hops back up and tries for the superplex again, connecting this time, but he still can’t keep Zayn down for three.

Stardust connects with kicks to Sami’s chest before slapping him with his glove. Sami responds with a giant clothesline to the chest, then another. Stardust kicks Sami in the chest, but Zayn responds with another clothesline. Sami mounts Stardust in the corner and hits him with a series of right hands before he picks him up and slams him to the mat. Sami heads out to the apron and he goes up to the top. Sami leaps over Stardust, then low-bridges him, sending Stardust crashing to the outside. Sami connects with a beautiful tope suicida, landing on Stardust out on the floor. Back in the ring, Sami hits the Blue Thunder Bomb, but it’s not enough for three.

Sami tries for a suplex but Stardust counters. Stardust tries for the queen’s crossbow, but he can’t connect. Stardust connects with the Beautiful Disaster kick, but he only gets a two count. Stardust tries to attack Sami in the corner, but Sami counters with an exploder, throwing Stardust into the corner. Zayn connects with the Helluva kick in the corner, scoring the three count on Stardust.

Winner: Sami Zayn

– We get a video package highlighting some of the recent history between Dean Ambrose and Triple H, leading up to tonight’s match.

World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H vs. Dean Ambrose

Back in the arena, Triple H is the first man to make his way out to the ring for the main event, getting an OK reception on his way down the aisle. Ambrose makes his way out for the main event, and he gets a very nice pop from the crowd.

After formal ring introductions from Jojo, we’re ready to kick things off.

The bell rings and both men soak in the crowd for a bit. We get a lockup and Hunter goes right to work, taking Ambrose over with a side headlock. Ambrose fights up and out of the hold, but falls to a quick shoulderblock. Another lockup and Hunter takes Ambrose down with a hip toss. Hunter lays in with a quick right hand. Hunter works over Ambrose’s arm, wrenching back. Ambrose is able to turn things around, taking Hunter over with a side headlock. Hunter fights up and takes Ambrose down with a shoulderblock. Ambrose responds with a hip toss, then an arm drag into an arm bar. Ambrose breaks and lays across the top rope, mocking Hunter. Ambrose tells Hunter to suck it. We get another lockup and Ambrose grabs Hunter by the nose. Hunter gets upset, and walks right into a jab. Ambrose connects with a couple of arm drags before working over Hunter’s arm and ripping away at his face.

Hunter backs Ambrose into the corner, burying his shoulder in Ambrose’s midsection. Hunter pulls Ambrose up and the two trade right hands. Hunter knees Ambrose in the gut, then slams him head first into the turnbuckle. Hunter connects with a series of lefts and rights to put Ambrose down in the corner. Ambrose comes back with a cross body before clotheslining Triple H over the top rope and to the outside. Ambrose follows Hunter, going after him on the floor. Hunter tries to send Ambrose back into the ring, but Ambrose comes right back out with a huge running lariat.

Back in the ring, Ambrose targets Hunter’s knee, hitting him with a couple of chop blocks before wrapping Hunter’s leg around the rope and hitting a running dropkick to the knee. Ambrose pulls Hunter toward the corner and wraps his leg around the ring post repeatedly. Ambrose heads back into the ring and heads to the middle rope, hitting another chop block to send the Game crashing to the mat. Hunter pulls himself to the corner, rolling out of the ring. Ambrose gives chase, walking right into a kick to the gut. Hunter tries for a pedigree, but Ambrose fights it off. Hunter kicks Ambrose and sends him crashing into the ring post. Hunter picks up Ambrose and hits a front suplex, putting him down on the ringside barricade chest first.

Ambrose makes his way back into the ring where he catches a knee to the face. Hunter chokes Ambrose on the bottom rope before slingshotting Ambrose neck first into the middle rope. Hunter picks Ambrose up and throws him away with a front suplex. Hunter kicks at Ambrose before dropping an elbow across the back. Hunter drops another elbow before clamping on the crossface. Ambrose refuses to quit. Hunter transitions into the Rings of Saturn, but Ambrose still will not give up, even continuing to talk smack to Hunter. Hunter stands and drops a series of elbows across Ambrose’s back. Hunter picks up Ambrose and launches him into the corner hard.

Ambrose tries to fight back, connecting with lefts and rights, but he ends up running right into a spinebuster that stops him cold. Hunter picks Dean up and seats him on the top turnbuckle, heading up after him. Hunter tries for a superplex, but Ambrose fights him off with head butts and elbows. Ambrose stands on the top rope and leaps off with a flying elbow to take out Hunter.

Both men are slow to make it back to their feet, and they begin trading shots immediately. Ambrose gets the upper hand with chops and punches, before he knocks down Hunter with a couple of running forearms. Ambrose charges Hunter in the corner hitting a forearm and following up with a running bulldog, scoring the two count. Ambrose mounts Hunter in the corner and hits him with a couple of punches but Hunter pushes him away. Hunter tries to go for the pedigree, but Ambrose counters with a rollup. Ambrose tries for Dirty Deeds, but he can’t connect. Ambrose does connect with the rebound lariat, but it’s not enough for a three count.

Ambrose looks at Hunter and waits for him to stand, but he ends up running right into a huge clothesline from Triple H. Hunter goes for the pedigree again, but Ambrose backdrops Hunter over the top rope and out to the floor. Ambrose hits the ropes and goes for a suicide dive, but he runs right into a big right hand from Hunter instead. Hunter begins taking apart the announcer’s table. Hunter turns to Ambrose, but Ambrose shoves Hunter into the ring steps and sends him back into the ring. Ambrose climbs up to the top rope, but Hunter hits the ropes and crotches Ambrose on the top rope. Ambrose fights off another pedigree attempt, and he traps Hunter in the figure four.

Hunter struggles to turn the hold over, and Ambrose slaps Hunter. Hunter breaks the hold by hitting Ambrose with repeated right hands. Hunter tries for a belly to back suplex, but Ambrose lands on his feet. Ambrose takes Hunter down to the mat and he locks in the Sharpshooter.

Hunter struggles to get to the ropes, but Ambrose pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Hunter crawls toward the ropes once more, and he makes it to the bottom rope, forcing a break. Hunter heads out to the apron and he surprised Ambrose by hanging him up on the top rope. Ambrose connects with Dirty Deeds, and he gets the three count, but Ambrose’s feet were under the bottom rope so the pin is invalidated.

Ambrose gets in the refs face, and Hunter rolls him up with his feet on the ropes. Ambrose still kicks out at two. Ambrose launches Hunter into the corner hard, sending him flying over the top and to the outside. Ambrose hits the ropes and connects with a suicide dive, driving Hunter into the barricade. Ambrose picks up Hunter and sends him crashing into the barricade before bringing things back into the ring. Hunter rolls right back out to the floor. Ambrose heads to the top rope and he leaps off with a huge flying elbow out to the floor. Ambrose mocks the Game with more ‘suck it’ motions. Ambrose picks up Hunter and lays him across the announcer’s table, hitting him with repeated right hands to the face. Ambrose heads into the ring to break the count. Ambrose stands on the barricade, leaping off with a flying elbow, but Hunter moves and Ambrose crashes through the table.

Ambrose just beats the count back into the ring, and runs right into a pedigree. Hunter gets the three count, and this one is over.

Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H

Hunter makes his way out of the ring with his title and immediately collapses, crawling toward the back. The show ends with Hunter standing tall and holding the title high on his way to the back while Ambrose lies in the ring.

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