After a video package looking at the incident from several weeks ago where Jeff Hardy was put out of action by Eric Young and Bram, we go to the arena where the Charismatic Enigma himself convulses down to the ring. Meanwhile, Eric Young finds Dixie Carter at the Gorilla Position and tells her that he’s going to take Hardy out tonight, and what he does to him will be on her.

Jeff Hardy vs Eric Young

Hardy jumps Young as soon as he steps through the ropes and unloads on him with a barrage of offense until Young bails to the floor to break the momentum.  Jeff Hardy follows Young outside, but all of a sudden, Dixie’s music hits and she comes out and says that since he was complaining about how he never gets opportunities, she’ll give them both an opportunity: whoever wins this match will be added to the main event.  The fight heads back into the ring, and Young gains the advantage.  Young takes Hardy to the floor and continues the assault out there, then brings him back inside and chokes him in the corner.  Hardy catches Young with a back elbow and tries the Whisper In The Wind, but Young nails him before he can, knocks him down into the Tree of Woe, and chokes him.  Young continues to shut down comeback attempts until he misses a diving headbutt and both men are down.  They both get to their feet and trade blows, Hardy gets the advantage and mounts a comeback, and gets 2 off a double legdrop cradle.  The shirt comes off, Jeff goes for a Twist of Fate, Young elevates Hardy onto the top rope and goes for a superplex, Hardy fights him off and hits a Swanton, and Jeff Hardy is in tonight’s main event.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Good opener and a solid return for Jeff Hardy.  Not a fan of them messing with the planned main event, but we’ll see what happens.  Matt Hardy comes out applauding his brother, and we’ll find out what’s on his mind when we come baqck from commercial.

We’re back, and Matt is saying Jeff has had a great comeback and he’s thrilled to see him here.  He wants to apologize for not being there to save Jeff from Eric Young, but he was busy protecting his wife.  Reby says that it was rough seeing what happened to him, and Matt was up all night crying because Jeff is family.  In fact, Jeff is Maxel’s second favorite wrestler after his dad, and Reby hands the baby to him.  Matt says he just doesn’t want Jeff to be selfish tonight, and he should give up his spot in tonight’s match so he can finally pin EC3, and then he promises Jeff will get his title shot, Hardy vs Hardy, at Bound For Glory 2017…maybe even Bound For Glory 2018!  Jeff hands the baby back to Reby, then he asks Matt if he expects him to believe what he just said.  Jeff simply says no because he’s in the main event tonight.  Matt says they haven’t always seen eye to eye, but he’s going to put his hand out to Jeff and promise that he’ll get his title shot.  Jeff flips Matt off, Matt attacks Jeff, and Jeff give him a Twist of Fate.

We go backstage where Eddie Edwards talks about how Davey Richards got hurt in their title loss to Beer Money, but he’s here representing the Wolf Nation just like he always does.  Decay attacks Eddie and lays him out.

Mike Bennett and Maria are backstage saying that they changed TNA the instant they walked out on POP TV, and tonight, they’re going to shut Drew and Gail up because tonight is when the Miracle happens.

Beer Money finds Eddie Edwards backstage and says that it’s obvious that Decay is out for blood, and they respect the Wolves, so they want Decay to check their Twitter and see that they’re sorry about Decay’s damn luck.

Drew Galloway & Gail Kim vs Mike Bennett & Maria

Maria and Gail start us off, but Maria tags out before making contact and now it’s Bennett and Drew.  Drew trashes Bennett and then Gail tags in, and that forces Maria to come in, but she waits too long and Gail unloads on Bennett instead.  Gail goes to the ropes, and Maria holds the ropes open to make Gail fall out to the floor.  Maria attacks Gail on the floor, then they come back inside where Maria puts the boots to Gail, but she misses an elbowdrop…and tags out before Gail can get ahold of Maria.  Drew is back in too, and he continues pummeling Bennett until Bennett connects with a series of running boots for 2.  Drew suddenly gets an overhead release suplex that launches Bennett clear across the ring, but gets distracted when Maria slaps him in the face, so Drew takes his anger at Maria out on Bennett with a series of Kobashi chops.  Bennett backdrops Drew to the apron, but Drew goes to the top…and gets thrown off by Bennett.  Maria tags in and tries to hold Drew back from making the tag, but Drew tags Gail, Gail runs across the ring and dropkicks Bennett off the apron, and goes after Bennett.  Gail hits Eat DaFeet on Bennett, Drew hits the Claymore Kick on Bennett, and Maria rolls Gail up with a handful of tights for the win.

Winners: Mike Bennett & Maria

Perfectly booked, and Drew and Gail look ready to KILL Bennett and Maria.

We see a video package looking at what happened in last week’s main event and the aftermath, and then we see Bobby Lashley backstage looking intense.  Josh Mathews is going to interview Lashley…next!

