Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why TNA Is Looking For Investors, Info On Upcoming Meetings

We noted yesterday that TNA Wrestling is looking for more investors. PWInsider has answered some of the questions as it relates to why this is happening.
TNA has been forced to cut back on both office space and talent that was scheduled for the UK tour. They're unable to grow in the state they're in, and while they'll tread water, it won't be profitable in the long run.

TNA is said to have a five-year plan in order, and a partner taking a percentage of the company will aid in making that a reality. The TV deals are helping keep TNA going, but Dixie Carter wants to be a "player." It's also said that it is believed Dixie Carter would consider an offer to buy the company outright for the right price. Carter has outright rejected several offers in the past.

Panda Energy still technically owns TNA, but they aren't funding the company and also aren't involved in any operations, with this being the case since about when Jeff Jarrett's stake was bought out last year.

A source said that Josh Mathews will actually be in meetings this week with multimedia startups in relation to this.

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