Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dusty Rhodes Honored With Bronze Statue, Notes From Triple H And Stephanie McMahon at WM Axxess

- WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes was honored at WrestleMania AXXESS on Thursday night with a bronze statue in his likeness. Dusty’s family was on hand for the unveiling.

In previous years, Bruno Sammartino, Andre The Giant and The Ultimate Warrior were honored in similar fashion.

- As seen below, Stephanie McMahon and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H went live at WrestleMania 32 Axxess today to give fans a behind-the-scenes tour before everything was completed. They did this after making the first purchase at the WrestleMania Store.

Stephanie notes early on in the video that cameras are filming for a future WWE 24 special this week. The WWE Archivist Ben Brown also appears in the video and it's revealed that he helps out with a lot of the Axxess attractions and displays.

Triple H confirms they will be taping NXT TV matches on Saturday and says there will be some amazing matches. Tonight's Steve Austin - Mick Foley podcast will also take place from Axxess inside the NXT ring.

It was noted that there's only one official Roddy Piper jacket and kilt and the family let WWE use it for Axxess this year. Later in the video Stephanie does Triple H's entrance, water bottle and all. Triple H also gives a pretty cool tour of the Elimination Chamber.

Getting a behind the scenes tour of #Axxess...
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