We’re back, and Josh Mathews brings Bobby Lashley out to explain his actions last week.  Lashley says he’s a fighter, and he doesn’t care about being anyone’s hero because he has one job, and that’s to fight.  He’s the toughest, most dominant man in the wrestling business, but he keeps getting overlooked, so when Kurt was handpicking his opponents for his farewell tour, he got Kurt’s last match.  He told him he would beat him down and hurt him, and that’s what he did.  Josh asks if Kurt was his friend, and Lashley says he doesn’t have any friends, and he doesn’t need any friends, and if someone steps in the ring with him, he’ll hurt them, and that’s all there is to it.  Lashley says it seems like Josh doesn’t like what Lashley did to Kurt Angle, and Josh tries to say he’s just asking questions, but Lashley just grabs Josh and whips him across the ring.  He sets up for the spear, and Pope gets in to tell Lashley to calm down, but as soon as Pope rolls Josh out of the ring, Lashley tears Pope in half with a spear and kicks him to the floor as well.

Decay is backstage, and Abyss says that Davey’s decay came at his own hands, and tonight, Eddie Edwards and Beer Money’s decay will come at their hands.  It’s a new, darker world, and if they dare to dive into the void that is their black hole and dare them to pick a third person to fight with them, there’s only one person dark enough to fight on their side.  Rosemary says they’ve never met a girl as dark as them, and tonight, they’ll meet their DECAY.

We’re back, and Jeremy Borash is joining Josh Mathews for the rest of tonight’s broadcast.

EC3 is backstage welcoming Jeff Hardy back, and saying that something he doesn’t see coming keeps getting thrown in his path.  Jeff comes in and asks if he’s the thing EC3 didn’t see coming, and says that he’s focused on one thing: winning the TNA World Title for his Creatures.

Decay vs Eddie Edwards & Beer Money

Okay, looks like it’s going to be Abyss, Crazzzzzzzzzzy Steve and Rosemary for the Decay side.  Steve attacks Eddie before the bell, but Eddie quickly turns that around and traps him in the babyface corner.  Roode tags in and gives Steve a gourdbuster for 2.  Rosemary grabs Roode’s arm from the apron, Roode takes a swing at her, but she ducks out of the way and allows Steve to nail Roode from behind and turn things in Decay’s favor.  Abyss hits a side suplex for 2, then chokeslams Steve onto Roode for another 2.  Rosemary tags in and fires off a flurry of forearms at Roode, then tags back out to Abyss to dish out more punishment.  Roode finally takes Steve out with a hard clothesline, and he makes the hot tag to James Storm, who comes in and cleans house on Steve.  Eddie tags in and hits a Backpack Driver on Steve for 2, takes Abyss out with a dive for 2, and Roode plants Steve with a spinebuster.  Rosemary comes in and tries a kick, Roode catches her foot, and Beer Money goes for a double suplex but Steve drags Rosemary to safety.  Beer Money’s okay with that, because now they drag Steve up to the ring apron and double suplexes him into the ring.  They do BEER…MONEY! and Roode backdrops Storm onto Abyss on the floor.  Rosemary spews mist in Roode’s face, and Steve rolls Eddie up for the win.

Winners: Decay

Great match, lots of action in this one.

Grado is backstage talking to Billy Corgan, who says that the TNA officials looked at everything and have decided to make this decision in the ring tonight, and this decision is going to be final.  We’ll find out what that decision is after this break!

Dixie Carter has a run in with Matt Hardy and Reby Sky backstage, and Reby asks if Dixie is jealous that Matt’s brand is outshining TNA’s.  Dixie says she doesn’t make decisions for him, she makes them for TNA and the fans, and this match checks all the boxes for her.  Matt says he’s just going to get disqualified to keep his belt, and Dixie says she expected that, so tonight’s main event will be no DQ, no countout, and somebody is going to walk out a winner.

We look back at Feast or Fired from January, then we go to the ring where Eli Drake says Billy Corgan told him to dress for a fight.  He did, but he needs Corgan to bring the King of the Mountain briefcase that was stolen back out to him first.  We see the security video of Eli switching the briefcases as Grado comes out with Billy Corgan, and Corgan tells Grado to give Drake the case.  Drake snatches the case out of Grado’s hands and says it’s time to get Grado out the door, but Corgan says not so fast because Drake obviously did something.  His resolution is that he’s got a new TNA contract with Grado’s name on it, and he’s going to hang it above the ring, and he’s starting a ladder match right now for the career of Grado, and it’ll happen after this break!

