Monday, February 29, 2016

Sabu Drops N-Word on Twitter

ECW Original Sabu dropped an n-word back on February 19th via Twitter, and he’s not apologizing for it either.
In fact, Sabu told Pro Wrestling Sheet that he believes “everyone is a little bit racist.”

It all started when Sabu replied to a Tweet by saying, “Taz is a n***er.” Followers on Twitter wre offended but instead of ending it there Sabu continued making racial comments in an effort to prove his point.

When reaching out to Sabu to ask why he believes it’s kosher to use such offensive terms and he responded saying, “Grow up every one is a little bit racist. Even ur mother.” Brunk adds, “I am not a racist but I don’t care if a n***er that called me a drug adict thinks so.

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