Ladder Match: Grado vs Eli Drake

The match is in progress as we come back from commercial, and Drake goes to the floor, gets the ladder, and uses it to beat the crap out of Grado.  He sets the ladder up and tries to climb, but Grado drags Drake back down and is summarily powerslammed.  Drake sets the ladder up in the corner, Grado unloads with some Dusty Rhodes offense, and he whips Drake right into the ladder.  The straps come down, Grado hits a cannonball in the corner, and he sets the ladder up and starts climbing for his contract.  Jessie Godderz runs in and shoves the ladder over, and Grado lands on the top rope.  Mahabali Shera runs in and beats the poo poo out of Godderz and dumps him to the floor, then helps Grado to his feet before going back after Godderz on the floor.  Drake lays Shera out with the briefcase as Grado climbs the ladder again, but instead of goiing for the contract, he dives off the apron and wipes out everyone on the floor.  Drake gets up first and he tries to climb up for the contract so he can rip the damn thing up, but Grado climbs up behind him, gives him an electric chair off the ladder, then climbs back up.  Drake follows him up on the other side and goes to the eyes, they trade blows on the top of the ladder, Drage almost has it, but Grado gives him the Dusty elbow, Drake hits the mat, and Grado grabs the contract to get his job back.

Winner: Grado

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m really happy to see Grado get his job back.  Great match that told a terrific story, and it had the right payoff.  Mahabali Shera comes in and gives Grado a big hug as he celebrates his win.

Ethan Carter III is backstage, and he’s…WALKING!  And so is Matt Hardy!  And Jeff Hardy!  The match is up after this break!

Eric Young and Bram are backstage, and Young is telling Bram that events earlier tonight prove that everyone is out to get them.

Next week, Beer Money is issuing an open challenge for any former tag champs to challenge them!  Oh, and it’s…MAIN EVENT TIME!

TNA World Title Match: Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy vs Ethan Carter III

EC3 has words for Jeff, then he goes after Matt and beats him down.  Jeff yanks EC3 out of the way and goes after Matt, then EC3 yanks Jeff out of the way and goes after Matt.  EC3 schoolboys Jeff for 2, then Matt goes after EC3 and hits a clothesline in the corner and sets Jeff up for Poetry In Motion.  Jeff doesn’t go for it, and EC3 nails Matt, Jeff rolls EC3 up for 2, the Hardys lay EC3 out, then lay each other out with a double clothesline, then EC3 takes both Hardys out with a double clothelsine.  Jeff lays Matt out with a Twist of Fate, EC3 dumps Jeff to the floor, and he goes for a howling legdrop, but Jeff nails EC3 and climbs up, but EC3 powerslams Jeff off the top.  EC3 with a dropkick to Matt as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and EC3 is in pain on the floor.  Matt escapes a Twist of Fate attempt from Jeff and hits a Side Effect on his brother for 2.  Matt sets up for a Twist of Fate of his own, Jeff blocks, and they trade shots in the middle of the ring.  Jeff with a flying forearm, the double legdrop to the ding ding, and a diving dropkick for 2.  Jeff hits a Twist of Fate on Matt, tears the shirt off, and Eric Young and Bram run in and attack Jeff.  they launch Jeff out to the floor, Bram tears the ringside mats back, and Young piledrives Jeff on the floor.  A bunch of TNA officials run out to send Young and Bram to the back, and they check on Jeff as EC3 takes Matt down and hammers him with right hands.  Matt gets a sleeper as Jeff is helped to the back, EC3 suplexes out of the hold, and he runs Hardy over with a clothesline, a forearm, and a jawbreaker, then hits a Stinger Splash and a flapjack.  Spud runs out and attacks EC3, and he’s soon joined by Tyrus.  Hardy’s crew works EC3 over, but EC3 lays Spud out and then gives Tyrus a TKO.  EC3 press slams Spud onto Tyrus on the floor, and Hardy kicks EC3 in the ding ding, goes for the Twist of Fate, but EC3 slips out and hits the 1%.  EC3 makes a cover, but Mike Bennett runs in and nails EC3 with a chair.  He urges Matt to make a cover and he does, but EC3 kicks out at 2.  Hardy hits another Twist of Fate, and EC3 kicks out at 2 yet again.  Bennett is back in and dumps EC3 to the floor, dumps him into the crowd, and nails him with a chair.  Bennett hits another chairshot before the TNA officials are back out to get Bennett out of here before checking on EC3 again.  Matt gets his belt and demands the microphone, and gloats about how he told everyone he’d do it, and he told everyone that he would walk out of here with the TNA World Title.  Drew Galloway comes out and attacks Hardy, dumps him into the ring, and cashes in his title shot.  Hardy fires off some shots at Galloway, but Galloway shoots Hardy into the ropes, hits the Claymore Kick, and hits the Future Shock DDT to win the title!

Winner and New TNA World Champion: Drew Galloway

Wow, that was unexpected, but holy wow!  Hell of an ending to a terrific episode of Impact, and Galloway hops the guardrail and celebrates with the fans as the show comes to a close!

5.0 / 5
Thanks for voting!

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